Just Win Baby

Johnny Manziel is visiting the Raiders.
Carlos Rogers signed a one year deal.
DeSean Jackson agreed to sign with the Raiders. They are just working on the numbers.
Looks like MJD is likely to sign with the Raiders!!!
Saaaaweeet! You go Big Mac
crazyalzado 03/21/14
$0. Texans get the dead money hit when they traded him. All the Raiders have to do is pay him his salary, and likely since he's owed $13.5M in 2015 and $15.5M in 2016, if he doesn't return to his old self they'll either ask him to take a pay cut or cut him outright after 2014. He's not here for the long term.
Sactown BOOM! 03/21/14
I thought Schaub had $61m left on his contract. What is the cap hit if we whack him next year?
crazyalzado 03/21/14
3rd Matt's the charm?
LoveItHateIt 03/21/14
This Matt better work out.
Sactown BOOM! 03/21/14
It's official. Schaub to the Raiders for a 6th round pick. None of his $10.5 salary is guaranteed, which makes me feel a hell of a lot better.
LoveItHateIt 03/21/14
*Send a late round pick*
Fitpatrick signed with Houston. Raiders expected to sign a late round pick for Schaub.
Penn is no long-term solution, but it will do for now.
Sactown BOOM! 03/19/14
Like the Penn signing. The OL is starting to come together.
OT Donald Penn signed today. We have our left tackle. Just wondering how much it cost us...
LoveItHateIt 03/18/14
OL Kevin Boothe returns to the Raiders. 2 years $3.4 mil (which some say is too high, but whatevs)
LoveItHateIt 03/18/14
James Jones!!!
I's official. 3 yr deal for Jones.
LoveItHateIt 03/17/14
Raiders reach agreement with WR James Jones. Although if Sanders is any indication, might want to wait until there's ink on paper.
LoveItHateIt 03/17/14
DE Antonio Smith just signed 2yr $9 million
LoveItHateIt 03/14/14
CB Terrell Brown signed today. 1 year, 3.5 million (fully guaranteed)
LoveItHateIt 03/14/14
Day two didn't look good at all. That was failed physical day.
LoveItHateIt 03/14/14
People were talking trash after Day One of free agency. Day Two looks a lot better.
LaMarr Woodley signs 2 year $12 mil deal with Raiders.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/14
Tuck says he will help recruit defensive players to Oakland. We'll need all the help we can get.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/14
Justin Tuck to Raiders. 2 year deal $11 million. Provided he passes his physical...
LoveItHateIt 03/13/14
Trying not to have a meltdown. Very difficult.
LoveItHateIt 03/11/14
Portland Raiders? No chance.

Ray Guy to the Hall of Fame!
Sactown BOOM! 02/03/14
It was hard to do a poll on this subject because you'd have more choices than members of the group... But I chose BPA because chances are, the BPA will be a need for the Raiders.
LoveItHateIt 01/21/14
Poll: If Reggie doesn't get a better deal than the bone Miami threw him last year, I think it's gotta be Best Player Available.
Sactown BOOM! 01/20/14
I think the beat writers should pay Reggie's fine for talking about Manziel. They asked the question...
LoveItHateIt 01/16/14
Bobby April reportedly re-signed. A few others let go. Reggie's sit down with beat writers was interesting. Sounds like DMC is on the way out.
LoveItHateIt 01/16/14
Tarver back as DC. I guess continuity wins out over "sucking hard for the last 6 games of the season"
Sactown BOOM! 01/14/14
Tarver's deal expires Tuesday apparently. We'll soon find out.
LoveItHateIt 01/13/14
I wonder if MD wants to bring back Tarver though.
Sactown BOOM! 01/11/14
Sparano signed 2 yr deal with Oakland. Guess Tampa wasn't a done deal as so many beat writers reported.
LoveItHateIt 01/10/14
Well 2014 will be put up or shut up time for Allen (and should be for McKenzie too). Either we go 8-8 AT THE MINIMUM or he hits the pavement. They've been talking about 2014 being the year all this time, it better be.
Sactown BOOM! 01/02/14
What with the Allen hate? We were are told this was a long rebuild. Give the coach a QB and some FA to work with and then let's see year
crazyalzado 01/01/14
As it should be. Aso's best days were in Oakland.
LoveItHateIt 12/28/13
Nnamdi signs 1-day & retires as a Raider.
Sactown BOOM! 12/27/13
Pryor starting final game. Showcase for trade bait?
Sactown BOOM! 12/23/13
Probably a sign & stash. Montgomery met the coaching staff and immediately came up with an "injury". Seems to me there may be an untalked about disconnect between RM & the coaching staff. Nevertheless, DA didn't want any part of this guy.
Sactown BOOM! 12/20/13
On Wednesday, the Raiders signed 2013 3rd round draft pick DE Sam Montgomery (originally drafted by the Texans) to the practice squad.

Today, Montgomery was sent to IR.

Carry on.
LoveItHateIt 12/20/13
Tyler Wilson signed off Raiders practice squad by Titans.
Sactown BOOM! 12/17/13
The only real option that might be available in FA is Jay Cutler. And I can't quite get over my Bronco-hate to accept him. (At least I don't think so) Josh Freeman is available too, but I'd rather go with the McGloin/Pryor two-headed beast than him. So I'm leaning towards taking something in the draft. Hopefully, the scouts use more due diligence than they did with noodle-arm Wilson.
Doughboy Baker 12/01/13
I voted for other options. I don't know what this team needs. Hope TPTB do...
LoveItHateIt 12/01/13
Wow. That's too bad.
Doughboy Baker 11/18/13
RIP Thomas Howard. Died in a car crash this morning. Only 30 :-(
LoveItHateIt 11/18/13
First start for the Scranton Scrapper!
LoveItHateIt 11/17/13
Pryor ruled out. Our two QB's for the Texan game will be McGloin with Wilson backing him up.
Doughboy Baker 11/16/13
One of my all-time fav Raiders. RIP
Namttor RIP #46 11/13/13
RIP Todd Christensen. Gone too soon. Al will meet you at the gate.
LoveItHateIt 11/13/13
Why am I the only one voting for the Raiders to win the Super Bowl?!

TP! Bay-beee!
Mil Town Proud 10/10/13
McGloin new #2 QB. Flynn demoted to 3rd string.
Namttor RIP #46 10/02/13
I don't know about any of you, but I have hope for this team after today! What a game.
LoveItHateIt 09/08/13
*Menelik Watson not practicing today. not a good sign.
LoveItHateIt 09/05/13
Melenik Watson tweaked his knee. If he can't go, Barnes will play LT and Pashos will play RT. And Pryor will run... alot.
LoveItHateIt 09/04/13
Good lord this is going to be a long season.
LoveItHateIt 08/30/13
TP time!
LoveItHateIt 08/29/13
Flynn has been sacked 7 times on 34 dropbacks (20.6%). Inept '06 Raiders offense allowed sacks on only 13% of dropbacks
Namttor RIP #46 08/24/13
Pryor > Flynn
Namttor RIP #46 08/24/13
They sure did, Alzado.
NO D-line spent more time in our backfield than our RB's....we should have been selling tix
crazyalzado 08/18/13
OL is officially toast.
LoveItHateIt 08/14/13
Veldheer to IR. Bad loss.
Namttor RIP #46 08/14/13
Excellent article by Kluwe on competing with King for the starting position.
LoveItHateIt 08/09/13
Game Day! Woooo!
LoveItHateIt 08/09/13
Reggie's starting to use that $50 million in cap space we have next year to keep the guys we need to keep. In Reggie We Trust!
Namttor RIP #46 08/06/13
Long snapper Jon Condo signed a 3 year deal. After the Bad News Bears stuff with the guy we had last year...this is a welcome addition.
Namttor RIP #46 08/02/13
Interested to see if Ford practices today. Team has been pretty tight lipped on the various injuries to the players.
LoveItHateIt 08/01/13
Jacoby Ford already hurt again.
Namttor RIP #46 07/31/13
1st day of camp complete - no injuries!
LoveItHateIt 07/26/13
All draft picks signed in time for camp!
Namttor RIP #46 07/25/13
Training Camp starts the 25th.

Namttor RIP #46 07/22/13
Who cares? Tyler Wilson will have twice the career that flash in the pan 9er will have.
Namttor RIP #46 06/06/13
Define good article. Because it seemed to me to be more PK Raider hate.
LoveItHateIt 06/05/13
Good story on how Kaepernick could have been a Raider....
Woodson should see a lot of action at FS with Huff being released. Usama Young was signed, but he's better suited to being a backup.
Woodson signs one year deal with Raiders. Couldn't resist the Raider Nation Rally!
LoveItHateIt 05/21/13
Punter Chris Kluwe signs with the Raiders.
Maybe this will help Ford stay healthy.
LoveItHateIt 05/15/13
Raiders sign Josh Cribbs.
Namttor RIP #46 05/15/13
Just saw that
Odd. 23 years old.
LoveItHateIt 05/15/13
Rolando McClain retires. That was quick.
Namttor RIP #46 05/15/13
He said he wanted to go to a contender at the start of free agency. So yeah, Stormy, this is probably a ploy for cash. His agent is working hard for him. Though I'd love it if it worked out and he could retire a Raider.
LoveItHateIt 05/15/13
I was saying they should bring him back when he became a free agent.
Yeah. Not sure if Woodson's agent is just using the media to drive up the price, or if Raiders are just driving up the price on the Donkeys. I'd much rather see him in silver and black though.
Namttor RIP #46 05/14/13
After hearing that Charles Woodson was visiting Denver, the Raiders have formally made an offer. It will be interesting to see what happens...
LoveItHateIt 05/14/13
The Jets and Gmen are also interested.
Lets hope he does. He'd be an upgrade on KR and PR.
They've offered Cribbs a contract - we'll see if he signs.
Namttor RIP #46 05/09/13
Josh Cribbs meeting with the Raiders today...
That's why they have been stockpiling LB's like crazy and drafted Sio Moore.
I've got to agree with this article


Almost certain that we're switching to a 3-4 this year.
Namttor RIP #46 05/02/13
You have to watch this video and I dare you to tell me that you don't want this kid to succeed!

LoveItHateIt 05/01/13
Yeah. If everyone is crying at #12 it would have been 1000 times worse at #3. But the thing is, you have a need and you go with the best player on your board. That's what they did. (although he did run a fast 40! :-)
LoveItHateIt 04/26/13
Word is McKenzie was going to pick Hayden even if at #3. That would have been a shxtstorm. Glad he was able to trade back and get back into the 2nd round.
Namttor RIP #46 04/26/13
That would be awesome. Apparently teams are burning up McKenzie's phone (at least I hope that speculation is true).
LoveItHateIt 04/25/13
I've never been so anxious to hear the words "With the 3rd pick, there has been a trade...."
Namttor RIP #46 04/25/13
Draft day! Wooooo!
LoveItHateIt 04/25/13
Glad he's not our problem anymore.
Namttor RIP #46 04/22/13
Rolando McClain arrested again in Decatur. Dude needs to stop going home.
LoveItHateIt 04/22/13
Great article. I knew there was something wrong with the field when we had all those foot injuries in 2011. Amazing to think of no draft room, no scouting questionnaire, etc. True culture change was apparent, but I didn't realize how bad it was needed. Wow.
LoveItHateIt 04/19/13
Great article on Reggie McKenzie and the Raider rebuild in SI this week. Not online, but can read it here at Post #12 on page 1 -


Namttor RIP #46 04/19/13
Jacoby Ford escapes DUI charge.
LoveItHateIt 04/12/13
Oh wow - that's great news. I wondered if there was a contract clause to allow that.
LoveItHateIt 04/10/13
Other good news - McClain's suspension last year voided his guaranteed money. Almost $4 million. Probably helped RM sign those guys. Not much cap room left now until after June 1 and some of Huff's hit moves to 2014.
Namttor RIP #46 04/10/13
Good news on Hansen. Busy day in the Bay.
LoveItHateIt 04/09/13
Joselio Hansen re-signed as well today.
Namttor RIP #46 04/09/13
Raiders sign former Browns and Saints S Usama Young - DA coached him in NO.
And no LIHI, I have no idea who keeps getting me deleted, or why.
Namttor RIP #46 04/09/13
S Usama Young added to roster.
LoveItHateIt 04/09/13
Good pickups. Seneca Wallace to workout for the team Wednesday...
Definitely better off with CB's of Porter and Jenkins than Practice Squad player of the week. Good upgrade. Also glad we could retain Carter on the D-Line.
Flynn-Sanity! 04/09/13
CB Mike Jenkins added to roster. DE Andre Carter re-signed.
LoveItHateIt 04/09/13
Not a vested vet and waived, so entire cap hit this year. Unless there's a void clause in his contract that will save a little money. Either way, good riddance.
LoveItHateIt 04/06/13
Correction: Did NOT get the June 1st designation...
Fahkme Hahda 04/06/13
Slowlando McLame finally released. Got the June 1st designation, so cap hit spread over 2 years.
Fahkme Hahda 04/05/13
Palmer traded to Az for a conditional 7th rounder in 2014 if he starts 13 games. We also swap our 7th rounder in 2013 for their 6th rounder - a move up 43 spots in draft order.
Stormy Rottman 04/02/13
Raiders sign Tracy Porter to 1-year deal.
Stormy Rottman 04/02/13
5th round pick in 2014 and conditional in 2015.
LoveItHateIt 04/01/13
Matt Flynn is an Oakland Raider.
Stormy Rottman 04/01/13
Excellent breakdown.
Just another DJ 04/01/13
Just another DJ 04/01/13
Yeah, at this point, why wait. (Although I think they are doing this to McClain on purpose as payback for conduct detrimental).
LoveItHateIt 03/28/13
Better to get it all out this year I guess. Still have to rid ourselves of Slowlando's hit and possibly Palmer. Lot of money for nothing.
Stormy Rottman 03/28/13
Yep. We're at $29,759,889 after Kelly's release.
LoveItHateIt 03/28/13
Aren't we getting close to $30M in dead money?
Stormy Rottman 03/28/13
Tommy Kelly released. Saves about $5mil off the cap - but adds another $6mil of dead money.
LoveItHateIt 03/27/13
OT Alex Barron signed. Depth or TC competition.
Stormy Rottman 03/26/13
Indeed. Seabass is the highest paid kicker in the NFL. And he will be 36.

As DJ always says though, maybe if we start scoring some touchdowns instead of FG's....
Stormy Rottman 03/23/13
Well, if the current trend continues...
LoveItHateIt 03/23/13
I just hope somehow this same thing doesn't happen to SeaBass next year.
Stormy Rottman 03/23/13
Lechler may play for the Texans, but he'll always be a Raider.
LoveItHateIt 03/23/13
Shane Lechler signs with Texans. The Marquette King Era begins...
Stormy Rottman 03/22/13
I agree, Stormy. Solid signings at great prices.
Just another DJ 03/19/13
One more reason to trade down. I have a feeling Geno Smith goes #3 - but not to us!
Stormy Rottman 03/18/13
Raiders awarded 6th round compensatory pick. Seven picks total in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th (2), and 7th (2). Thought we might get 2 comp picks but I guess Wheelers performance canceled one of our 2012 losses out.
LoveItHateIt 03/18/13
Moneyball 2!
Stormy Rottman 03/18/13
Judging by the LB signings, it makes you wonder if he's going to switch to a 3-4 or at least some sort of hybrid D.

Either way, I'm pleased with the players he's getting without spending a ton of money.
LoveItHateIt 03/18/13
A 3-4 defense, perhaps?
Stormy Rottman 03/18/13
RM is building a defense. For Sure.
Stormy Rottman 03/18/13
Raiders sign DT Vance Walker from Falcons.
LoveItHateIt 03/18/13
Kevin Burnett signed with the Raiders after playing with the Dolphins.
Just another DJ 03/18/13
Lmao at Denver.
Just another DJ 03/15/13
Due to dead money, they have $5 million less to work with so it will be hard to resign him even at the pay cut.
LoveItHateIt 03/15/13
Haha. It's good to see that not everything is Sunshine and lollipops with the Donks. The only thing that will make it funnier is if he ends up signing with someone else in the end.
Stormy Rottman 03/15/13
Shaughnessy signed a 1-year deal for the vet minimum with Az. Translation: No one else (Including the Raiders) wanted him.
Stormy Rottman 03/15/13
LOL - Elvis Dumervil agreed to pay cut but didn't get his paperwork filed on time (7 minutes late) so he's officially been released by the Broncos leaving a huge dead money hit. Hahaha!
LoveItHateIt 03/15/13
Matt Shaunessy to Arizona.
LoveItHateIt 03/15/13
Roach should end up being our starting MLB
Stormy Rottman 03/15/13
Raiders sign LB Nick Roach from the Bears.
LoveItHateIt 03/15/13
RIP: Tuck Rule.

About 12 damn years too late.
Stormy Rottman 03/14/13
If they bring in VY, I bet Palmer is gone....
Just another DJ 03/13/13
I'm not against VY if he can still play, but I wonder what that means for Pryor. I guess we'll find out.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
Or Kyle FREAKING Boller.
Just another DJ 03/13/13
VY doesn't bother me as much as it seems it bothers some folks. If the guy can still play, why not? He can't be any worse than Leinart. But "preliminary talks" could be anything. Maybe his agent called the Raiders and asked for a tryout.
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Good blog.

Just another DJ 03/13/13
Uh oh. PFT is reporting preliminary talks with Vince Young.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
LOL - Francis was definitely worth the money... ugh.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
We got Coye Francis and The Rock's nephew! SB here we come wooo!
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Interesting trivia tidbit Stormy!
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
The Raiders have added unrestricted free agents DE Jason Hunter and DT Pat Sims.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
DT Pat Sims (Bengals) and DE Jason Hunter (Broncos) signed too. Trivia bit: Maiava is The Rock's nephew.
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Former Browns LB Kaluka Maiava signed with the Raiders: 3 years, $ 6 million.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
Found the article - according to Vic Tafur, the date was yesterday. So they must be looking to trade him during draft day or something.

LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
June 1st. But they can designate those players now, they don't have to physically keep them on the roster that long. In fact, I've already seen that Huff's contract is designated to do that with his cap hit. So that's only one slot left.
My guess is they are still trying to work out a trade, even if just for a 7th rounder or something. With both Kelly & McClain (and.... maybe even Palmer)
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
I read somewhere that they had to keep McClain on the roster past a certain date so that they could spread the dead money over two years. I believe it's the same with Kelly. Cut them too soon, and 100% of the dead money counts this year.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/13
The Fins gave him 5 years at about $5million per. Wheeler's 29. I'd like to have kept him too, but not at those numbers.
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Disappointed we lost Wheeler. He was always around the ball. Wish they had gotten rid of McClain instead. Like Stormy said, how McClain is still on the team is beyond me. Cut him loose.
Just another DJ 03/13/13
When you rebuild, you have to tear something down first.
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
DHB could be brought back at a cheaper rate, but I just hope they move on and go with Moore, Ford, Streater and Criner. Develop those players.
Just another DJ 03/13/13
The Huff move surprised me. DHB was one of my favorites, but he never validated his high draft selection.
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Please someone tell me how Rolando McClain is still a Raider today?
Stormy Rottman 03/13/13
Browns have agreed to terms with Raiders DT Desmond Bryant.
LoveItHateIt 03/12/13
Philip Wheeler agrees to terms with Dolphins.
LoveItHateIt 03/12/13
The Raiders have released WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, DB Michael Huff and DE David Tollefson
LoveItHateIt 03/12/13
Phillip Adams re-signed to 1-year deal. He looked good in the last few games last year at CB. Good one to bring back for a longer look, I'd say.
Stormy Rottman 03/12/13
Probably because he restructured last year. A pay cut wouldn't push the money out into future years - maybe that's the problem.
LoveItHateIt 03/12/13
Apparently, he is resistant to the idea of a restructure. We'll know soon...
Stormy Rottman 03/12/13
I can't see Palmer being cut. Pay cut maybe, but not being cut.
LoveItHateIt 03/11/13
The "Raiders are just going to cut Carson Palmer" talk sure seems to be gathering up some steam...
Stormy Rottman 03/08/13
Obama asked Hue to be his VP too, but had to turn it down. He's on SI right now because they found out he just turned the Catholic Church's offer to be the new Pope.
Stormy Rottman 03/07/13
Good Lord.

"Hue Jackson claims that before being hired as offensive coordinator in 2010, Al Davis offered him the position of general manager. Jackson says he turned it down because his passion is coaching and working with players. He says he and Davis never discussed him taking the head coach position -- contrary to speculation that he accepted the coordinator position with an eye on the top job, held by Tom Cable at the time."

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130305/hue-jackson/#ixzz2MnF1g0k7
LoveItHateIt 03/06/13
Yeah. What is it with our players and mugshots? Can't a guy look remorseful instead of like a clown (McClain) or a dying walrus (Bryant).
LoveItHateIt 03/03/13
Apparently he showed up at a neighbors house drunk and caused a commotion. No big deal, but it doesn't look good. His mug shot was pretty pathetic too.
Stormy Rottman 02/26/13
Desmond Bryant arrested for criminal mischief in Florida. No further info yet.
LoveItHateIt 02/24/13
Sparano was hired as the OL coach...
Just another DJ 01/24/13
If there's anyone who can screw up Manning, it's Knapp
Stormy Rottman 01/19/13
Knapp got a gig as QB coach in Denver. With Peyton does that make Knapp the towel boy?
crazyalzado 01/19/13
Greg Olson hired as new Offensive Coordinator. He was Jaguars QB coach last year, but has been an OC before, most notably with Tampa where he helped Josh Freeman.

Not a splashy hire, but he will go back to the Power Running game.
Stormy Rottman 01/19/13
I'm just praying we don't hire Mike Martz. If McKenzie does that, we should just put a clock on how long until MD fires him and Allen.
Stormy Rottman 01/17/13
We lost out on Trestman :-(
LoveItHateIt 01/16/13
Seriously? He couldn't think of a better name than that? What a dumbass.
LoveItHateIt 01/13/13
The fake name Rolando gave

He signed the ticket for having his windows too darkly tinted "Fuckh Y'all". The cop then asked if that was his real name. When he said yes thats when they arrested him for giving a fake name.

What a complete Idiot/Moron/Loser
Stormy Rottman 01/10/13
I was just signing on to post that! Had to laugh at his claim that he's always falsely accused and the police are targeting him. Dude. Your windows are too dark and you gave a false name. Just own it already.
LoveItHateIt 01/08/13
Rolando McClain arrested again. Gave fake name to police.

God Reggie McKenzie, get this bust/POS off our team as soon as possible.
Stormy Rottman 01/08/13
As long as he wears Raiders gear and not just a black sweatshirt, haha!
Stormy Rottman 01/04/13
Apparently Dennis Allen is coaching at the Senior Bowl this year. Might give us a leg up on the talent scouting.
LoveItHateIt 01/04/13
Goodbye Zone Blocking Scheme
Stormy Rottman 01/02/13
Cya later Knapp and 3 other assistants.
crazyalzado 12/31/12
Raiders deny speculation on Palmer from National Football Post. Odd - on the one hand I'm relieved, but on the other hand... $.
LoveItHateIt 12/29/12
From National Football Post:

Word out of Oakland is Carson Palmer???s rib and lung injuries may be even worse than reported. In part because of the injury, some of the big dogs in Oakland are saying they don???t expect Palmer to return in 2013. That will put the Raiders squarely in the middle of what looks to be a very mediocre quarterback market.
LoveItHateIt 12/28/12
Pryor named starter. Guess we'll get to see what he can do.
LoveItHateIt 12/28/12
21k for a ref bump. Imagine what the fine would be if they penalized the kick to the head...
LoveItHateIt 12/28/12
Pryor in a Greg Knapp offense is the ultimate "pound the square peg into the round hole" - but I'd still like to see what he can do before McKenzie just cuts him in the offseason.
Stormy Rottman 12/26/12
I would have started Pryor yesterday.
Just another DJ 12/24/12
Palmer out for the SD game. I've got to think they HAVE to start Pryor and just give him the whole game. I mean, Matt Leinart is who we thought he was...
Stormy Rottman 12/24/12
So McClain reinstated, Bartell cut, and Chimdi Chekwa promoted to the 53-man roster. Gotta say I'm rooting for Chekwa - must be the old Raider fan in me rooting for those last few Davis picks, I guess.
Stormy Rottman 12/11/12
Raiders made statement that rumors aren't true. Pretty harsh statement too.
LoveItHateIt 12/05/12
Yeah, I'm not buying the "Gruden back to the Raiders talks" rumors at all.
Stormy Rottman 12/05/12
Get this, if McClain is a Raider next year (highly unlikely) he makes $6.675 million. If we cut him, the cap hit is $7.26 million. PoS
Stormy Rottman 12/03/12
Not sure why they didn't do all 4. Unless they were thinking it wouldn't stand up if the NFLPA appealed?
LoveItHateIt 11/30/12
So now McClain's suspension is just for 2 games? This is the most intriguing storyline ever for a guy who almost never makes a tackle.
Stormy Rottman 11/30/12
Yeah, funny in a not so haha way. At least we don't have to pay him.
LoveItHateIt 11/30/12
Funny. When we originally picked McClain I thought to myself "Finally, a 1st rounder that won't be a bust"....
Stormy Rottman 11/30/12
Raider Nation the time is near, it's Pryor Time Babi!

] [ 11/30/12
Read today they may suspend for conduct detrimental which would allow for no play through at least week 16. Maybe they are still trying to get trade bait. But can't do well for locker room.

Wonder WTF happened.
LoveItHateIt 11/30/12
It certainly seems he's played his last game as a Raider
Stormy Rottman 11/29/12
Now Cork is saying that there was no waiver claim on Babin.

This is getting smellier by the minute.
LoveItHateIt 11/28/12
McClain didn't practice due to "team related issues". Possibly due to him finding out about the waiver claim, maybe?
LoveItHateIt 11/28/12
Rumor has it the Raiders put in a waiver claim on Babin but Jacksonville had priority.

Rumor also has it McClain has been cut. No confirmation from team.
LoveItHateIt 11/28/12
McFadden and Goodson both unlikely to play again Sunday
Stormy Rottman 11/23/12
I wonder if that means we get to keep the conditional 5th round pick we would have given Seattle for him? If so, makes sense McKenzie building through the draft instead of with Hue's old parts and pieces.
Stormy Rottman 11/20/12
Aaron Curry cut - no news of who fills roster space. Interesting move. Not like we have a ton of depth anywhere on this roster.
LoveItHateIt 11/20/12
The Raiders sign Omar Gaither (former Panther/Eagle) to replace Goethel.
LoveItHateIt 11/14/12
Khaliff Barnes supposedly coming back this week.
Unbelievable that he is actually an upgrade at his position at this point.
Stormy Rottman 11/13/12
Travis Goethel out for season with torn ACL.
LoveItHateIt 11/13/12
RIP Tyson Williams. Condolences to Terrell Williams' family.
LoveItHateIt 11/11/12
Taiwan Jones -- this is your chance. Maybe your only chance.
Stormy Rottman 11/10/12
Stanford Routt cut by Chiefs. Too bad...
LoveItHateIt 11/05/12
Watching MNF last night, great to see stupid Jason Campbell still hasn't learned how to slide properly. (the one play Cutler missed after Suh body-slammed him) He screwed our season last year, and that has us stuck with CP for who knows how long. All because he can't execute a simple QB slide. What an idiot.
Stormy Rottman 10/23/12
I took care of it. Sorry it took so long.
LoveItHateIt 10/15/12
I don't really feel like blogging today.
Stormy Rottman 10/15/12
I'm going to watch Sunday, but I almost want to do so with my eyes covered.
Stormy Rottman 10/12/12
A year ago today, the Raiders lost a legend. RIP Al Davis.
LoveItHateIt 10/08/12
I've been getting that feeling for a while now. The Practice squad adds/subtractions alone are enough to make you scratch your head.

As far as McKenzie being this "great evaluator of talent" - I'll have something about that on my Bye Week blog.
Stormy Rottman 10/02/12
Has anyone paid attention to the signs and cuts over the last couple of weeks? I've got this fear that the higher ups don't really know what they are doing.
LoveItHateIt 10/02/12
Barksdale already picked up by Rams. Will fit their scheme nicely, I think.
LoveItHateIt 09/28/12
McKenzie continuing to clean out Davis picks and plug in Packers. I think the Carter signing has potential to work out though. I guess Barksdale didn't really fit into the ZBS, but he'll be a nice pickup for somebody.
Stormy Rottman 09/27/12
DE Andre Carter signed. Must not be any CBs out there!
LoveItHateIt 09/26/12
2011 draft pick Joseph Barksdale cut.

Gurley was signed to practice squad, so I wonder who is getting picked up to fill the 53rd spot.
LoveItHateIt 09/26/12
Oakland Packers continue. DE/LB Vic So'oto and WR Tori Gurley signed today (latter via tweet).
LoveItHateIt 09/26/12
Rolando McClain has a concussion. May miss game Sunday vs Steelers if not cleared to play.

Pretty soon we will have the entire practice squad as starters.
LoveItHateIt 09/19/12
Raiders sign CB Brandian Ross off of Green Bay's practice squad. Another CB with McKenzie written all over him.

Meanwhile Chimdi Chekwa stays on the PS. I didn't think Chekwa was that bad of a pick....
Stormy Rottman 09/19/12
Good lord are we in trouble. Bartell and Spencer were nothing to write home about, but Lee and Hanson? Yikes. Chekwa is almost a better option.
LoveItHateIt 09/18/12
Shawntae Spencer and Khalif Barnes out for "significant time"

This is going to be like watching a UFL team soon.
Stormy Rottman 09/18/12
Tough poll. Wanted to vote for #1 & 2 but settled for #5. Torture.
LoveItHateIt 09/17/12
Ha! You know it's bad when we get encouraged by a long snapper signing :-)
LoveItHateIt 09/12/12
We signed a new long snapper, DE and resigned CB Francies to the practice squad. To make room, we cut three one of which was our 2012 draft pick Nathan Stupar.
LoveItHateIt 09/12/12
Long Snapper Nick Guess signed to practice squad, in case Condo can't go Sunday.
Stormy Rottman 09/12/12
Questionable is usually not good. He got a concussion, so he'll have to pass the tests in order to be cleared to play.
Stormy Rottman 09/12/12
Condo questionable for Week 2. Hopefully that changes between now and Sunday.
LoveItHateIt 09/11/12
So much for staying healthy this year.
Stormy Rottman 09/11/12
Jacoby Ford needs surgery. Out for 'a significant period of time'. Lovely.
LoveItHateIt 09/11/12
Ron Bartell out 'at least' 6 weeks. Great.
LoveItHateIt 09/11/12
LoveItHateIt 09/07/12
You'll need to hook this new account up.
I'm bummed the way they did the deletion. They completely scrubbed Stormy off the site.
Stormy Rottman 09/07/12
Was asking about you earlier. Don't go getting in trouble before the start of the season. You have blog responsibilities!
LoveItHateIt 09/07/12
4th account's the charm, right?
Stormy Rottman 09/07/12
They are starting some undrafted rookie at LT. Hopefully Shaughnessy can create some havoc.
Stormy ****her 09/06/12
SD's OL is pretty bad. The DL will be chasing Rivers all game long.
Just another DJ 09/06/12
The Chargers have a bunch of injuries also.
Just another DJ 09/06/12
WR and ST help for sure. Still pissed that Hue cut him for TJ. That worked out well...
LoveItHateIt 09/06/12
No Moore, No Ford and maybe no Criner. Hagan played well for us last year.
Stormy ****her 09/06/12
Raiders signed Derek Hagan. Much needed pickup.
LoveItHateIt 09/06/12
It moves Michael Huff back to FS during nickel situations instead of Giordiano playing there. Just some added flexibility.

I guess.

Still sucks to see last year's 3rd and 4th round picks essentially were wasted.
Stormy ****her 09/04/12
Kind of surprised by that cut. Joselio Hanson must fit the team better?
LoveItHateIt 09/04/12
DVD cut. Chekwa added to practice squad.
All 6 CB's on Raider roster new this season.
Stormy ****her 09/04/12
Raiders sign Linebacker Kaelin Burnett, wide receiver Brandon Carswell, wide receiver Travionte Session and linebacker Nathan Stupar to the practice squad Saturday.
Stormy ****her 09/01/12
Marquette King put on IR with a toe injury.

Really? Looks like someone has been studying the Bill Belichek school of hiding players from other teams.
Stormy ****her 09/01/12
Rock Cartwright cut by Niners. Maybe we should pick him back up to help our return game.
LoveItHateIt 08/31/12
Once again, I was unable to find the Raiders game on TV. Fxck the Preseason. Looks like it wasn't worth watching anyway.
Stormy ****her 08/31/12
Nice article on Pryor:
LoveItHateIt 08/23/12
Michael Huff has a pretty humorous training camp blog on the Raiders site. If you haven't done so already, check it out!
LoveItHateIt 08/16/12
CT/MRI negative. Phew! Glad he's okay.
LoveItHateIt 08/07/12
Mike Goodson taken to hospital after helmet to helmet hit by Wheeler. Neck injury - severity not known, although he did have movement in arms and legs before being carted off field. Scary.
LoveItHateIt 08/07/12
Whoops 3 YEARS probation and 3 mos of DUI classes...
LoveItHateIt 07/23/12
3 mos probation for DHB including DUI classes and various fines. No jail time. Probably won't be this way for McClain though...
LoveItHateIt 07/23/12
'Undisclosed Conditional Draft Pick'. Sounds like Gatorade to me! ha!
LoveItHateIt 07/23/12
Good riddance. I'd be happy if we got a case of Gatorade for him.
Stormy ****her 07/23/12
Louis Murphy has been traded to Carolina. Can't find terms yet.
LoveItHateIt 07/23/12
Looks like Mac is just going to wait it out and see who other teams cut during the preseason. Likely continue the bargain shopping at that time.
Stormy ****her 07/19/12
I hope not, Stormy. But even so, since Benson doesn't want to play for the vet minimum, he won't be playing in Oakland.
LoveItHateIt 07/18/12
Bergstrom and Criner? A 3rd and a 5th rounder shouldn't set them back too much financially. The rest of the picks are signed, I believe.
Stormy ****her 07/18/12
I've read as low as $2.3 and as high as $3.5 but we still have two draft picks to sign so not sure how that will work without incentive laden contracts.
LoveItHateIt 07/17/12
Have you been able to find how much space was created with Branch's contract?
Stormy ****her 07/17/12
After reading our cap numbers, not sure there will still be money left after signing our picks. But glad we wrapped up Branch.

Training camp around the corner!
LoveItHateIt 07/16/12
Looks like Tyvon Branch signed a new 4-year deal. This should give the Raiders the flexibility to sign the rest of the draft picks and also - who knows? - make some other moves as well. (Cedric Benson? sure hope so)
Stormy ****her 07/14/12
I'm for it. Especially since his value has decreased during his wait for interest.
LoveItHateIt 06/20/12
Rumor has it -

Raiders are interested in Cedric Benson

I, for one, approve of this interest.
Stormy ****her 06/20/12
Marcel Reece signed his tender.

Yay! News.
Stormy ****her 06/04/12
No New Raiders news. Argh! I do hate the offseason.
Stormy ****her 06/04/12
Heard that too crazyal. Wonder if he's focusing too hard on his feet.

Criner sounds like he's doing well. Can't wait to see these guys on the field.
LoveItHateIt 05/29/12
heard all about McFadden and how he missed all kinds of passes in OTA....need to work those hands!
crazyalzado 05/28/12
he participated in the OTA's. So if he's eligible (not suspended) looks like he's ours. Better get his act together.
Stormy ****her 05/26/12
I have mixed feelings on whether to cut or keep. If he goes elsewhere, I get the feeling it may bite us in the end. On the other hand, it's a new era and this type of behavior is no longer acceptable. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
LoveItHateIt 05/18/12
Even if they don't cut him, likely Sheriff Goodell would suspend him for 2012, I would think.
Stormy ****her 05/18/12
A guy on silverandblackpride.com said 'Maybe Reggie should pull out the projector and announce McClain's been cut in honor of Al'

For some reason, I couldn't help but laugh at that.
LoveItHateIt 05/18/12
McClain sentenced to 180 days in jail. Requesting a jury trial. Oh boy.
LoveItHateIt 05/17/12
And it gets worse. Co-defendant (the one throwing the punches) pleads guilty and agrees to testify against McClain. This is probably the nail in the coffin.
LoveItHateIt 05/17/12
The video is brutal. Maybe the courts will take the decision out of Mac's hands and send this clown to jail. I'm sure if there's any clause in his contract that can be utilized, Reggie's looking over it right now.

Hate to lose a MLB, when we really don't have much at that position, but I will have trouble rooting for this guy in the future.
Stormy ****her 05/17/12
Is this the end of Rolando McClain? Court today and that video released probably won't help much even though it didn't show him as the aggressor.
LoveItHateIt 05/17/12
Its funny how the Rams are just as likely to move back, but all the focus is always on the Raiders.
Stormy ****her 05/14/12
you guys are gonna love this - another Raider to LA rumor starting up on FN. the whole Viking staying is now screwing with everyone else.
crazyalzado 05/13/12
Haha! Good point Stormy.
LoveItHateIt 05/11/12
I don't see it as a big deal. It's not like a he pulled a Rolando McClain on someone.
Stormy ****her 05/11/12
DHB charged with DUI. Wonder how this will be received by the new regime.
LoveItHateIt 05/10/12
I'm looking forward to see Pryor play quite a bit this preseason. I really want to see what we got there.
Stormy ****her 05/10/12
Nice article on Terrell Pryor. He's getting his mind right.

LoveItHateIt 05/09/12
More depth signings... Ed Wang OL and Colin Miller C.
LoveItHateIt 05/08/12
Tyvon Branch signed his franchise tender. Both sides are hopeful to work out a long term agreement before July 15, which would give more cap space available for the Raiders.
Stormy ****her 05/07/12
much rather grab leinart or another back up versus over reach for a qb a la redskins and cousins
crazyalzado 05/02/12
A rock is an upgrade over Boller...
LoveItHateIt 05/02/12
Matt Leinart is an upgrade over Kyle Boller. Solid signing.
DJRoxalot 05/01/12
Leinart just signed up to backup Palmer.
Stormy ****her 05/01/12
I thought the Raiders did a pretty good job on draft day.
DJRoxalot 05/01/12
Stupar is Jeff Hostetler's nephew. I wonder if Al's ghost had any influence on that pick, haha
Stormy ****her 04/30/12
UDFA: 3 DBs, 2 WR, 2 DL, 1 ea OL and P. As to the draft - nice focus on the D side. let's see how it pans out
crazyalzado 04/29/12
Lots of UDFA signings...
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
LB Nathan Stupar from PSU
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Christo Bilukidi DT from GA St... Interesting.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Looks like we got a DT. Chris Bilukidi
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Guess Criner is 224. Big difference lol
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
He's huge. 6'3 244. Got a few pounds...
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Possession receiver. Not thrilling, but OK.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
WR Criner from AZ. Depth
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Does Twins live in Cali? ;-)
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Don't make me ban you Twins. That's 2 strikes.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
OL would be good
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Not sure on this one. OL or another LB?
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Then try to blend in. RAIDERS!!!!!!!
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Our 5th round comp pick is coming up soon.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
But.... this is the only thread with life today!
Win TWINS!!! 04/28/12
Don't make me ban you Twins.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Cut it out Twins.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
He's raw but Tarver will develop him.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Originally from England, Crawford is raw talent. But I like the pick.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Jack Crawford DE from PSU. Good pick
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Yeah, and I wouldn't be surprised if we traded down again.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
We have their 5th also. One extra pick for falling 10 spots. Not bad.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Looks like we got Detroits 7th rd pick
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
No idea. Hope it was a good trade.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Dangit. What did we get from the Lions for that pick?
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Guyton from Cal is still out there...
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Well we do have Travis Ivey on the roster. Maybe they'll go DE instead.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Dang, I forgot he was still out there. Too bad.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Oh well. Indy got Chapman.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Love the pick. Where do we go next? NT?
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Miles Burris. Linebacker. We need that. Solid pick.
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Bergstrom is a big lineman with ZBS background - I liked the pick.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Makes sense since he worked with Knapp at Houston.
LoveItHateIt 04/28/12
Stormy ****her 04/28/12
Yay! We finally get to pick tonight! (Granted, it is the LAST Pick tonight)
Stormy ****her 04/27/12
Yikes!! Sounds like a pass on that guy.
LoveItHateIt 04/26/12
Burflict had 17 Personal Fouls in 35 games. Does the phrase "Too many penalties" mean anything to you?
Stormy ****her 04/26/12
I'm not sure another middle linebacker with off-field issues is worth it for us LIHI. With McClain bordering on bust, I'd rather see them pass on Burflict.
Stormy ****her 04/26/12
Hmmm. Vontaze Burfict failed his drug test. Stock dropping, possibly out of draft. Wonder if he could be picked up for cheap...
LoveItHateIt 04/25/12
NOt a lot of big buzz about our draft this week. Kinda hard to think about who the 95th best player is.
Stormy ****her 04/24/12
UFA below meaning undrafted free agent.
LoveItHateIt 04/20/12
Raiders sign WR Duke Calhoun. UFA signed by Giants in 2010 but released in 2011. Another move for depth and competition.
LoveItHateIt 04/20/12
AFC North and NFC South we draw. I could do without Pitt/Baltimore/NO - as those end up slugfest games and always worried bout DMac health.
crazyalzado 04/19/12
Like the schedule. Only 4 morning games, no back to back road games. Denver has a horrible schedule and KC has a Thursday/Sunday back to back. The start and end with SD should be interesting too!
LoveItHateIt 04/17/12
We open up on Monday Night Vs the Chargers this year.
Stormy ****her 04/17/12
Was glad to see Giordano will be back.
Stormy ****her 04/17/12
Raiders re-signed Matt Giordano. Not surprising since he has ties to Mc Kenzie and Allen. Good move.
LoveItHateIt 04/16/12
Kaufman returning will heal a lot of Raider fan wounds. I was pissed when he left, but glad that he's returning in the profession he left for. Pretty neat when you think about it.
LoveItHateIt 04/15/12
also Kaufman back as Chaplain. another raider back in house...
crazyalzado 04/14/12
read mac's press conf over draft: no matter what, we are taking best player and no reaching. i be giddy.
crazyalzado 04/14/12
Raiders sign Andre Hardy, a bball player from Cal State Fullerton for TE depth. Interesting pickup with potential. Might be one of those hidden gems. But if he sucks, won't cost much. Really like the moves by McKenzie.
LoveItHateIt 04/12/12
Tollefson grew up a Raider fan - said some great things about coming home.
crazyalzado 04/12/12
Nice Q&A with McKenzie on the draft etc.

LoveItHateIt 04/11/12
It sure was nice to see a positive article about our team. I think there are many more to come as the pundits are forced to erase their tired old 'dysfunctional' mantra.
LoveItHateIt 04/11/12
King posted a lot of compliments on Mac and the Raiders - after all the changes this year it was a good read on where we are going.
crazyalzado 04/09/12
Ex-Giant DE Dave Tollefson to sign with Raiders. Good additional depth for the D-Line
Stormy ****her 04/07/12
Goodson will be solid if he can fix his fumble issue.
LoveItHateIt 04/02/12
Mike Goodson was a solid pickup at RB. Very good receiver out of the backfield.
DJRoxalot 04/02/12
Wheeler is a nice pick up and fills a huge need. I read today he had the choice between Miami and Oakland and he chose the Raiders partly because of the fans. Familiarity with coach Tarver was another factor. Looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out!
LoveItHateIt 04/02/12
Ex-Colt Phillip Wheeler signed as OLB. Could be long term deal for Tyvon Branch to free up some cap space.
Stormy ****her 04/02/12
saw a note on the old Raider trainer - Greg Anderson (Packers of the last ~15 years) passed away
crazyalzado 04/02/12
Campbell was a project. Apparently a failed one.
Stormy ****her 03/30/12
bye bye bryce campbell and hello goodson
crazyalzado 03/30/12
WOO-HOO! The draft is back on!
Stormy ****her 03/26/12
Three picks total, one in each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds.

We have more compensatory than original picks. Strange...
LoveItHateIt 03/26/12
Compensatory picks being announced shortly
Stormy ****her 03/26/12
Yeah, Porter may have to sit a few games. Good call on that one Stormy.
LoveItHateIt 03/23/12
McKenzie confirms coaching staff will move Wisniewski to center
Stormy ****her 03/23/12
Porter to the Donkeys - but I wouldn't touch any ex-Saints with a 10 foot pole right now.
Stormy ****her 03/23/12
Michael Bush to Bears. I thought we might have a chance to keep him when the Bengals signed the law firm, but no luck.
LoveItHateIt 03/22/12
Satele goes to Colts.

I agree Stormy - enough with the DBs, let's get some LBs for crying out loud!
LoveItHateIt 03/21/12
And re-sign Human Illegal Procedure Machine Khaliff Barnes. Boo!
Is Reggie ever going to sign someone else besides O Linemen or DB's?
Stormy ****her 03/21/12
Raiders pick up former Packer DB Pat Lee.
LoveItHateIt 03/21/12
Move Wiz to Center? They aren't going to bring back Satele.
Stormy ****her 03/20/12
Raider resigned Cooper Carlisle.
LoveItHateIt 03/19/12
Raiders pick up CB Shawnte Spencer from Niners.

Fill those gaps Reggie.
LoveItHateIt 03/19/12
$95 mil probably played a part too. Damn.
LoveItHateIt 03/19/12
Why would Manning go here. I guess the option of winning right away (49rs, Titans) was less important than a staff that let him do whatever he wanted.
crazyalzado 03/19/12
Manning is a Donkey. Can't believe they threw so much money at a 36 year old QB with questionable health. Guess we have to deal with it for the next 2-3 years, unless some DE can end his career for us.
Stormy ****her 03/19/12
A lot of defections with not much new blood coming in, but I can't say I'm really sorry to see any of them go.
Stormy ****her 03/19/12
Manning looks better as a Titan. Need Donkeys to keep Tebow and remain dysfunctional. So many guys on roster never heard of. I read more and more how Mac is setting us up better for next year. Almost looks like a team of scabs.
crazyalzado 03/18/12
Raiders sign OG from Texans Mike Brisiel.
LoveItHateIt 03/16/12
Schillens to Jets.
LoveItHateIt 03/16/12
Wimbley has been released.
LoveItHateIt 03/16/12
He's going to work out for the Titans also. Hopefully Tennessee prevails.

Meanwhile Routt tweets:

Stanford Routt @SRoutt26
Congrats to my former and now new teammate @KevinBossman for signing with the @kcchiefs...and getting paid by two teams at once...! #WINNING

What a jerk.
LoveItHateIt 03/16/12
Effing Manning is going to work out for the Donkeys. I don't like this.
Stormy ****her 03/16/12
Took his CTE award across the bay bridge :-(

I just read Porter is staying overnight in Cincy. That doesn't bode well for us.
LoveItHateIt 03/15/12
That sucks about Cartwright. See Tracy Porter may be coming to visit the Raiders.
Stormy ****her 03/15/12
Rock Cartwright going to Niners :-(
LoveItHateIt 03/15/12
Chiefs getting Hillis is completely unscary. Same old Chiefs, same old game plan. As long as they're out of the Manning Sweepstakes, we're fine.
Stormy ****her 03/15/12
Chiefs just picked up Peyton Hillis.
LoveItHateIt 03/14/12
Brandon Carr gone from KC. Weakens their secondary. Change Meachem for V Jax in SD - probably a downgrade IMO.
Stormy ****her 03/14/12
Rumor has it Carlisle might be resigned for less money. We shall see. Estimated $9 mil under the cap right now.
LoveItHateIt 03/14/12
Cooper Carlisle and John Henderson (failed physical) have been released.
LoveItHateIt 03/14/12
Jason Campbell signs 1-yr deal with Bears to backup Jay Cutler.
Stormy ****her 03/14/12
And I'm surprised we didn't use Boss as trade bait since the Giants made it clear they want him back. Could have gotten a pick for him.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/12
Manning needs to go somewhere warm and completely away from the AFC West.
LoveItHateIt 03/13/12
Boss is owed $2mm bonus on Thur...cap hit. Wimbley won't talk to us about restructuring, etc and due $13mm grntd come Sat....bye bye. Holy crap. Pay Wimbley $4.5mm to go away ah la Routt? Unreal.
crazyalzado 03/13/12
Looks like Kevin Boss will also be released. Not sure I like that one, with no obvious replacement.
Stormy ****her 03/12/12
I'd hate it if the Donkeys sign Manning, but it is FREAKING HILARIOUS to see how quickly those Rats are jumping off the good ship Tebow.
Stormy ****her 03/12/12
Cap Numbers I see online don't reflect late changes on Friday of Curry restructure or Johnson and Eugene releases. So it appears we're under the cap.
LoveItHateIt 03/12/12
Lifetime, I know, but several players and fans say its extremely moving... So check it out!
LoveItHateIt 03/11/12
'Coming Home' episode on Lifetime Sunday night at 10/9c/7p. Get your tissues ready.
LoveItHateIt 03/11/12
Yes, I'm glad they kept Huff, as he's always been a personal favorite. And Curry really seemed to find himself again as a Raider. Looks like we have some $ to pay our draft picks and who knows? Maybe a FA or two.
Stormy ****her 03/10/12
Loveit - i agree: Mac was a GREAT find (so far).
crazyalzado 03/10/12
add Curry to the contract restructure list. good to see he is staying. keeping Palmer, Seymour, and Huff i also like. cut the other bums and set up for the future
crazyalzado 03/10/12
Hiram Eugene cut due to failed physical.
LoveItHateIt 03/09/12
McKenzie is kicking butt and taking names. Still no projected cap number but it seems we'll be at or under by the deadline. Great work so far by the new GM.
LoveItHateIt 03/09/12
Chris "I got burned every week I played and wasn't on the DL" Johnson also to be released. Saves $3.5 million
Stormy ****her 03/09/12
2015 and 2016 are voidable years, so at least there's that. Hopefully with an actual offseason, he will improve his timing with the receivers.
LoveItHateIt 03/09/12
Saw that. Only "downside" looks like we are now committed to Palmer for at least 2 more years. Before he restructured we could have cut him loose after next year. But then, after what we gave up for him, and having no viable alternatives, I guess 2 more years of Palmer is something I can live with. Sure hope he stops throwing INT's though.
Stormy ****her 03/09/12
Palmer is restructuring. No word on cap space cleared, but good news nonetheless.
LoveItHateIt 03/09/12
Yes, they are beginning to look at building a new complex for the Warriors, A's and Raiders. But it may be too late to save the A's, and the Warriors are nearly out the door also. Still, it's a start. Long way to go to get something built though.
Stormy ****her 03/09/12
And damn, getting hit with another $6.5 in dead money would suck.
LoveItHateIt 03/08/12
I heard the city council voted yes for 'coliseum city'. I hope that's correct because I'd hate for Oakland to lose them again!
LoveItHateIt 03/08/12
cutting Wimbley would be stupid this year.
you guys saw where our lease in Oakland expires this year??? interesting.......
crazyalzado 03/08/12
If they can't restructure Wimbley, he'll be $6.5 million in dead money if we cut him. Only saves $4.5 million off the cap.
Stormy ****her 03/08/12
Serious restructuring going on! Seymour's cap reduced from $14 mil to $8.8 and Huffs cap hit reduced from $9.8 to $3.98.

Nearly $12 mil saved but we still have $15 or so more to go since the tag increased our cap hit from $22 to almost $30 mil.

Let's go Wimbley and Palmer.
LoveItHateIt 03/08/12
The Kamerion Wimbley countdown is on.
Stormy ****her 03/07/12
Hard to gauge Pryor considering we only saw him on one play - and a botched trick play at that. Not sure what is in store for him.
LoveItHateIt 03/07/12
Here's an unrelated question:

What the hell are we going to do with Terrelle Pryor?

What is he? QB of the future?
Stormy ****her 03/06/12
Absolutely. Let's see if McKenzie's eye for talent will work out in the later rounds this year. We won't have enough money for most of the FAs this year anyway.
LoveItHateIt 03/06/12
and moving forward is building thru the draft not by giving up our picks
crazyalzado 03/06/12
I'm happy to take a step backwards if it means moving forwards in the future.
LoveItHateIt 03/05/12
Even rebuilding I think we can still be competitive. Remember SD kept Norv, and the Broncos still have Tebow at QB. So 8-8 may very likely win the division again next year. But I would definitely trade a 6-10 year next year, to be 11-5 or 12-4 the year after. Getting in the playoffs doesn't really mean a whole lot if you just go out and get smoked in the first game.
Stormy ****her 03/05/12
so, watching all of these moves by Mac - what does everyone think if this is a "lost" year in order to b/c competitive in 2013?
crazyalzado 03/03/12
Would be a big loss if Bush left, but I think they made the right decision on who to tag. The defense will be overhauled in a few days if contracts aren't restructured, so at least Branch will provide some leadership at the very least (provided we don't end up trading him anyway).
LoveItHateIt 03/02/12
Good move on Branch, yes, but I guess this means that Bush is on his way out of town. Hope we can pick up a bruiser to replace him, and somehow keep McFadden healthy.
Stormy ****her 03/01/12
Tyvon Branch gets the franchise tag. Breathing a huge sigh of relief.
LoveItHateIt 03/01/12
Report says we're $22 mil over the cap and that Routt is $10 mil of dead money against it. So frustrating! Even if more players get cut, they may still cost us. To hell with Wimbley not wanting to restructure.
LoveItHateIt 02/29/12
True on the contracts side. It became really loopy once Bruce left and just about anything went on the $$ side. Al just wanted to see one more good run before his time, or so it seemed.
crazyalzado 02/29/12
The contracts Al signed some of those guys too were nuts. Based on his own personal tastes, likes/dislikes, not on actual football performance. McKenzie has a whole culture to change. Its going to take some time.
Stormy ****her 02/28/12
we still owe Routt like $5mm next year to unload. heck of nice bail out.
crazyalzado 02/21/12
Chiefs pick up Routt for 3 years $19.6 mil. Makes you wonder if McKenzie tried to restructure or if Routt refused then took what he could get.
LoveItHateIt 02/20/12
Sr. Executive John Herrera "retires" haha! - one more Al Davis cronie out the door!
Stormy ****her 02/17/12
Free agency coming up.
Stormy ****her 02/17/12
Raiders signed former GB Packer CB Brandon Underwood.
LoveItHateIt 02/16/12
Yeah, it would make sense they try to re-sign him cheaper. He's not worth the kind of money he was getting, unless tackling receivers before the ball gets to them becomes a legal play.
Stormy ****her 02/10/12
Just read that he would have had a $5mil bonus if he was on the roster after Friday. Maybe they are restructuring his contract - or maybe they are cleaning house. We shall see.
LoveItHateIt 02/09/12
Raiders released Standford Routt.
LoveItHateIt 02/09/12
Raiders hire Jason Tarver as new DC
Stormy ****her 02/07/12
FL0AT:TheTroof! 02/01/12
Read some interesting stuff on Allen. Discipline seems to be his middle name. Exactly what this team needs.
LoveItHateIt 01/24/12
Yep - Tice is not happening.

It's looking so far like Dennis Allen, but it's only Tuesday.
Stormy ****her 01/24/12
I heard Tice is out of the running. And I still don't want Mornhinweg....he comes off as another coaching retread that got lucky with good QB's shoring up his record.
crazyalzado 01/24/12
I have no problems with the Raiders raiding Denver's coaching staff, as long as it isn't McCoy and that high school offense he was running. And I agree, a Defensive minded coach would be a good departure, and maybe just what the Raiders need right now. Supposedly, we will know by the end of the week which guy McKenzie wants.
Stormy ****her 01/23/12
Dennis Allen (DC for Denver) getting second interview. He turned their defense around pretty quickly (with the help of two great players) and it would be nice to have a defensive minded coach again. Even if he does come from Denver...
LoveItHateIt 01/23/12
Morningweh or Tice? I'm not sure I like either of those "frontrunners" much. Although Tice probably gets a bad rap because of the Favre junk.
Stormy ****her 01/23/12
If we hire Marty please check kptv.com as I'm sure there will be reports of a woman going batchitcrazy in the streets of Portland.

Really surprised to read Al offered JoePa the HC job back in the AFL days. Despite the controversy, may he RIP.
LoveItHateIt 01/23/12
RIP JoPa. Wish the "end" was not so bitter, but time heal should heal your legacy. Wish you could have joined us back in the 60's.
crazyalzado 01/22/12
Marty Mornhinweg.....no no no no.....not wanting Detroit West Coast......give us someone from the family
crazyalzado 01/22/12
Down goes one Green Bay assistant to Miami instead of Oakland. Very curious as to who is going to be walking the sidelines next year.
crazyalzado 01/21/12
I read about Denver's coaches this morning. I'm glad McKenzie isn't just handing the job over to his old coworkers.

And yes, it is nice to have so many interviews for a change. Things are looking up.
LoveItHateIt 01/16/12
McKenzie's also interviewing Denver's OC and DC, as well as the Packer guys. Seems to me he's doing a thorough search.

Also, and I have to point this out - suddenly the Raider HC job seems to be enticing a lot more candidates than it did BAD (Before Al Died)
Stormy ****her 01/16/12
Pack lost. Raiders HC to be named shortly. And it better not be Dom Capers.
LoveItHateIt 01/15/12
Merry X-mas! I already got what I wanted - a Raider win and a Tebow Loss! Now, next week, GO CHIEFS, GO RAVENS AND MOST ESPECIALLY

GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stormy ****her 12/24/11
back at u n urs Hateit/Mry Xmas.
crazyalzado 12/24/11
Merry Christmas, Raider Nation. Hope you all have a very nice holiday.
LoveItHateIt 12/23/11
last night reminded me of that Buffalo game....we found a way....to lose.
crazyalzado 12/19/11
Yeah, but those guys weren't playing last week and we won... We lost because we played horrible on offense, defense and special teams. Just didn't show up.
LoveItHateIt 12/05/11
Rough game, but we missed D-mac, Moore, Ford, and Taiwan Jones. Our offense was too damn predictable.
DJRoxalot 12/04/11
FN glitch strikes again.
DJRoxalot 12/01/11
I heard that and agree, Stormy.
DJRoxalot 12/01/11
I heard that and agree, Stormy.
DJRoxalot 12/01/11
Definitely bad news. Stupid move, but somehow I'm not surprised. Makes me happier still we made that trade for Curry. I'm just worried about our depth at MLB though.
Stormy ****her 12/01/11
I'm really, really pissed that McClain would make a bad decision like this at the worst possible time. We don't need this right now!
LoveItHateIt 12/01/11
Rolondo McClain was arrested in Decauter for discharging a weapon, 3rd degree assault reckless endangerment and menacing. Damn.
LoveItHateIt 12/01/11
I grew up watching Chester play for my Tigers before coming to the Raiders.....what a shame. Way too young.
crazyalzado 11/30/11
RIP Chester McGlockton. 42 is way too young.
LoveItHateIt 11/30/11
Woo-hoo! Another Win!
Stormy ****her 11/27/11
But behave Floaty, or you'll get the boot! :-)
LoveItHateIt 11/22/11
Hahaha... welcome Float. No, its not a Cowboys group, but the Raider way is to accept all the misfits, troublemakers, and square pegs into the Raider family. Even the Float's of the world...
Stormy ****her 11/22/11
If you are letting UnBiasedPerspective in, you might as well have me as well. Cowboys taking over the group!
FL0AT:TheTroof! 11/21/11
I just joined!
FL0AT:TheTroof! 11/21/11
Seymour questionable for Sunday. Yikes.
LoveItHateIt 11/18/11
Woooooooo! Carson played great, Bush was a beast and Moore was spectacular! Defense was tight, not a ton of penalties... Great game! Go Raiders!
LoveItHateIt 11/11/11
Congrats Raider Nation! Good game by Carson!
Now couple that thought on how Tebow "beat us" when next year he is out of football. He is such a terd. Denver is.....cow excrement.
crazyalzado 11/09/11
Now I have to wait until next year listening to all this crap about how Tebow beat us. I would rather stick a pencil into my eye than listen to that.
Stormy ****her 11/09/11
i have the same sickening taste. i just hate denver - more than any other team in afc west
crazyalzado 11/09/11
I just posted it. Hard to do with this nasty bile taste in my mouth. What a suckass game.
LoveItHateIt 11/07/11
Nobody posting a story?
DJRoxalot 11/07/11
Seabass just nailed a 48y FG.....thank goodness he is playing
crazyalzado 11/06/11
Just saw Seabass is still questionable too. I like that even less.
Stormy ****her 11/04/11
No practice again today for DMC. Doesn't look like he's going to start.
LoveItHateIt 11/03/11
Haven't heard anything yet. Just know he's not practicing today.
LoveItHateIt 11/02/11
Has anyone heard whats up with McFadden's status for Sunday?
Stormy ****her 11/01/11
Tied for first! Woooooo!
Now... Let's keep that lead. This season has proven no one is safe. And no win is easy... Go Raiders!
LoveItHateIt 11/01/11
Thank goodness for the bye.
Stormy ****her 10/29/11
Enjoy the bye weekend everyone. Let's hope the offense starts clicking in time for Denver on the 6th.
LoveItHateIt 10/28/11
Versus the Chiefs we have three drives, three turnovers by Boller (2 picks, 1 on downs).....why is Carson not in there?
crazyalzado 10/23/11
I feel horrible for Campbell. I hope he stays but I don't know if he would want to - or if we could afford it. But it really does suck as he was doing great and would have shut up all his naysayers at the end of the year had he not been injured.
LoveItHateIt 10/20/11
It's good to have a QB like Palmer, no matter how much (maybe too much) we gave up. But I really feel bad for Jason Campbell. He was having what was going to be perhaps the best year of his career and SNAP! his collarbone breaks, and he probably is done as a Raider. (unless he wants to backup Palmer, and I doubt that) Too bad for the guy.
Stormy ****her 10/19/11
Welcome, TheValley. No comments for you yet on FN. Speak up buddy!
LoveItHateIt 10/13/11
Welcome Kartman. Can you get me a hot pocket?
LoveItHateIt 09/27/11
Welcome drysdale! If you want to blog for the group, let me know.
LoveItHateIt 09/13/11
Poll Results: Final Cuts

Should the Raiders have released Sheppard and Edwards?

* Yes. Both were past their prime anyway 0%
* No. We should have kept Sheppard. 0%
* No. We should have kept Edwards. 100%
* We should have kept them both. 0%
LoveItHateIt 09/13/11
What a game! I don't even want to know the penalty yardage. We tried to give it away, but they prevailed! GO RAIDERS!!!
LoveItHateIt 09/13/11
At least they pulled it out! Just imagine what they could do without the penalties!
Yeah, that's a bit late! Well, if someone is wanting to chat during the game, the message board is available to start a thread!
LoveItHateIt 09/12/11
I'm not even sure if I'll be here during the game either. 9:15 pm start over here.
Flambo Gus 09/12/11
I'll be glued to the TV, but I can start one if you like!
LoveItHateIt 09/12/11
Is there going to be a Raider thread tonight?
Flambo Gus 09/12/11
GO RAIDERS!!! Beat the Donks!
LoveItHateIt 09/12/11
Terrell Pryor poll results:

* Convert to a WR 50%
* Bust 0%
* Starting QB in years to come 25%
* Dependable backup/situational QB 0%
* Somewhere in between 25%
LoveItHateIt 09/06/11
Welcome Stormking and Lifer!
LoveItHateIt 09/06/11
I took Un's post down.
No Raider Hatin' allowed.
NEW NAME 08/27/11
I didn't do it (Un). Kagan must have. But where did he go?
LoveItHateIt 08/26/11
Ya'll took down my BOOO !!! That's communist-China style censorship. And I abhor it. BOOO !!!
(Un) 08/26/11
Welcome crazyalzado, Otis Driftwood, Mrs. Marlins, ][, XMOFO and al-ORF. If any of you would like a shot at blog rights, let me or LoveItHateIt know and we will set you up.
NEW NAME 08/26/11
I mean, XMOFO.
DJRoxalot 08/26/11
Prypr might see some snaps . He will not be starting, (Un).
DJRoxalot 08/26/11
Lito Shappard got picked up by Oakland. Not a big fan of his, but he provides some veteran depth at CB.
DJRoxalot 08/26/11
Campbell will be replaced at some point this season, throw in Pryor and let's see what he can do.
XMOFO 08/25/11
From what I've seen of the offense this preseason (which granted is not too much) we need whatever spark we can get. If Pryor can come in and help move the chains, whatever it takes, I'll be happy with that.
NEW NAME 08/24/11
Bucky is right. Pryor isn't a star but he can be a very capable QB like VY and Cam will be.
DJRoxalot 08/23/11
buck-i-girl made this insightful comment on the message boards re Pryor
I'm an NCAA diehard and almost never venture to the NFL boards, but wanted to give you guys some hope (as someone who is Buckeye 'til I die and has watched TP's progress over the years):

TP's at the very least middle-of-the-pack solid, and I think in time I think he'll be fine in the NFL. I've always had concerns about his mechanics and decision-making. The mechanics have improved much over the years, and will only get better. His on-field decision-making progress is advancing; his biggest problem is that he thinks too long. He needs to make faster decisions and trust his instincts more. When he does that he unleashes pretty well, whether it's passing or designed runs. And he can be deadly on broken plays.

LoveItHateIt 08/23/11
The Pryor pick will be a pleasant surprise, if not a QB than a WR.
XMOFO 08/23/11
He can practice with the team during pre-season, so he'll get some reps in there before the regular season suspension.
LoveItHateIt 08/22/11
He's a project - and a project that won't be with the team after the regular season starts until week 6. Campbell & Edwards are concussion prone, and Boller is just plain pathetic. This is not good.
NEW NAME 08/22/11
I like the Pryor pick up. It was cheap, and with Campbell & Edwards being concussion prone, never hurts to have insurance.
LoveItHateIt 08/22/11
Anyone know the extent of Louis Murphy's injury? Surgery and expected to miss the season opener is all I can find.
LoveItHateIt 08/18/11
DJRoxalot 08/17/11
Great article by Gil Brandt on the Raiders:
LoveItHateIt 08/16/11
Denarius looks like the real deal.
NEW NAME 08/15/11
Finally saw pre-season game vs Arizona. Campbell looked okay - little rusty and floated a couple passes. Boller and Edwards looked pretty good. RBs played well and rookie WR Moore looks very promising. Little concerned on the corners, but defense looked good for the most part. Looking forward to this weeks game!
LoveItHateIt 08/15/11
Raiders have the best uniforms ever, that's all I can say for now.
XMOFO 08/14/11
Welcome, ORF.
DJRoxalot 08/13/11
You tell 'em, LIHI...
DJRoxalot 08/12/11
I don't mind non-Raider fans joining, but I will clean house if necessary!
LoveItHateIt 08/11/11
For Raiders Fans, yes.

<Eyes guy in Cowboy helmet suspiciously>
NEW NAME 08/11/11
So this is a safe haven to talk intelligently about the Raiders?
Go Raiders!!!
DJRoxalot 08/11/11
DJRoxalot 08/11/11
Let's make this an ACTIVE Raiders fan group!
NEW NAME 08/11/11
I thought it was fitting! Especially with Sabol being inducted into the HOF. Nice timing, eh?
LoveItHateIt 08/10/11
Awesome Group Motto BTW.
NEW NAME 08/10/11
Awesome! Go Raiders!
NEW NAME 08/10/11
Okay people. This group will be as active as we make it. I mainly created it to have a place to talk about the Raiders on Game Days. Blog if you want, create a poll if you want, it's all good!
LoveItHateIt 08/10/11

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    Tuukka Rask takes blame for Bruins' Game 1 loss
  2. 2
    Smush Parker allegedly punches high schooler
  3. 3
    Joel Quenneville's Midnight Hawk favored to win Illinois Derby
  4. 4
    Quarterback freefalling down draft boards
  5. 5
    Accuser's lawyer calls for Florida State to charge Jameis Winston


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