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Crunchy12489 07/10/08
This guy is saying Portland will make the playoffs over Denver. Come check it out.
Elway4Prez 02/17/08
Allen Iverson continues to astound. 3 years ago all everyone was ranting about was that Allen Iverson, had taken too much of a beating and was too small to continue to play at such a high level anymore, yadda, yadda, yadda. This post shows 10 interesting stats for A.I. after 30-years old that say otherwise.
highlite15 01/08/08
DJRoxalot 12/16/07
Are you kidding me, Kwame!! You think that Mike Bibby would be better than Allen Iverson? The only reason we made it to the playoffs was because of Iverson's leadership. Melo will never be the leader that Iverson is, but you think that's okay because it's Melo's team. The reason no one thinks of the Nuggets as Melo's team is because, plain and simple, MELO IS NOT A LEADER. Thank god for Allen Iverson.

Question: Who will take over this team and take them to the top?
Answer: A.I.
Agent0 05/04/07
No, trade Iverson for Mike Bibby. His shot selection and constant dribbling in the playoffs where why we lost. Melo is the only one out of the Big Three, who has constantly had trouble with people not beleiving it is his team. Melo is a great player and Iverson took shot away from him in the Playoffs.Imagine Bibby, Smith,Melo,Nene,Camby and tell me who can beat us. When we were at our best, Iverson averaged 7 assist. He became a 6 foot 2-guard again in the playoffs. We dont need that, Melo is the guy and if the Nuggets dont get that, ship him to Carolina and we will!
Kwame 05/03/07
In six!
akpryde 04/27/07

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