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Three years ago, I wrote about how I awakened to rumors of an Urlacher trade.  I wasn't happy with how Angelo and the McCaskey's were treating their players and chastised the administration for bumbled drafts and mottos that didn't match the product on the field.  However, the Briggs situation is much different.There's two schools of thought on this matter.  One side believes that Briggs signed his name to a new contract 3 years ago and should honor it.  The other side believes that being named to 6 consectutive Pro Bowls constitutes a situation where he "outplayed his…
Let's be clear, my blood pressure only allowed me to watch the first half of Monday's loss to NY.  As much as I would like to croon "it's all going to be ok" like some insufferable pop song, the Giants were able to expose enough weakness in the Bears' game to serve as inspiration for a sad blues record.  However, it's good to know that whatever Mike Tice is doing seems to be working -- if the OL can keep up the obvious progress they made from last week (no sacks in 1st quarter, 1 allowed in 2nd), the OL isn't going to be the issue that all the "experts" have made it out to be. …
Whereas the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team," the Bears have quickly become the team that America loves to hate.  From ESPN to SI, CBS to FOX, there seems to be a national movement to snub the Bears and discredit all of their accomplishments of last year.  It's not just the "expert analysts" either:  any article written about the Bears seems to finish with comment boards displaying a fervent sampling of 1.) Cutler ragging, 2.) OL jokes, and/or 3.) the word "suck." Well, I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but teams that suck don't get within one drive of the Super Bowl…
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Ugh! A loss to the Chiefs? Are you kidding me?
Burger Meister 12/05/11
Bear Down, hey buddies. What do you think Jerry and Lovie are going to address in free agency? I hope they can sign a guard or tackle and then go after some skill position players
SouthSideHitMan 01/29/09

i need help bears fans
ogunleye for most underrated!
hammy 09/09/08

reading material
Mannny 06/02/08
Hey guys, I usually don't do this but here's a throwdown between two Bears' fans on how they'll do the upcoming season. I say they'll be at least 8-8, he says they'll have a losing season. Check it out, and vote for who you agree with. Thanks!
Harris. 05/18/08
will the bears take both games from GB this year....again? i think so...

check it out
Mannny 05/04/08
hey anyone up to this challenge
FanMan. 04/18/08

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