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Yes Oregon lost to Arizona 34-24 and although the Oregon apologists will say dixon, dixon , dixon (all the while ignoring their special teams giving up a punt return td and a defense that gave up big play after play) it will be a team from the Big 12 that goes BCS title hunting.With 3 top 5 BCS teams we know that 2 of the 3 will have 1 more loss and the other will be in New Orleans. I predict Oklahoma. First off although OSU will be a test it is in Norman and KU and Mizzou have to play each other for an early elimination game.  Thus OU has easiest shot to the Big 12 championship…
Last week in the Big 12 with the exception of one game was pretty much ... well in short ho hum.With the exception of Iowa State stunning Kansas State and putting quite the damper on their season and bowl attractiveness. Iowa State who had lost their 5 previous conference games by an average of 20+ managed to stop Kstate on a goal line plunge on 4th down and force 3 turnovers for an 11 point win. Texas looked like they were going to lose going into the 4th quarter for the second week at Oklahoma State and causing a very painful loss to the Cowboys.  So who says playing with fire is bad.…
Texas v. Nebraska-  Well for 3 quarters it looked like Nebraska was going to show some heart and upset the longhorns in Austin. However, Texas rolled in the 4th quarter including 3tds and 200+ yds by Charles including an 85yarder that seemed to suck the life out the Cornhuskers. I think people are hoping Osborne comes out of the AD office and starts coaching again because things are just ugly in Lincoln. Texas's rally should position them for a rise in the polls with so many in the 10 to 17 range of the polls falling today.Missouri v. Iowa State --- At home, expected domination but an…
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Mizzou who? That's what happens when you talk $-hit before the game!
Sooner_Sully 12/02/07
What really sucks about this game is that if/when OU wins, the Big 12 will be out of the NC hunt. I would like to at least have our conference represented, since we have 3 of the top 10 teams.
I'm pulling for the Tigers, but think OU will take 'em.
Familyman5746 11/28/07
I heard the Boogerman checks his closet for Chase Daniels before he goes to bed.
Sooner_Sully 11/28/07
Daniels is going to have to eat a lot of boogers to get by the SOONERS.
Sooner_Sully 10/31/07
You also predicted that Mizzou would beat OU. IF OU is overrated and beat mizzou by 10 (17 until 12seconds in game) what does that make Missouri
As I see in the poll.... Kansas is the favorite in the North?!?!?! They have played NO ONE good and there players are overrated. We will stomp them on the 24th. You watch.

And then we will get revenge from the O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D Oklahoma Sooners in the Big12 Championship.

Mark it down!
my time has come 10/30/07

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