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Well the game is finally here.  This is a game that will no doubt gauge how far Nebraska and Coach Callahan have come.  We all know that USC is a power house with deep depth but can they over come the huge home field advantage Nebraska will have?  We all know that Pete Carroll's team will be ready for the test.  Especially having two weeks to prepare against Nebraska.  Booty looks to strike fast and often against the Blackshirts of Nebraska.  I am hoping that Nebraska will use USC's defensive speed against them by running counter's and screens.Keller…
Did Nebraska rush for 413 yards last week against Nevada because it had planned to, or simply because it could?That's the question facing Wake Forest this week as it braces for a visit from the Cornhuskers of the Big 12 on Saturday. Now in his fourth season at Nebraska, Coach Bill Callahan's reputation for coaching a wide-open, pass-oriented offense may not be completely accurate.At least, that's the suspicion of Coach Jim Grobe of Wake Forest."Coach Callahan has the reputation as ‘West Coast, throwing the football,' and all those kinds of things," Grobe said.…
What memories it brought back yesterday as I sat in my living room watching the Big Red Machine roll over Neveda.  I never thought I would see those days again.  Those days when our offensive line would constantly beat on defenders, making them tired and defensless as our running backs would pound the rock for chunks of yards at a time.  Well yesterday was that day again!I loved how Lucky has improved his vision and showing patience as he waited for the OL to open up the holes.  Once he got past the OL he would wait for the oustanding blocking by the WR's to…
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Why let Cosgrove stay till the end of the year? For that matter why let Callahan stay. Oh to have Bo back. They need to give Bo 1.7 million to come back.
Dozer 10/01/07
Today's game was pure PATHETIC! Our Pink Shirts suck! Cosgrove has GOT TO GO at the end of the season!
Blackshirtsguru 09/23/07
Two weeks in a row that our Blackshirts stunk it up. Now they are having to try out for the positions again. What is wrong with Ruud and company?? Missed tackles, NO D-line penetration, Over pursuit and just plain sorry play. We'll see what changes have been made in the ball state game and keep slamming the Cos if this week is as bad as the last two.
Familyman5746 09/21/07
Where the hell was our defense last night? We couldn't stop the cut back runs and SUH was getting OWNED by a freshman center! Wake ran all over us and now USC. Will it ever end??!!!
Blackshirtsguru 09/16/07
Long field goals too!! Watch out for the long ball game winner!
Familyman5746 09/05/07
My gosh we got a kicker who can actually kick touchbacks! MAN, this kid had 6 yesterday!
Blackshirtsguru 09/02/07

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