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If you are in this group you believe the NFL should ban Michael Vick for life.

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I happen to think electrocuting dogs, strangling them, and putting them on rape racks is good enough reason to be banned from the NFL, but if that doesn't do it for you, he gambled (and set up a gambling ring), and that is in direct violation of his contract, which is another reason why he should be banned. Plus, eating meat is legal, if you can't keep your ass from breaking the law when you are a role model (and by the way, he also violated his probation after he was arrested by smoking pot), then why the hell should he have the honor and privilege of playing in the NFL? Please tell me what is so confusing about this?
PittieMomma 04/09/08
no way mike vick should be in jail or this group should have been made.Think about it this way"YOU CAN KILL AND EAT PIGS,COWS,ECT... BUT YOU CANT KILL DOGS"hope i changed you mind,FANMAIL ME IF YOU CAN GIVE A BETTER REASON ABOUT WHY MIKE VICK SHOULD BE IN JAIL
NYFAN07 02/09/08
DJRoxalot 12/09/07
now im not taking up for him because he should be punished for wu he did but banning him is crazy if he go's Bill Belichick goes,Shaun Merriman goes, Rodney Harrison goes...if Ricky Williams can break more rules the a drug dealer playing football and come back then Vick should also be allowed to.
BIGBOY859 11/19/07
while people worry about a man dogfighting which totally is circumstantial to the fact he plays in the tell me wut does dog fighting have to do with him playing in the league....while people wanna ban him they need to worry about these players cheating by taking juice, gambling on the game(not dog fighting) and stealing play signals...f the rest
BIGBOY859 11/19/07
it doesn't matter whether he's sorry or not. dog fighting isn't the kind of crim you can commit and say "oh, i'm sorry, i didn't know better." he should not be allowed back into the NFL because people like him should never be put up as some kind of role model. unfortunately, i think the NFL probably will bring him back. perhaps one of the most disturbing things about this scandal is that the league actually said that Vick's lying was worse than the original crime.
atoblue 11/02/07
Man they gonna love him in jail. He will get to play ball all the time in prison. Some dude that is about 6'6" sorta like a defensive end is just gonna fall in love.
Samji Sweet 09/28/07

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