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football is a gentlemans game played by hooligans , and rugby [union] is a hooligan's game played by gentlemen

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Hey, anyone going to any of the Churchill cup matches this year?  The finals are going to be in Chicago this year, my home town, you can bet I'll be there.  The only other international match I've ever seen was a USA vs. Canada a few years ago, this tourney coming to Canada and the states is huge!  Especially with the way the USA played in the recent world cup, we put up a pretty valiant effort against England, a team that should have beaten the hell out of us.  Toyota Park is a really nice stadium too, it should be a great, plus we get to see three good…
Hey, I love rugby, played all the way through college and wasn't half bad either, I created this group because I saw an opportunity to spread the word of rugby on this really heavily football/baseball weighted website.  Feel free to talk anykind of rugby, U.S. Amature, Tri-Nations, World Cup, anything... Just spread the word!!!

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you spelled new zeAland wrong on your tag list by the way
Hey Karln51, there are lots of Old Boys clubs around (I'm 34) for guys our age who still like to mix it up but who aren't so excited to butt heads with 25 year olds all day Saturday and come into work on crutches on Monday. Check out and use the find a club version. Good luck.
wow am I fusterated, EA sports, usually the best sports games on the planet have really dropped the ball by bringing out Rugby 08 only for the PS2... Come on now, bringing out the game for one of the most up and coming games on earth on a "dead" system.. that's stupid!!
Scotty 10/27/07
Played it when I started college 17 years ago but then had to stop because of getting a job. Thirty Five years old and I'm trying to get back in enough shape to play again (was a prop and hooker.)

Anyone else here ticked off about the 'top athletes by number' article and NO rugby players??? They also only had one soccer player, yet a race horse and two NASCAR drivers????? What is that?
karlns51 07/08/07
I fell in love watching the game for the first time when I was a college student in France in the early 80's. I only started to play rugby last year at the age of 45, and I had a ball. It's a great game, and I wish I had started to play when I was younger!
Nursedude 05/24/07
Rugby is an up and coming sport and all it takes is watching one game of it to figure out you want to play
IndyBaller 05/06/07

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