07 Heisman Contenders Fan Group

To bad this site died, could have been cool
PRO BALL 09/30/12
sorry every1; it seems like every time i try 2 post another blog 4 this group, my computer gives me trouble. working 2 fix it tho
Court Juker* 08/13/07
I don't think all three big East guys will get there. Either Brohm or Slaton & White taking votes from each other. Unless one goes to the Title Game, the other one won't be in the BCS. Which means no Heisman... sad sad reality.
B Lowzer 08/06/07
If my Sooners can get past Miami and Texas, assuming they can get by everyone else, look for Allen Patrick or DeMarco Murray's name to be thrown around... Murray is an outstanding talent that will impress this year!
B Lowzer 08/06/07
How is Brohm a better QB than White, when White was the 06 Big East Offensive player of the year. Brohm is a better pro prospect no doubt, but in college I'll take Pat White.
vincedpirate 08/05/07
i can't wait 4 the season 2 start so we can finally get this heisman race really rolling
Court Juker* 08/02/07
Brian Brohm is going to win the heisman. He's the best QB in the NCAA.
The_Chosen_One08 08/01/07
I thinik Steve Slaton will win it. He'll split votes with Pat White which will make it a ver tight race between him and D-Mac but he'll run wild all year and will win it a close one. I also think Pat White will win it in 08
vincedpirate 07/14/07
u've got a point. the usc guys (reggie bush, carson palmer, matt leinart) are doing pretty well tho.
Court Juker* 07/10/07
Yeah thats what i meant. Think back to Jason White of OU a few years ago. was he really the best player in the country or the best skill player on the number 1 team in the country? I believe his NFL career could speak volumes for that. (not Drafted)
Korvyn 07/10/07
I'm gonna b writing an analysis of some of the Heisman candidates pretty soon so watch 4 it.
Court Juker* 07/10/07
korvyn, u might have 2 rephrase that last part a bit. do u mean "the heisman is about the best player on the best team now"?
Court Juker* 07/09/07
Booty will win it. Not cause he's the best player that is D-Mac. The Heisman is about the best player on the best team anymore.
Korvyn 07/09/07
yeah Woodson had nice numbers last yr
Court Juker* 07/09/07
Andre Woodson fan here! It's an outside shot, but they have the schedule toughness and team ability to shock everyone.

GO Kentucky!
kentuckyfan1 07/07/07
I may b biased, but i'm thinking Colt Brennan.
Court Juker* 07/07/07
McFadden Easily
Jarod 07/06/07
Ray Rice nd Mcfadden is amazin
Phillyfan101 07/06/07

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