The FanNation Fraternity

I'm leaving too. Feel free to invite me back if it becomes active once again.
Denis24 05/05/08

Who's in charge of this group?
Nomarfan5 03/31/08
I'm leaving.
RHATER is Gone. 03/19/08
I'm leaving due to the inactivity within the group. I'd be happy to rejoin if it becomes active once again.
G.O.A.T. 02/10/08
I'm out.
G.O.A.T. 11/23/07
Nomarfan5 11/17/07
I guess no one is gonna try...
Nomarfan5 11/03/07
Come on everyone!!! KentuckyFan and I made an effort by posting some messages but no one else is doing anything!!! Wake up, before the Frat is dead.
What the hell people really this is going to **** we need to do something and stop sitting around where is everyone at ?
KentuckyFan#1 10/27/07
We need Basketball PG 14 for the Throwdown Warriors too.
DJTG_2010 10/24/07
What is going on in here?!?!?!!? What happened? The Frat used to be one of the best group on FanNation. Now, it isn't even top 15, and that's being nice. The last response to a message was 11 days ago!! 2 people have gone up for the Frat TD League Title and both times, they didn't respond. The last message that wasn't a application review or something dealing with the TD League was posted on September 15th!!!!!! What is going on? The Frat is dying. Wake up people, or it might be too late to save the Frat.
what the hell, ef this crap, phillyfan and erwin are both gone, what becomes of the finals?
Nomarfan5 10/23/07
Where is Basketball PG 14?
donde esta Erwin?
Nomarfan5 10/17/07
What the hell, I ain't passin' up no championship TD, the second one I ever had.
isn't he not doing TD's anymore?
Nomarfan5 10/10/07
You have to challenge erwin.
Basketball PG 14 10/09/07
who lost to Phillyfan, i have to challenge you to a TD for the championships
Nomarfan5 10/09/07
i really don't want to win this thing by forfeit.

Can you tell him to message me when he is on, so he can decline it, then i will withdraw, and re-make it

So it gets on the front page
Nomarfan5 10/04/07
If you were Dan Marino, who would you want to hold your passing records: Brett Favre or Peyton Manning?

That is still a really good topic...
DJTG_2010 10/04/07
Since this is the championship and a forfeit would make a group look VERY bad I will just wait until Saturday or Sunday after the Phils are finished being swept. LOL
Basketball PG 14 10/04/07
what happens if Phillyfan doesn't respond?
Nomarfan5 10/03/07
Phillyfan where are you???
Nomarfan5 10/02/07
Basketball PG 14 09/30/07
sounds good, can i choose after you give us the topic?
Nomarfan5 09/29/07
Okay, here's some background on how the championship will go. We only have 2 topics in the thread about it so I will choose one of those. The person with the most votes in their last league throwdown (nomarfan) gets to choose whether he would like to isssue the challenge or be challenged to the topic.
Basketball PG 14 09/29/07
i don't know about phillyfan, but i prefer MLB or NFL TD's, is the TD going to be our choice, or does B-ball PG14 choose?

And who challenges who?
Nomarfan5 09/29/07
pumped i am... I'm off to tape cotton balls to my nips :)
Nomarfan5 09/28/07
The Championship will be PhillyFan vs. nomarfan. Get pumped!
Basketball PG 14 09/28/07
Basketball PG 14 09/28/07
am i in the championships?
Nomarfan5 09/27/07
I just forfeited my TD to nomarfan...
DJTG_2010 09/27/07
I feel complaining about the TD topic nomarfan and I had, but I won't. lol.
DJTG_2010 09/27/07
yeah it was fun I had a good time with it !
KentuckyFan#1 09/25/07
The topics are out.
Basketball PG 14 09/24/07
VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: It's decided. Our next throwdown event will be a 12-person tournament. After that we will have 3 four-person tourneys (1 basketball, 1 baseball, 1 football).

Then we will have another poll to decide what to do after that.
Basketball PG 14 09/22/07
great throwdown kentuckyfan, it was a lot of fun
Nomarfan5 09/20/07
FINAL SCORE: nomarfan beat KentuckyFan by a vote score of 3-1. Congrats nomarfan.
Basketball PG 14 09/20/07
Sweet crest.
ATTENTION: Regarding the nomarfan vs. KentuckyFan tie, it is 2-0 in favor of nomarfan. If he gets one more vote he wins.
Basketball PG 14 09/20/07
Nice new pic.
He's right, Ben. The Tournament Throwdowns group came up with that idea first in their Grand Tournament.

By the way, cool new crest.
G.O.A.T. 09/20/07
NEW CREST!!!!!!!!!!!
Basketball PG 14 09/20/07
The Elites didn't start that idea. The Tournament Throwdowns group did.
Basketball PG 14 09/20/07
Best not steal the Elites of FanNation's throwdown tourney idea...
Big Ben68 09/20/07
Nothing real big. We're just in the middle of the second throwdown league right now.
Basketball PG 14 09/19/07
So... back again. for good this time. Any big news?
AirforceBat 09/18/07
Basketball PG 14 09/15/07
I think we should get a new poll.
DJTG_2010 09/15/07
He forfeits.
Basketball PG 14 09/15/07
IrishR#1 is not responding to our TD, what's going to happen
Nomarfan5 09/14/07
Week 2 is lasting two weeks for people to get their acts together. Week 3 will start this Sunday. I will have people forfeit throwdowns (no mercy) if they choose not to cooperate (I feel like Jack Bauer).
Basketball PG 14 09/13/07
Is this week 3 or not?
RHATER is Gone. 09/13/07
Ok, I'm back and will be don't throw me out or anything. That would be lame.
Neal Coolong 09/11/07
Do you have a bye?
PhillyFan 09/08/07
Hey where is my week 2 subject cause the one with IrishR#1 is done in like a few hours !
KentuckyFan#1 09/03/07
Only one Week 1 throwdown is still going on: KentuckyFan606 vs. IrishR#1. That should be finished fairly soon. But I will be sending out the topics shortly.
Basketball PG 14 09/03/07
Okay, now only two of our four throwdowns are finished. KentuckyFan606/IrishR#1 and erwin/TheNest6827 are all still battling it out.
Basketball PG 14 08/31/07
I am continuing with you, Nest. I'm sorry about before. I was just angry and didn't really think about what I was doing.
Basketball PG 14 08/30/07
I will get back to you, Nest. Also, only two people haven't replied back about staying in the frat. And three of our four Week 1 throwdowns are completed. Pending a decision, all four may already be completed.
Basketball PG 14 08/30/07
I just think it would be a shame to ruin a great tournament throwdown, and I would be very disappointed to have to take this forfeit loss because of something I couldn't control.
TheNest6827 08/30/07
I'm sorry that I took over a day to respond to my throwdown. I unexpectedly had to leave town for a couple of days. I'm going to ask you to reconsider my "forfeit." I couldn't control the situation and it definitely is not something that would happen multiple times. I would like to finish the throwdown and my arguements and not be penalized. Please let me know your decision. Thanks.
TheNest6827 08/30/07
3 of the 4 Week 1 throwdowns have been completed. Here are the results so far:

PhillyFan* defeated kentuckyfan1* by a score of 34-33.

TheNest6827 forfeited to erwin* for not responding within 24 hours of the previous argument.

DJTG_2010* is Dr. Cool. defeated BSchwartz07 by a score of 21-18.
Basketball PG 14 08/29/07
I just sent out the FanMail about it.
Basketball PG 14 08/29/07
Who hasn't replied to the Fanmail?
PhillyFan 08/28/07
19 of the 27 members have replied to the FanMail.
Basketball PG 14 08/28/07
Now 17 of the 27 members have replied to the FanMail.
Basketball PG 14 08/27/07
So far 14 out of the 27 members of this group have responded to my FanMail.
Basketball PG 14 08/27/07
lol i will help u out dude
KentuckyFan#1 08/27/07
Hey guys I got something going on with redskin hater who is cool. I really don't care if you vote for me, but leave a comment because this dude KRB.. who I'm pretty sure used to be that duded topcop is really annoying me. I swear to god if I could ever meet this guy I'd put him in a chokehold.
AirforceBat 08/26/07
RHATER is Gone. 08/26/07
The topics are out.
Basketball PG 14 08/26/07
My ring pic is back!!!! Check it out!
You must! I am greater than all the kings of old. Leonidas would bow at my feet!
Actually we won't...
Big Ben68 08/25/07
Yes we will Mac.
RHATER is Gone. 08/25/07
I have arrived.

Marvel at my majestic self.
Where have you been, Adam?
Basketball PG 14 08/25/07
Hey everyone, just wanted to stop by and say what's up. Good to see this site is still going strong.
AdamLee 08/25/07
That is a good topic, DJTG. I'll remember it. Also, the 2nd tourney will start this Sunday.
Basketball PG 14 08/24/07
When's the 2nd tourney going to start?
TheNest6827 08/24/07
This would be a good championship/late round topic:

More Impressive: Cal Ripken's 2632 consecutive games played or Jim Marshall's 270?
DJTG_2010 08/24/07
Well, Big Ben, I nominated you for that because I was expecting great things and then you didn't do ANYTHING which disappointed me.
G.O.A.T. 08/22/07
Also the requirements for the Biggest Disappointment required for me to do badly and since I wasn't able to do ANYTHING (which in my opinion doesn't qualify as badly) I REALLY don't think I should have been listed...
Big Ben68 08/22/07
I have a problem with the Fraternity awards!!! I wasn't available to participate in the tournament!!
Big Ben68 08/22/07
Need better subjects for week 1 lol !
KentuckyFan#1 08/21/07
You didn't to me. haha
Basketball PG 14 08/21/07
Sorry if I sounded mad...I didn't mean too...=)
Basketball PG 14 08/21/07
Didn't I tell you I was out of the league? If not, I am not going to participate in this TD League....
Week 1 will start this Sunday.
Basketball PG 14 08/21/07
The List of Participants:

I am an Eagle Lover*
nomarfan(insert asterisk here)
DJTG_2010* is Dr. Cool.
Basketball PG 14 08/21/07
Sign-ups are officially over. There will be 12 people in the next league.
Basketball PG 14 08/21/07
The Maui Invitational is my favorite. I'm really looking forward to it.
I know almost nothing about basketball....The only one I really knew was the Maui one because the Terps were in it last year...I think....=)
Am I the only one that picked the Vegas Invitational? I'm sorry, North Carolina and Louisville makes it my favorite. Cannot wait.
Basketball PG 14 08/20/07
Okay. Thanks, ravensfan.
Basketball PG 14 08/20/07
Basketball PG 14, I can't do the TD League this time. :/
Depends how many more people sign up. But it looks like you're going to be in.
Basketball PG 14 08/20/07
Am I in, or am I still on the bubble for the next tourney?
TheNest6827 08/20/07
We have 11 people and we need 16. If we don't get five more people by Thursday though, I am going to just have 12.
Basketball PG 14 08/19/07
How many do we need for the next league/tourney and are we close to getting enough?
TheNest6827 08/19/07
People Who Want In:

erwin: 7-3 in last ten
PhillyFan: 7-3 in last ten
KentuckyFan606: 7-3 in last ten
TheNest6827: 10-0 in last ten
Basketball PG 14 08/19/07
Vote for Slaton in the poll!!!! Slaton for Heisman!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's how the next league looks so far:

Guaranteed List:
kentuckyfan1- confirmed
rockoutwithyourhawkout- confirmed
DJTG_2010- confirmed
Eagles Fan In St. Louis- confirmed

People Who Want In:
erwin: 7-3 in last ten
PhillyFan: 7-3 in last ten
KentuckyFan606: 7-3 in last ten
Basketball PG 14 08/18/07
Next, good to hear AirforceBat. And, yes, DJTG, you're in the next league.
Basketball PG 14 08/18/07
Hey, I've been chillin' by the beach all week. It's been in the 90s. Where would you be? haha
Basketball PG 14 08/18/07
Anyone seem Basketball PG 14 in a while?
PhillyFan 08/15/07
Sorry I've been gone for a while with work... but the bat is back baby.
AirforceBat 08/15/07
Just checking, am I in the next tournament/league?
DJTG_2010 08/15/07
I'm not sure if I want to be in the next TD League....I'll get back to you.
I'm sorry to hear that, Steelercooz. Good luck on your writing projects.
Basketball PG 14 08/10/07
Not to rain on the championship TD, but just want to officially withdraw from the next tournament (not that I was in it, but it looked like I could have been).

I am about 20 minutes from losing in the OATTA and I said I was going to ride my winning streak until I lost, then get back to a few writing projects I have. Apparently, like 15 votes were cast in the last half hour, so lesson be learned: it ain't over until Ruby Moon sings.

I'll be around, but it won't be as much. Take 'er easy, gentlemen, and if she's hot, take 'er twice!
Neal Coolong 08/10/07
Everyone check out the championship throwdown! 68-67 with 16 minutes of voting to go. INTENSE.
Basketball PG 14 08/10/07
makes sense
RHATER is Gone. 08/10/07
I'm going to do something to that effect. There is going to be 2 or 3 weeks in between the end of the first and the beginning of the second throwdown leagues. Some time I'll send a FanMail telling everyone to respond in like 5 days or something. Everyone who doesn't respond will be booted out of the group.
Basketball PG 14 08/10/07
To get 'em back in do you think we should make everyone post their name up so we know they're still active or something?
RHATER is Gone. 08/10/07
I voted.
PhillyFan 08/10/07
I don't know.
Basketball PG 14 08/10/07
Less than half our group has voted. Are they like gone or something?
RHATER is Gone. 08/10/07
On "The Keg" my Other vote is for Terrell Suggs who should easily be ahead of DeAngelo Hall and Lofa Tatupa
GoatHCW 08/10/07
I....don't bad. Disregard.
Neal Coolong 08/09/07
What are you talking about?
Basketball PG 14 08/09/07
Hey PG 14, what do we do if you unexpectedly leave the site?

Neal Coolong 08/09/07
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Basketball PG 14 08/08/07
What if me and nomar tie?
RHATER is Gone. 08/08/07
Okay, thanks for confirming Lana.
Basketball PG 14 08/08/07
confirmed......and will have a TD issued tonight or tommorow mrning
LanaLikesBrady 08/08/07
Okay. So it's AL 25-and-under vs. NL 25-and-under.
Basketball PG 14 08/08/07
Also, Bball PG 14, it's 25 and under. Just clarifying.
DJTG_2010 08/08/07
YES! My topic was chosen!
DJTG_2010 08/08/07
Okay, the championship topic will be the AL Under-25 Team vs. the NL Under-25 Team. Thanks to DJTG_2010 for suggesting a great topic.
Basketball PG 14 08/07/07
****, Steelercooz. haha
Basketball PG 14 08/07/07
(should I confirm just to annoy PG 13?)
Neal Coolong 08/07/07
You can't confirm either, KentuckyFan606. You are not on the guaranteed entry list. Here is who is on the list:
Basketball PG 14 08/07/07
KentuckyFan#1 08/07/07
You can't confirm, Green&Gold. You're not on the guaranteed entry list.
Basketball PG 14 08/07/07
im confirming
Whoever signs up. Then I decide who's in and who's out.

Thanks for confirming, kentuckyfan1.
Basketball PG 14 08/07/07
Who will the 8 open spots go to besides the three people in the "Who's Next?" category.
RHATER is Gone. 08/07/07
I'm confirming my spot for the next league, as well.
kentuckyfan1 08/06/07
Got it, rockout.
Basketball PG 14 08/06/07
Just confirming my spot in the next league and letting you know that I'm up for it. So save that spot for me...
rowyho 08/06/07
IMPORTANT: Okay, I got the top 6 regular season records from the first TD league but excluded myself since I will only be participating in every other league. The following names are guaranteed entry into the next league:
There will also be 3 other people guaranteed entry (whoever wins the "Who's Next?" category of the Fraternity Awards.

Since we are having 16 people in the next league it means there are eight (8) open spots in the next throwdown league.
Basketball PG 14 08/06/07
Cool, I see I'm on the "Who's Next" List. I hope I love up to the predictions.
RHATER is Gone. 08/06/07
Hey everyone. I'm back from my trip a little earlier than expected, but nonetheless back. Lana is away for a few days so the Championship Throwdown won't start until Wednesday night.
Basketball PG 14 08/05/07
Didn't know that DJTG...oh well...
Big Ben68 08/05/07
That's why I voted for Other, Kentucky. I'm goin' with MMA as soon as they get a bit more unified - like in one bigger league, and have it a bit more structured. That takes time.
Neal Coolong 08/04/07
Already went over that Ben.
DJTG_2010 08/03/07
Shouldn't it be fourth sport behind basketball, baseball, and football!?
Big Ben68 08/03/07
hmm where is mma in the poll ???
KentuckyFan#1 08/03/07
Welcome back, erwin. The two links below are the semifinal throwdowns in the League. The championship starts next week. Also, check out the threads, "Week 6 Topic Suggestions" and "Nominations."
Basketball PG 14 08/02/07
Hi everybody. I'm back. What's up?
If anyone is wondering why there are now 26 members, it's because Chargerzzz no longer comes on FanNation.
Basketball PG 14 08/02/07
ATTENTION: Sorry, in the poll it should say fourth huge sport instead of third. My fault.
Basketball PG 14 08/02/07
Come check these out.

The first one is about the best year ever for a sports city and the second is about the NBA's best endorser.
Basketball PG 14 08/02/07
Look at this throwdown I'm in. Please read the arguments and NOT just the topic. Thanks.
G.O.A.T. 07/31/07
Okay, thanks for letting me know.
Basketball PG 14 07/31/07
I defeated Kentuckyfan1 in our TD about Cole Hamels and Tim Linecum
LanaLikesBrady 07/31/07
Worst NBA team ever
PhillyFan 07/30/07
IMPORTANT INFO: I will be going away Thursday night and won't be back until Monday morning. I probably won't have access to a computer. So, the third semifinal throwdown which was scheduled to start on Thursday will now start on Tuesday along with the second one.
Basketball PG 14 07/30/07
Check out this WHAT IF throwdown:

it is between me and Ruby Noon...

thanks...and hopefully you vote for me...
Big Ben68 07/29/07
NEWS: LanaLikesBrady just defeated chrono8008 33-26 in their throwdown. She joins myself and kentuckyfan1 in the next round.
Basketball PG 14 07/28/07
Come check out my throwdown about who will have the best record next year in the NBA.
G.O.A.T. 07/28/07
NEWS: I just defeated rockoutwithyourhawkout 14-11 in our throwdown. I'm joining kentuckyfan1 in the next round. We're just waiting on LanaLikesBrady and chrono8008's throwdown which should be finished up later tonight.
Basketball PG 14 07/28/07
Yeah #1!!!
PhillyFan 07/28/07
WE ARE NUMBER 1! G.O.A.T. ranked us the best fan group on FanNation.
Basketball PG 14 07/28/07
frat playoff td
LanaLikesBrady 07/27/07
I think someone is cheating me in that Curtis Martin throwdown...Check it out and see for yourself.
DJTG_2010 07/27/07
I'm in two throwdowns right now that could use a look:

Curtis Martin will be a first ballot Hall of Famer:

Ryan Howard will hit 500 home runs:

Also, I started a Green Bay Packers group, PackerNation, that could use some more members:

Take a look, vote, join. Thanks.
DJTG_2010 07/27/07
I am in. Thank you.
DJTG_2010 07/27/07
Yea, I don't think it's a good idea anymore.

NEWS: kentuckyfan1 just defeated G.O.AT. 18-17 in their throwdown. He's the first of 3 to be moving on to the next round. Congrats.
Basketball PG 14 07/27/07
G.O.A.T. kinda changes my mind....
No, that would be bad. We should NOT challenge the other frat. I know that most of the people in this frat would vote for the better argument but who say the other frat will be the same way? They might just vote for the person in their frat. I think it's a bad idea.
G.O.A.T. 07/27/07
We would school them. But, I would probably be in.
I talked about that idea before with some of our members. It sounded like a good idea at the time but now no one even looks at their page. They really aren't even contenders with us any more.

I could talk to their leader if you want.
Basketball PG 14 07/27/07
Good idea, but there are more of them than us.
RHATER is Gone. 07/27/07
Hey, does anyone suppose a FanNation Fraternity/Sports Fraternity Challenge could be organized (like the Big 10/ACC Challenge in college hoops)? Have the organizers pair people up, organize topics, draw them randomly then keep score of how many TDs each frat wins? Just a thought...I'm sure a bunch of us would want in on that. PG? Thoughts?
Neal Coolong 07/27/07
LanaLikesBrady and I started our throwdown... In case anyone's interested... Which I'm sure they're not... I'm going to stop talking now...
Hey, check out this throwdown about the best offensive player on Madden:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me...
Big Ben68 07/27/07
Check out my throwdown about the worst gambling scandal in sports history.
G.O.A.T. 07/26/07
Why do I miss all the good stuff?
PhillyFan 07/25/07
Nice prank guys!!! Congratulations!!!!
RHATER is Gone. 07/25/07
HEY, ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF THE FANNATION FRATERNITY. The CHAMPIONSHIP of my FN FFL Tourney is currently underway. It is between DJTG_2010 and mikesteelnation1. It is about what is more the reason for high flying passing attacks in today's NFL. Well, come by, read the arguments, place a vote, and make a comment. Enjoy it:
Big Ben68 07/24/07
The sports fraternity. Help mess them up with me!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!
rowyho 07/24/07
Lets go guys!!!!!! and girls...Lol...Its time to mess up their frat!!!!
do it to the sports fraternity.

it's not a prank if no1 is there to witness it
LanaLikesBrady 07/24/07
Fans soroity.
I don't know. Are we going for the Fans Sorority or the Sports Fraternity?
G.O.A.T. 07/24/07
Who are we doing this to?
rowyho 07/24/07
OK, I won't be able to make it but I'll check their group tomorrow to see what happened. Sorry, but I'm hardly on at night, because of all my sports games.
RHATER is Gone. 07/24/07
Alright. It's tonight (July 24th) at 9:30 PM EST.
Basketball PG 14 07/24/07
RHATER is Gone. 07/24/07
when the mob rigged the world series was the biggest gambling scandel aka black sox
KentuckyFan#1 07/23/07
No, tomorrow night at 9:30 PM EST because most people ARE on at that time...and Ruby hasn't gotten on the site usually...we want to do it and be out in about 30 minutes...
Big Ben68 07/23/07
Wait, if its tonight at 9:30 EST I can't make it. I'm going to a baseball game. Tomorrow I can make it though....
Yeah, it should be in the morning because most people are on at night. They won't know in the morning. 10 AM EST I would almost miss it though. Just keep us posted-thanks!
RHATER is Gone. 07/23/07
So is this prank tomorrow at 10AM or 9:30PM? We should get this figured out and BballPG14 should fanmail the Frat.
rowyho 07/23/07
alright then, I dunno, maybe it's secretive?
LanaLikesBrady 07/22/07
No, Lana, I would never want you kicked out, but I was just making an observation that I JUST noticed...even though I knew you were a member...what other fraternity is there? That one that I haven't even heard of for acouple weeks?
Big Ben68 07/22/07
I can't make it at 10 am EST. But I can make it at 9:30 PM EST probably.
have you not notice me go 3-0 in the tournament? Why not focus on the other sports fraternity that is active. Why are you worried about a group that has like 6 posts on it? mostly from members of this group?
LanaLikesBrady 07/22/07
so you want to kick me out now?
LanaLikesBrady 07/22/07
You know, I just noticed that Lana is a member of the FRATERNITY...even though she is a woman...that is breaking a BIG rule in a fraternity...that is why there are sororities...
Big Ben68 07/22/07
What!?!?!? No!!!!!!!!!! Lana shouldn't be here...we should have discussed this in a topic!!!! Damn oversights!!!!
Big Ben68 07/22/07
38 more minutes eh guys?
LanaLikesBrady 07/22/07
9:30 PM EST, the old Inbox Imploders strike time...
Big Ben68 07/22/07
I don't know. Tomorrow, 10AM EST sound good?
Basketball PG 14 07/22/07
When will we do it?
AWESOME!!! The Inbox Imploders are another form!!!! We will be striking our number one target on more than one occasion...
Big Ben68 07/22/07
That's a pretty good idea. But we better act fast before they hear of this and change the PW.
Basketball PG 14 07/22/07
Yeah, I agree with Chrono8008.
We should totally prank them. I was thinking we could all join at a specified time, and then start a bunch of topics on their message boards.
Two things pop out at me right away about the new poll. 2 of the scandals involved BC. Also, this is the first scandal involving the NBA.
Basketball PG 14 07/22/07
haha. I like the idea of pranking them.
Basketball PG 14 07/22/07
Haha, do we dare pull a prank on the girls' sorority?
AdamLee 07/22/07
We should all go and join their group and mess it up as a like a big prank against the sorority...LOL...
Big Ben68 07/22/07
LOL, are you f*ckin' serious!!?!? They made it THAT easy!?!?!?!
Big Ben68 07/22/07
good job GOAT. That's almost too obvious to be considered.
PhillyFan 07/21/07
Nice work GOAT hopefully Lana doesn't come and sees it...Oh who cares if she sees it anyways?
RHATER is Gone. 07/20/07
ahaha haha ahaha haha. I just figured out the Fans Sorority's password. It is ladies. Pretty easy, huh?
G.O.A.T. 07/20/07
Here's my frat league throwdown with chrono.
Basketball PG 14 07/20/07
haha. I didn't know that. Wow.
Basketball PG 14 07/19/07
DEAD SERIOUS...that is what she had...
Big Ben68 07/19/07
Lol Big Ben. The Girls' fraternity? Oh gee sometimes people make me laugh.
AdamLee 07/19/07
PG, they were original called the Girls Fraternity until I posted something in the Locker Talk about how a Sorority is for girls and a Fraternity is for guys...Ruby is foolish...and QUITE stupid.
Big Ben68 07/18/07
The decision is final. There will be 12 people in the next Throwdown League but the schedule will be set up a little different.
Basketball PG 14 07/18/07
There is a new Greek organization out there! It's called the Fans Sorority. I don't think it's anything to get concerned about though. It features some girl named Sydie, Lana, and (try not to laugh) Ruby Noon. They don't have anything on us.
Basketball PG 14 07/18/07
Here is the list of people who have clinched a playoff spot:

LanaLikesBrady (North)
kentuckyfan1 (South)
rockoutwithyourhawkout (South)
Basketball PG 14 (Central)

That means there are 2 spots left and they will be given to the second place finishers in the North and Central.
Basketball PG 14 07/18/07
My League TD with kentuckyfan1. Read it and vote.
rowyho 07/16/07
Heres my throwdown vs. kentuckyfan606.
Here's the frat league throwdown between me and LanaLikesBrady. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ARGUMENTS.
G.O.A.T. 07/15/07
The new topics are out.
Basketball PG 14 07/15/07
Hey guys, come check out this throwdown that I'm in. Please vote for the better argument. Thanks.
G.O.A.T. 07/15/07
Thank you Steelercooz. It is difficult to organize. It's tough when you've had 4 or 5 people saying they can't do their league throwdowns and you have to find a replacement. It would be nice if you checked in on what's going on with the group at least once every two days.

Also, Lana, there aren't any league TDs going on right now.
Basketball PG 14 07/15/07
send daily spam about the tournament TD's!
LanaLikesBrady 07/15/07
Before we get p*ssed at Ben or whomever else hasn't found enough time to contribute in the manner we would like ideally, let's remember that this is a fairly new group, and I'm sure PG can attest to this, it's really difficult to organize. These things are going to happen, and it's ok if Ben doesn't have time. I just think everyone not in the league should check in to make sure we have enough people filling spots so we can get through it and make adjustments where necessary.

Just my two cents, I do respect your call-out yesterday, PG. That's your duty, but I would like to follow that up by making sure members should just focus on doing a few things here and there. I'm sure Ben has something unavoidable. But we do need to pick up our activity. Even if it is just a vote in a league match or a comment in the locker room.
Neal Coolong 07/15/07

This dude is cheating like crazy, you gotta help me out here.
AirforceBat 07/15/07

Guys one I think that I should be able to win... the guy is reaching a bit.
AirforceBat 07/15/07
Again, I'm really sorry about you might have noticed I've only been on every few days and only for a little bit...
Big Ben68 07/14/07
Uh, I guess that's okay, Big Ben.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07
I have to drop out of the league for now...I don't have time to do it until early-August. But I'll still stay in the group...really sorry...
Big Ben68 07/14/07
That won't change. DavidSternBlows is still in the league. Eagle Hater just said that he only wanted back in the frat and probably wouldn't have time to be in the league anyways. Everything's still the same.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07
What about my Week 2 TD that was supposed to be against him that I ended up doing with DavidSternBlows?
rowyho 07/14/07
No, he's back. I just thought because he didn't use FN there was no reason having him, but he's back and back in the group.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07
Here's my league throwdown with kentuckyfan1:
G.O.A.T. 07/14/07
So what is gonna happen with that? He's out of the group...
rowyho 07/14/07
Eagle Hater is back. He went on vacation and thought he was going to have Internet but he didn't.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07

Hey I just had someone basiclly call me out for serving my country and I would like some support.
AirforceBat 07/14/07
Good job everyone, we are ranked 3rd in GOAT's rankings of the best fan groups. Keep up the good work, especially on the throwdowns in the league.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07
I know I was just giving you a hard time. Still, I can't believe that SI didn't put it on there.
kentuckyfan1 07/14/07
I got them from the SI Photos thing on the right side of the page.
Basketball PG 14 07/14/07
4 real
KentuckyFan#1 07/14/07
Okay you have Allen Fieldhouse in the Keg but NO RUPP ARENA!?!?
kentuckyfan1 07/13/07
Great to hear, ravensfan.
Basketball PG 14 07/13/07

This guy is an idiot that I'm going up against.
AirforceBat 07/13/07
My League TD with DavidSternBlows:
rowyho 07/13/07
I wasn't saying he shouldn't compete, I was just saying that should he still get the win? But obviously I see the voting went his way and thats fine with me. No hard feelings.
Thanks, kentuckyfan.
Basketball PG 14 07/13/07
I think that Basketball PG 14 should still get to compete because:

1.) He had no control over it.
2.) He did create the league.
kentuckyfan1 07/13/07
Well, I was just wondering.
ravensfan, I asked you if it was alright since my Internet was down and I couldn't use my computer and you said, and I quote, "Its alright. I was wondering what happened." But since you suddenly have a change of opinion, I'll put it to a vote.
Basketball PG 14 07/13/07
Basketball PG 14, since you didn't respond within 24 hours, do I technically get the win in our league even though I lost the throwdown?
We have a problem here. It's already FRIDAY and only 2 of the six Week 2 throwdowns are finished. What's up?
Basketball PG 14 07/13/07
Okay, I'll check out the Eagle Hater situation. I'll get back to you, rockoutwithyourhawkout.
Basketball PG 14 07/12/07
Yeah well I was looking at the sports frat and the leader of thier group is a retard he challenged me to a throwdown the other day and got his **** beat
KentuckyFan#1 07/12/07
Apparently Eagle Hater doesn't come on much anymore, but i DID challenge him for our Week 2 TD about the NL wildcard.
rowyho 07/12/07
Hey guys, here is Basketball PG 14 and my throwdown if you want to check it out....

I just infiltrated the other fraternity and told them their group stunk!! And I said that we're way better.
Its been over 24 hours and BasketBall PG 14 hasn't responded in our throwdown. Doesn't this mean he loses?
Kentuckyfan606 and I started our throwdown about the Ravens and Bengals. In case anyone wants to read...
I applied for the other Frat to find out its password and its "college". So if you want to let zippy or comptonsfinest let loose in it you can.
Charazargerzzz* 07/10/07
That's okay. Just try and have it finished by Sunday night or early Monday morning at the very, very latest.
Basketball PG 14 07/10/07
I am out of state for my job and have limited access to the internet so I will either not be able to throwdown this week or if it can wait till the weekend I will do it then.
GoatHCW 07/10/07
The new topics are out.
Basketball PG 14 07/09/07
EVERYONE READ THIS: We have some competition. There is another fraternity on FanNation, the Sports Fraternity.
G.O.A.T. 07/09/07
Send me a fanmail with your email in it if you want to be invited to the fannation fraternity fantasy football league.
kentuckyfan1 07/06/07
I started my throwdown with BSchwartz07 about Kobe Bryant... Here it is:
rowyho 07/05/07
Happy Fourth of July to Everyone!
G.O.A.T. 07/04/07
My fault. But what's up? Are there no Sox fans in this group? haha
Basketball PG 14 07/03/07
Hey Cubs just made it 10 of 11 and have on of the best overall batting lineups in the league. They are now trailing by only 5.5 games in the NL Central.
kentuckyfan1 07/03/07
ill see the pads and dbacks in the ws before i see the cubs this year.
Elway4Prez 07/03/07
You forgot the CUBS in the keg, lol. They aren't a joke anymore. They've won 9 of their last 10, about to be 10 of 11, and they're one of the hottest teams in baseball.
kentuckyfan1 07/03/07
Here are the two in progress TDs in the League:
Basketball PG 14 07/03/07
Look at this throwdown I am getting cheated bad
KentuckyFan#1 07/03/07
Check out my throwdown:
G.O.A.T. 07/03/07
Here is every link so far for Week 1 of the Frat TD League:
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07
Here's the Frat TD League matchup between me and Green&Gold.
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07

Hey guys this is a TD on defenses in the NFL. I'd like you to vote, not necessarily on me, but what you believe.

Please leave a comment.
AirforceBat 07/02/07
Here's another TD League Throwdown. Check it out:
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07
TD League Week 1

That's all there are for now.
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07
can we get this a little organized with a post on the posts, but all of the matchups with links to the throwdowns.
BSchwartz07 07/02/07
Frat TD League- Week 1- GoatHCW vs. G.O.A.T.
G.O.A.T. 07/02/07
I invite u to read my new blog about fannation cheaters
KentuckyFan#1 07/02/07
C'mon. Let's get the throwdowns moving.
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07
Frat TD League- Week 1- ravensfan vs. chrono8008
Basketball PG 14 07/02/07
ravensfan and I are going at it, in case anyone would care to read it...
Sorry, just found out I'm pretty much obsolete on free time for the next month...I may be able to get on for short spurts...I'll keep in touch with you to let you know.
Big Ben68 07/02/07
Yea, sure. That's why I scheduled only 1 a week. I knew everyone wouldn't be able to start a throwdown at the same time every single week. They should probably be finished by Thursday or Friday though.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
Yeah, I can't get mine going until maybe a day or two (at most) from that okay?
Big Ben68 07/01/07
The topics are out.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
I need a time to get on so I can do the throwdown. Just fanmail it to me...
Okay, kentuckyfan. Don't worry. Only one throwdown a week for each person. There is plenty of time.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
I will be gone tonight, to church and then on a trip with a church group, so I won't be able to do my throwdown until tomorrow if it comes out tonight. Just wanted to let everyone know. I'll get to it ASAP.
kentuckyfan1 07/01/07
Im sort of new to this site so I was wondering who I should avoid throwdowning with on this site. If you know of any cheaters or people I should avoid, I would really appreciate knowing.
Charazargerzzz* 07/01/07
And, sorry, there is a problem with someone dropping out of the League right now this late and I'll try and get the topics out as soon as possible.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
I've only seen the multi-sports one, it was about a week ago, and they didn't even mention the best ever. I think it'll be pretty good.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
I don't like the best multi-sports one. It's been done way too many times...otherwise, it's OK, just no college...
kentuckyfan1 07/01/07
The Topics for Week 1:
(NBA Team) had the best draft.
(NBA Team) had the worst draft.
AL MVP: A-Rod or Ordonez?
Kobe will/won't be traded by the start of next season.
(Name) is the best multi-sport athlete ever.
Who's better: Dwight Howard or Amare?

If anyone objects to any of these please let me know. You have until 2:00PM EST.
Basketball PG 14 07/01/07
Just so everybody knows
-Ace- is Mach1
who was originally Upham04 who was
all the way to joe 20
so avoid throwdowns with this guy he already challenged his profile mach1 and forfeited 4 times
GoatHCW 07/01/07
Hey, check this out:
Big Ben68 07/01/07
Have you guys heard about this jerk MultipleMan? I was thinking of starting a hate group for him...but those never work.
Wow, seeing that poll makes me see how deep this year's draft class was in SF talent.
G.O.A.T. 06/30/07
Sunday afternoon or night.
Basketball PG 14 06/30/07
When are we starting the league?
kentuckyfan1 06/30/07
I voted 4 him whats your guys take on this
KentuckyFan#1 06/29/07
IrishR#1, I am sorry for your loss. On the bright side, ON TO SCOTLAND! ARE YOU WITH ME ERWIN? COLETRAIN? G.O.A.T.?
Basketball PG 14 06/29/07
Do you follow college basketball? Because if you do, you should have heard of Young, Cook, and Williams.

Also, I am sorry. I forgot Peteri Koponen in my "Best PG from the Draft" poll. My apologies.
Basketball PG 14 06/29/07
Afflalo's the only one I've heard of.
What's with all the love for Afflalo in the poll?
Basketball PG 14 06/29/07
Look at this throwdown about the draft would apprecite all help possible
KentuckyFan#1 06/29/07
Hey, guys. This throwdown was meant for GoatHCW in a tournament, but he declined it by mistake and topdawgizalaw took it and, anyway, things kind of got messed up. I'd appreciate you looking at it. I think I made a good argument, but that's up to you guys.
nice poll got to go with AC law
KentuckyFan#1 06/28/07
Probably by Sunday afternoon or Sunday night.
Basketball PG 14 06/28/07
When do we start the league?
k thats cool
Elway4Prez 06/28/07
If we have enough, next season will feature 15 or 16 people in the League. But for right now, I'm going to keep it smaller with only 12 guys (and girl, Lana).
Basketball PG 14 06/27/07
can somoen post the links to all the tourney throwdowns.
Elway4Prez 06/27/07
thx for still letting me in... im not good at my geography but i know my sports.
Elway4Prez 06/27/07
let's add another division so we can have a 16 player tourney. plus i just really, really want to join..
Elway4Prez 06/27/07
Nevermind, I just checked. That will probably be in between Week 4 and Week 5 so I don't think you'll miss anything.
Basketball PG 14 06/26/07
I'm not sure. That week might be the championship week.
Basketball PG 14 06/26/07
will it still be going on then?
I'm gone for july 27,28,29.
He's going away for the bigger part of July and will miss almost the whole season. Eagle Hater's taking his place.
Basketball PG 14 06/26/07
OK I got it. And what happened to erwin?
kentuckyfan1 06/26/07
They'll be assigned. Read the notes at the bottom. They explain everything.
Basketball PG 14 06/26/07
Will these be like assigned topics or how does that work?
kentuckyfan1 06/26/07
The schedule's out. You can find it at the Frat House's Bulletin Board.
Basketball PG 14 06/26/07
Here's a group I made and I'm looking for members. Basically everyone here could be in it so check it out.
rowyho 06/25/07
Basketball PG 14 06/25/07
How do you have a minimum? How come everyone doesn't won't have the same amount?
Big Ben68 06/25/07
The Throwdown League Schedule will be coming out tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00AM EST. I'm pretty sure everyone got the message but if they didn't the League will be 6 weeks long and each person will have a minimum of 3 TDs and a maximum of 7 TDs.
Basketball PG 14 06/25/07

Big Ben68 06/25/07
Dad?? Where have you been all these years?
AdamLee 06/25/07
Yeah, I read it, probably won't like my response, but it's certainly not like you need to prove anything to anyone. You made a good argument. I just have a tough time believing it earns more votes than any TD not involving the Yankees or Patriots.

If it means anything I didn't vote either way, I thought it was that close. You both made very good arguments.
Neal Coolong 06/24/07
hiya daddy!
LanaLikesBrady 06/24/07
Daddy's arrived.
AirforceBat 06/24/07
Come look at my blog about a great NBA point guard.
Basketball PG 14 06/24/07
Also, make sure you look at the sports topic on the Message Board: Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul.
Basketball PG 14 06/24/07
I don't know what's up with this guy. He has it out for me or something. Come check it out.
Basketball PG 14 06/24/07

check out what I have got, especially you steelercooz, I will win you over!
LanaLikesBrady 06/24/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07
Here's another round of reminders:
1.) I'm still accepting requests for the Throwdown League if anyone is interested.
2.) There is a new poll in The Keg. Make sure you check it out if you haven't already.
3.) Check the Message Board for the new App. Reviews and other info about the frat.
Basketball PG 14 06/23/07
Joining my group? Anyone who wants to. But this one, I think Basketball PG 14 wanted to keep it around 25.
Hey guys, check out this blog about the Phillies losing 10,000 games. I'll have another once they break the record.
How many people are joining this group?
Hey any college sports fans might want to join my new group, College Party.
Anybody tired of Vince Young hype on here or his Top 10 QB talk check out my latest blog
GoatHCW 06/20/07
Yeah, your right Big Ben. I sent in a app and got in. It's hard. He has high standards.
Dude...Basketball has had over 20 applications and only three or four have actually gotten in...a few of us were invited (me & Chrono).
Big Ben68 06/19/07
Serioulsy, this group is a great idea.
Coletrain 06/19/07
Shotguns would be great! BRILLIANT!!!
Big Ben68 06/19/07
And some shotguns!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just joking
Coletrain 06/19/07
And maybe a bit of alcohol...but I don't drink...
Big Ben68 06/19/07
Pizza and hot women...all a man needs...and a little football.
Big Ben68 06/19/07
This is true, Big Ben. Pizza 4ever.
Coletrain 06/19/07
I wish we could have a wild college party...that would really make this THE best group on FanNation...LOL...
Big Ben68 06/19/07
Other then that, it's pretty cool. I'm glad I was invited. I'm not sure why I was, but..................
Coletrain 06/19/07
The only problem with this group is the fact that we won't have wild college parties, Coletrain!!!!
Big Ben68 06/19/07
This group is pretty awesome. Something different.
Coletrain 06/19/07
I'm gunna be swamped this week at work so I don't think I'll get much time on the computer.
Basketball PG 14 06/19/07
Some reminders:
1.) Check out the new Keg poll about Kobe.
2.) There's a new App. Review on the Message Board.
3.) Respond to the "Two Questions" post on the Message Board. I need feedback on what I should do concerning the future of the frat.
4.) Look at the current sports topic: Law IV vs. Conley Jr. on the Message Board.
Basketball PG 14 06/19/07
Let in sportshac. He knows his sports.
IrishR#1 06/19/07
Just to show you how exclusive this fraternity is I have received 21 applications in 21 hours. Only 5 have made it past me to you guys. Of those 5 only two have granted membership (erwin and ravensfan).
Basketball PG 14 06/19/07
Please look at the "Two Questions" on the Message Board. Also, I'm adding a page called "Results from the Keg" which will feature all the poll results we have.
Basketball PG 14 06/19/07
AR#4 is closed and there is a new one, #5 that you should check out. Also, look at the topic Law vs. Conley and weigh in on your choice.
Basketball PG 14 06/19/07
Love Madden (the game), then check out this group:
Big Ben68 06/19/07
Hi...I'm here now...have been for about an hour and half, but I would like ya'll to check out my throwdown. For some reason I am losing and am very confused as to why. Here is the link:

Big Ben68 06/19/07
ATTENTION: There has been a revote on Application Review No. 3. Please look at my latest comment near the bottom.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
Hey check out my new throwdown about the NFL playoffs. It's really close
I think the slide and him yelling are part of the game. When they first showed it on SportsCenter I didn't even know what was wrong with it. Then they said about him yelling and I was like, "That's ridiculous."

By the way, check out Application Review No. 3. Still need some more people to weigh in on that decision.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
Thanks guys. As for AL MVP I gonna give to Ordonez. The Whole Arod Yelling fiasco and the Arod " dirty slide ". That should bring down his stock
Good idea Green&Gold.
Yea, I sent an invite to Adam and Big Ben. They haven't replied back yet. The exclusiveness of our group is pretty good right now.

Who does everyone have for AL MVP in here? I'm going with A-Rod. He's got a slight advantage over Magglio Ordonez in my mind.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
W need AdamLee in our Group, maybe Big Ben68. They are good throwdowners
Hey, usually groups like this don't work out to be a hit. With the Exception of The TW's. but this has a good start
But we can get rid of members who are cheating on throwdowns, talking bad about other members, or not using FanNation anymore and nothing is going on with them.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
This is so cool. I like it.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
Hey all. This is awesome. Good job.
kentuckyfan1 06/18/07
Alright. 25 is a good number.

I'd like to remind everyone to check out the Application Reviews in the Message Board. Thanks.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
Mid-way (like 25) sounds cool.
denner4 06/18/07
Does anyone know how to change the name of the message board? Also, does anyone have a good name for it?
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
yea 20-30 is good
I think 20 to 30 people is a good number.
G.O.A.T. 06/18/07
I heard about the Throwdown Warriors and their tournament already. And I will keep it exclusive.

What do you think is a good number of members for the group?
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
I am honored you would consider me a " good throwdowner " and popular. One suggestion, remember to keep it exclusive as you say, because another wonderful group, Throwdown Warriors is now somewhat overcrowded with people who really dont do anything. Exception for select few
Thanks everyone for joining. I thought this site needed a cool group like this. I can't believe no one else thought of it.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07
Hey DavidSternBlows. Thanks for joining. This group is for the best throwdowners and most popular people of FanNation.
Basketball PG 14 06/18/07

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