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This is the year the Lions start scratching back to respectability. It starts with the front office. Mayhew & Schwartz seem to be seeing eye-to-eye and it will start paying dividends sooner rather than later.
Winged Helmet 08/30/10
Did anybody see the lions game?Calvin was on fire! Again! He is looking to have a breakout season and the NFL better take notice
BYD Racer 08/17/08
Just want to send a shout out to Barry is his birthday.
I hope the Lions get some good help in the secondary . I think Brian Kelly, though a little old will be able to help out the othewr corners and whatever corner the Lions draft. I think they need to get Vilma and try to go after Briggs. Al Wilson wouldnt be a bad choice to if Vilma wants to much money. What are we going to do about that O-line though? Let me know what you guys think.
yung $co 02/28/08
Lions will beat the vikings. last time the lions played them, they held all-day to only 66 yards!
Luigi! 12/02/07
All right guys, big game this week....the pack is tough but if we can disrupt Favre we can win the game....the packs run offense still isn't anywhere near being great at all and their WR's are average...if it wasn't for favre they wouldn't have half as many wins...the packs Defense scares me though....
BYD Racer 11/21/07
so how many of you guys think that the Lions are going to snap their streak of losses against the Redskins? I know i do. The Lions might not be great but they are finding ways to win and thats all that matters!
BYD Racer 10/03/07

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