The Real Deal

Alright. I'm out. Invite me back when this group doesn't suck.
G.O.A.T. 09/07/07
People, WAKE UP!!!!!
Let's be active again!
G.O.A.T. 08/26/07
Let's be active again!
DJTG_2010 08/21/07
I saw him too....
G.O.A.T. 08/19/07
I saw him. He's somewhere...........
DJTG_2010 08/19/07
I don't even know what happened to AirForceBat. He is gone!!
Big Ben68 08/11/07
If anyone is out there, let me know...
Favrefan 08/04/07
Where is AirForceBat?
DJTG_2010 08/03/07
This group is DEAD! Wake up, we need to get it active again.
G.O.A.T. 07/31/07
Come check out my throwdown about who will have the best record next year in the NBA.
G.O.A.T. 07/28/07
Check out my throwdown about the worst gambling scandal in sports history.
G.O.A.T. 07/26/07
Hey everyone, I am in a throwdown with a guy, formerly known as Adam24 (got kicked off the site) about the best team ever, and He doesnt even have Jordan in his top 5. Check it out.
AdamLee 07/15/07
Hey guys, come check out this throwdown that I'm in. Please vote for the better argument. Thanks.
G.O.A.T. 07/15/07

Hey check this out.. i hate people who get easy wins.
AirforceBat 07/13/07
Check out this throwdown:
Big Ben68 07/11/07
New throwdown: Please vote based on the better argument. If you think his is better then go for him. Thank you.
AdamLee 07/10/07
check it out

Vote for arguments please
mikesteelnation1 07/09/07
Hey guys sorry I haven't posted anything up here lately, hope you haven't forgotten about us.

Any people you think that should be up to join?
AirforceBat 07/08/07
Here's mine, a good example of voting on the argument. I wouldn't have even taken it had I known he made this TD three times, and he hasn't made a second argument on any of them.
Neal Coolong 07/08/07
Hey all, check out this argument. The guy says baseball will be pushed to the 5th most popular sport in America.
And please vote based on argument. Thanks.
AdamLee 07/08/07
check out this throwdown- it's a good one. Don't vote for me unless you agree with my arguments
mikesteelnation1 07/06/07
So, what exactly are we going to do now?
Big Ben68 07/06/07
Happy Fourth of July to Everyone!
G.O.A.T. 07/04/07
DJTG_2010 07/04/07
What's up everybody.. just back from Vegas...
mikesteelnation1 07/04/07
Check out my throwdown:
G.O.A.T. 07/03/07
Hey, come check out this throwdown and make sure to read those arguments:

Thanks and hopefully you'll vote for me.
Big Ben68 07/02/07
if i can get a little help here, i am facing Zippy the Elf, and some how it is not only close but i am losing.

If you haven't see this throwdown please check it out. the score right now is 22-23 with about 6 hours left to vote. Somehow i am losing to a guy who's argument was
i know people have different opinions on this topic, but check it out and vote for the better argument.

take a look i'm pretty sure people are just voting to support this guy he doesn't even make sense
BSchwartz07 07/02/07
Hey guys check out this throwdown I came across its the perfect example of people voting on the topic not the argument
GoatHCW 07/02/07
Just so everybody knows
-Ace- is Mach1
who was originally Upham04 who was
all the way to joe 20
so avoid throwdowns with this guy he already challenged his profile mach1 and forfeited 4 times
GoatHCW 07/01/07
LOL, check this out:
Big Ben68 07/01/07

Another throwdown against MultipleMan.

Check it.
DJTG_2010 06/30/07

Throwdown with Zack/PhiladelphianJew/MultipleMan.

Check it please.
DJTG_2010 06/30/07

Hey this is an original one.. check it out.
AirforceBat 06/30/07
Ron Burgundy, Phil Wellman, and another 2 people are trying to use my name. Class acts.
AdamLee 06/30/07
Ron Burgundy is now adamlee.
DJTG_2010 06/29/07

Everyone should read this piece of crap. Even if you hate Dallas, you should think that this is the dumbest thing ever.
AirforceBat 06/29/07

Hey guys just made my best offense and defense from 1983-now throwdown would like people to see it and please read the arguements and vote.
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 06/28/07
Pokesn8 just invited me to join the I hate AdamLee Club.
DJTG_2010 06/28/07

Throwdown. Brett Favre vs. Peyton Manning. Guess what side I'm on.
DJTG_2010 06/28/07
I have no idea what it is...but one of the guys in it is MarshawnLyncher and the other is just search it on FanNation.
Big Ben68 06/28/07
I missed that throwdown that was made about you Ben. Can you hook me up with a URL?
DJTG_2010 06/28/07
Not really except for the fact that AdamLee has been involved in or talked about in five throwdowns. He has also been talked about in a blog and I've even had a throwdown made about me...and I think that's it...
Big Ben68 06/28/07
Hey guys, sorry i've been busy the past couple of days, anything interesting happen?
AirforceBat 06/27/07

Someone made an account that has my name, cut and pasted my account info, and Jordan's pic.

You can tell it isn't me because it is in all lowercase and he is 0-0. What do I do?
AdamLee 06/27/07
Hey everyone,
check this out. It is Pokesn8's blog about me. I laughed a bit. Feel free to comment.
AdamLee 06/27/07
Yes, god (f*ck you Amazing Grace) rest the soul of our fallen group!!!

Big Ben68 06/27/07
More like using steroids to get money and popularity, Armchair
Neal Coolong 06/27/07
Also, a mournful R.I.P. to the now perished Inbox well, my well.

(I would leave a Bible verse here, but the irony considering who got us kicked off is a bit much to handle in my depressed state)
Neal Coolong 06/27/07
Ugh...I need to make a correction....

R.I.P. to the deceased members of the Benoit family....which includes Chris....but I can't pity his passing now based on the fact that he killed his family.

Another example that money and popularity are not a guarantee to happiness.
New blog about money in sports:
DJTG_2010 06/26/07

Exposing TheCycle42.
DJTG_2010 06/25/07
R.I.P. Chris Benoit
Hey everyone,
can you all check out my latest throwdowns? They are 2 against Ruby Noon. Both of her arguments make little sense to me. But judge for yourself and as always vote for who you agree with, Thanks a lot.
AdamLee 06/25/07
I'm back form the holyland... Texas.
AirforceBat 06/24/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07
I think the idea of 1983 to now is great. It'll weed out some people who close their eyes to anything before the Patriots dynasty. Dip back into the old school...makes for much more interesting arguments. And it'll inevitably bring up a marquee topic: 85 Bears vs. 00 Ravens.
Neal Coolong 06/24/07
i agree steelercooz i just wanted to start something that wasnt seen a million times. Im hoping i can spark new throwdown ideas but i appreciate the input of what you think about it
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 06/24/07
hey i was thinking about starting a throwdown about what sport has changed the most through the years but i wanted to know what you guys think
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 06/24/07
I agree Ryan Leaf, I really like the idea of that one. But from 1999 to now is pretty lame, especially considering one side took the 1999 Rams and 2000 Ravens. The other side took the 2000 Rams and 2000 Ravens. Not really creative, I didn't vote because of that.
Neal Coolong 06/24/07
Hey i dont know if any of u saw my pick an offense and defense from 1999-present throwdown but i think it would be a good one but have it be from 1983-present. I would like to see two people go at it cuz i dont believe i have enough knowledge to be able to argue it but this is just an idea
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 06/23/07
I grew up in Philly- Steelercooz speaks the truth.... there aren't 3 people in that city that know who pele is....
mikesteelnation1 06/23/07
Big Ben68 06/23/07
Game, set match, to BigBen
Neal Coolong 06/23/07
Who's Pele?
Big Ben68 06/23/07
How did she figure it out?? Ummm...look at the three names again. The first two have the same picture. All three are arguing about Pele. I live in Philly as does Zack. There aren't three people in this city who know who Pele is, believe me. Not a soccer town.
Neal Coolong 06/23/07

Throwdown about statistics. Interesting.

Check it.
DJTG_2010 06/23/07
Zack J's pictures are exactly the same. I don't know how she figured out Zakuhree.
DJTG_2010 06/23/07
How did she figure that out!?!?
Big Ben68 06/23/07
"He's not even trying to hide it...."

Ya think, Lana? Zack, Zack J and Zakuhree...his next one should be Zaque.
Neal Coolong 06/23/07
Wow Lana. Good call on Zack. I knew it was sort of fishy, but how did you figure that out?
DJTG_2010 06/23/07
Hey everybody. This looks like a pretty good group. Thanks for inviting me.
G.O.A.T. 06/23/07
Zack, Zack J, And Zakuhree are the same people! They have the same type arguments, and all talk about soccer, and all talk about pele. all from the same place....and they all had the same pictures, until I confronted Zack on it, because he beat me in a throwdown and i found out he had multiple accounts! He's not even trying to hide it....
LanaLikesBrady 06/23/07
come check out my throwdown guys
LanaLikesBrady 06/22/07

Throwdown about UFC being violent.
DJTG_2010 06/22/07
come check this out boys!
LanaLikesBrady 06/22/07
Just a quick question. Are we going to be like the Warriors with a throwdown tournament and posting our throwdowns, or are we going to end up a vigilante group going around? I'd rather not be the latter.
DJTG_2010 06/22/07

Hey guys I'm gonna be gone for this weekend. I think this guy might be cheating or just pulling imbeciles in to help him. If you could help me out.
AirforceBat 06/22/07
come on airchair- you mention old school and don't bring up Leaders of the New School????
mikesteelnation1 06/22/07
Thanks for having me.
DJTG_2010 06/22/07
I just let in our first female member. She knows sports pretty well from what I can tell.
AirforceBat 06/22/07

Hey if you haven't seen this, yall gotta help me out. This guy is a complete idiot but he's getting votes off the topic alone.
AirforceBat 06/22/07
C'mon now...Shaq is an all time rap great :)
I listen to punk but WuTang did something no other rappers could and that was create a fan base in the rock community thats why they were so special, everybody liked them. Nowadays Three6Mafia kinda has a rock fanbase but thats it.
Rap is garbage now, everything sounds the same and 50 cent has helped kill rap music's credibility. IF I do listen to rap the only people I'll even think about it D-Block.
GoatHCW 06/22/07
Big Ben68 06/22/07
We should have Throwdowns on athlete's rap songs/albums :)
Oh, the Chronic is GREAT (I own it), but the Chronic 2001 is better. And there are still alot of good rappers out today, you just have to dig for them. Lil Wayne, DMX, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jay Z (though some of his older albums are better, such as the Black Album), The Game (if you've heard his Doctor's Advocate Album, that sh*t is amazing. A lot of great beats, incredible lyrics, and good guest appearance), Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Nas, and many others.
Big Ben68 06/22/07
If you wanna hear some good recent rap check out Quasimoto, MF Doom, and some underground tracks from Lil' Wayne. His song "Georgia Bush" is awesome.
AdamLee 06/22/07
Big Ben68, let's go back a bit more if we are gonna talk about great Dre albums. "The Chronic "(the original) and Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" are the two best albums both ever created. And GoatHCW is right, the glory days of hip hop are over. Enter the 36 Chambers and Wu-Tang Forever are superb albums. So is O.D.B.s first two as well as Method Man's.
AdamLee 06/22/07
WHAT!?!?!? Goat you have no idea what you speak...Dr. Dre is great...DMX, and the like. Ludacris...

Possibly two of the greatest songs ever:

Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre feat. Eminem

Still D.R.E. - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
Big Ben68 06/22/07
rap hasn't been good since Wu Tang was in their prime.
GoatHCW 06/22/07
Up here in Canada, we get exposed to all of the genres (east coast...dirty south...west coast etc etc etc) with equality......and I've been listening to rap for like 25 years now......

.......I can stand the new stuff for a few songs then I pop Rakim, EPMD, PE, LL and the like back on.

Wow another winner here.
AirforceBat 06/22/07
Wow this TD of mine shouldn't even be close.

Oh and Vidal I'm glad to see you joined.
AirforceBat 06/22/07
Depends on where you live armchair. Being in the south the hip hop is awesome, especially in New Orleans. Now in philly or pittsburgh- not so much. They play nothing but top 40, mainsteam crap... the stations down here play lots of local stuff...
mikesteelnation1 06/22/07
The quality, per artist, is not as good as it used to be back in the 90's.

Too much regurgitated nonsense....rappers with copy cat flows....all of them using the same 5 producers.....

haha, you guys gotta see this
AirforceBat 06/21/07
I say we let Erwin in.
AdamLee 06/21/07
Armchair, hip hop is definitely not dead despite what Nas is alive and well...
Big Ben68 06/21/07
Hey guys, I am in a throwdown where the Great Seminole has gone around the site begging for votes. Come comment on it. I am not concerned about votes, just want your thoughts guys.
AdamLee 06/21/07
I'm sure he will get in.
AirforceBat 06/21/07
I'm not letting people in on record alone. There are alot of really horrible idiots who have good records due to cheating or going up against idiots. I want you to read some of his stuff and if you think that he knows what he's talking about and he argues it well. Then vote for him.
AirforceBat 06/21/07

If I may ask....regarding Erwin...what criteria do we have for membership here?

Record in Throwdowns?
Depth of arguments?

I don't know how to vote on the guy yet...
Most hip hop today is about ice and killing and racial slurs for you know what....there are some original types sure but most of it is so cookie cutter it makes me sick.
In terms of "dead"ness, hip hop is more dead than hockey.
It isn't just sucks to watch on TV.... can't see the puck, and the play by play guy just talks too much to's great live
mikesteelnation1 06/21/07 dead?
Big Ben68 06/21/07
Next person in the Throwdowns that says Hockey is dead...I'm gonna beat someone. Ugh.
Welcome Armchair...
Big Ben68 06/20/07
The champ is here!

Ok...I'm not a champ...but like...I err...umm...can spell and uh...yeah.
No on Andres yet... I read his arguments and he hasn't really had a real one yet. I want to see that he knows his stuff.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
I don't think I've ever seen Andres...
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Hey, what's up AirForce? Who did you invite? And are we inviting Andres?
Big Ben68 06/20/07
I have invited a few already.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Woo!! We got new members (well, as soon as AirForceBat invites them)!
Big Ben68 06/20/07
new blog post

check it out
mikesteelnation1 06/20/07
i say yes to kentuckyfan, goat, steelercooz, VY jr., coletrain, armchair. I don;t know support the troops and the profile is private. Andres doesn't ever throw down, so eventhough his blogs and posts are intelligent, it kind of gets away from the why this group was created...
mikesteelnation1 06/20/07 do we agree on Andres and the others (besides Bio) or not?
Big Ben68 06/20/07
Bio fronts like he knows what he is talking about... when challenged and confronted, he resorts to personal attacks...
mikesteelnation1 06/20/07
The others, Eagle Hater? The only one you didn't name is Andres. He is smart, but doesn't throwdown too often, but I think he does a lot of blogging...he is one of my friends so you can check out his profile.
Big Ben68 06/20/07
I'm off to bed dudes, got a country to protect.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Maybe Vince, i haven't seen a td of his in a while.

I invited Mikesteelnation... a great one.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Oh Goat, Armchair. What about the others?
Big Ben68 06/20/07
No bio really isn't that good of an arguer, he's a jerk honestly. He also called me racist one time because I said that jim brown ran against slow white guys.. which is true. So screw him. I like Goat, and armchair for sure. Bio also just posts random stats from time to time NAY to him.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Oh, those were the next three I was going to suggest, but oh about Bio1590, Andres, Armchair Athlete, Coletrain, GoatHCW, Support The Troops, and Vince Young Jr. How about them?
Big Ben68 06/20/07
They're both cool. I say ask them to join.
AdamLee 06/20/07

A recent TD.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
Good now I'm looking at other people that I might invite. Anyone have anything against Kentucky1 or steelercoz? They both aren't ignorant and have good arguments.
AirforceBat 06/20/07
I am in.
AdamLee 06/20/07
Also, do we have a password set because if not, people can just join.
Big Ben68 06/20/07
Eagle Hater, AdamLee for starters...I'll get back to you with more.
Big Ben68 06/20/07
Suggest people to me if you like them, but I want to see a body of work, not just one TD. I want real sports enthusiasts, not those who just repeat ESPN.
AirforceBat 06/20/07

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