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No one on this Earth can accurately predict Eagles games. They are so up and down, its unreal. I'm going to rate the entire season. All the games will be rated disaster, unexpected win, expected win, expected loss and good loss.Week 1: Loss to Greenbay - disasterWeek 2: Loss to Washington - unexpected lossWeek 3: Win against Detroit - unexpected winWeek 4: Loss to Giants - expected lossWeek 5: byeWeek 6: Win against Jets - expected winWeek 7: Loss to Chicago - disasterWeek 8: Win against Minnesota - unexpected winWeek 9: Loss against Dallas - expected lossWeek 10: Win…
Here is an article from -- Geoff Jenkins completed the Phillies' outfield on Thursday, accepting a two-year, $13 million contract. While he immediately replaces departed Aaron Rowand in the lineup, he knows that replacing Rowand, the fan favorite, may take longer. Rowand's style is unmistakable, and highlights of his center-field-fence-smashing grab have been a pregame staple at Citizens Bank Park. Jenkins doesn't play the same position, but understands the need for logical comparisons. "I definitely will bring some of that to Philadelphia,"…
After the Eagles 31-28 loss to the New England Patriots Sunday night, head coach Andy Reid answered with a simple "yes" when asked if Donovan McNabb was still the Eagles' starting quarterback.Monday, Reid said that while A.J Feeley's strong play has increased his confidence in Philadelphia's depth under center, it is not cause to cast McNabb aside."I don't want to take anything away from what A.J. has done," Reid said. "But I don't want to slight Donovan's accomplishments either. He's a heck of a quarterback."QB Donovan McNabb…
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This group is dead. I am leaving. Let me know when this group is active again.
Flyers, Phillies, Eagles rule Cowboys, Rangers, Mets smell
thejoker413 07/20/08
let go phily
Breaking news philly will have a pro soccer team in the MLS in 2010 and they will play there game at chester stadium
Philly is in the lead for the next Major league soccer team so philly could be expecting another pro team by 2010
breaks over,we got los angeles,kick **** boys. Goooooooooo Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!
I.M.O. 01/29/08
It's not cool to beg or ask for votes on TD's. People vote against you when you do that. Just ask everyone to come view your TD and vote for the best argument.
Oso Famoso 01/08/08

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