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Red Sox Suck!! Red Sox Suck!! Go yankees!! Red Sox Suck!!
Hey, Derek Lowe is still out on the market. Anyone see him coming back to beantown?
Gaucho Man 12/15/08
What did you guys think of the Red Sox- Rays brawl.
*LSU* 06/06/08
i cant believe it but manny got his 500th home run! he looked like he new he had it tho
tomie292 06/01/08
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redsox2008 05/13/08


what , beantown sports fan ?
WADE 04/07/08
CALLING ALL SOX FANS....... Were is everyone the game has been over for hours.. what a game great way to start off the year.. EXTRA INNINGS MANNY doing what he does and the season just started..
Some one needs to blog
WADE 03/24/08
weell we could of used santana, thats a definate 15 plus game winner and thats when we had a healty shilling, now we definitly could use him..
Beckett needs to play
WADE 03/13/08
We never needed Santana... unless we have a rash of injuries like in 2006 or some other unforeseen events... I like we should be a solid 100+ win team with Manny in top shape, Ellsbury and Pedroia all season, etc.
Gone 02/03/08
Santana would put us on the Fasttrack to a Repeat...But If not,,,we can still do it...Wejust have to execute...Our pitching is still better than Detroit's and the Stankees,,and our offense is better than the Angels...The NL haahaa Did I say the NL lol
KontinentL 01/08/08
i think the sox should just what for Lowerie and trade coco in the Santana trade that has been proposed id rather have another beast of a pitcher then better offense at SS
KD Still Rising 12/18/07
This guys says Joba didnt throw at Youkilis!!
StumpTheQuigley 09/01/07
check out this TD, i am arguing Jon Lester as a comeback story
Nomarfan5 07/23/07
free manny ramirez poster in the boston globe sunday
Vote for me on my throwdown. some guy is trying to prove that the chargers are better than the pats. What a dumb+++
KG and Krew 06/04/07
13 1/2 over the Yankees now...sniff sniff...I'm soooo happy!!!
Red Sox Rule 05/29/07
bashbros97 05/29/07
Hey guys, check out my throwdown about Fenway and Wrigley.
scratch that lst post. they finished out the series last night. I was thinking it was only game 2 for some reason. only caought the 9th inning last night so I missed halladay
colbemol 05/11/07
tonight will be a nice test to see if they can close out the series with a win against doc. so far so good. even pedroia has picked up a bat lately.

heading down from maine to see sunday's game against the orioles. should wind up seeing beckett.
colbemol 05/11/07
BoSox took the first two games from Toronto, for a series win ... that's important, because they face Doc Halladay tomorrow in the 3rd game. Bats are on fire, but Halladay is tough ... so I'm glad the 2 wins are in the books.
GalaxyJim 05/10/07
LOL at the mental image of Tavarez planted knee-deep in the ground beside the on-deck circle, and Sox hitters rubbing his head for luck as they come up to bat ...
GalaxyJim 05/09/07
agreed jim. maybe julian is just good luck, in which case we should plant him in the on deck circle.
colbemol 05/09/07
If Manny keeps getting 2 hits every day he's in the lineup, I'd say he can massage anyone he wants. ;-)
GalaxyJim 05/08/07
Manny, Manny, Manny...

What the hell were you doing in the dugout with Julian Tavarez during Sunday's game? Dude, I'm no homophobe, but the cameras definetly caught some unprofessional moments of teammate affection. No matter how close one is with a fellow player, it is always viually awkward to witness a professional ball player with one arm around a teammate in a comeradic embrace while the other hand massages and strokes the other guy's head.

Jerry Remy couldn't even maintain a professional commentary without breaking into hysterics. I've never seen anything quite like this display of teammate cohesion.... Yikes!
colbemol 05/06/07
The bullpen saved us again last night! Manny is warming up (finally) and the rest of the guys are getting on base more. I'm a little concerned about Dike-K's control, he wasnt very good last night. We need to keep it going, the Yanks are starting to get things together, they've won 3 in a row now.
Red Sox Rule 05/04/07
Manny homered twice on May 3, once against lefty Horacio Ramirez, and again vs. righty Chris Reitsma ... both of whom were Braves up until last year.

Manny's heating up ... that's his fourth straight 2-hit game, and the average has creeped up to .235 ... looks like he's putting that brutal start behind him.
GalaxyJim 05/04/07
There is no way the sox won't win it all this year.
GoSox24 05/03/07
I'm amazed at the difference between the Braves' and Yanks' seasons so far.

After May 2, both clubs had 141 or 142 runs scored, and 126 allowed.

The Braves were 17-10. The Yanks were 10-14.

This tells me that NY is actually playing better than their record, and when their luck starts evening out, they'll pass TB and Baltimore for 3rd within a matter of a few days in May.

Toronto may or may not make a run at 2nd place with ~85 wins; I hope they do, to give the Yanks more to think about as they start their inevitable climb back up the mountain. May should be fun ...
GalaxyJim 05/03/07
Don't toot on the horn yet. We've been crowned the champions of April many a time only to get knocked down by the thud of patting our own shoulder. This is going to be neck and neck like always. The yanks starters coming back is starting to scare me. Next time we see them they will be throwing a rotation the likes of: Petite, Moose, Wang, Igawa, Hughes. If Igawa sticks and Hughes finds his bearings you know the top three will come back to normal. I used to let myself get caught up in wins but I think we need to just focus on winning games rather than where the Yankees are unless they start opening up a lead on us.
BoSox did it again by beatin down NY. Keep this up and the Sox might single handedly knock the Yanks from the playoffs.

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