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Did you hear that sound last night?  The sound of the hush that came over Lane Stadium when Ryan threw across his body and let loose a football 30 yards into the back of an Endzone over two defenders?  I heard it.  And above that, I heard Arthur Blank, Steve Bisciotti, Virginia Halas McCaskey, Malcolm Glazer, and Wayne Huizenga falling all over each other to get out their checkbooks.  Couldn't you hear that too?  Funny.  It's like that Manning Sprint Commercial. That is, you know, if you happen to like 6'5" quarterbacks with laser-rocket…
I know, I've come out of my shell to post more than once this week.  It almost seems surreal.  The only thing that could possibly get me out here to express the voice of  'Everyman' would be something that was so ridiculous that I would have no choice but to use this medium of free expression to express my displeasure.Or in this case:  Disbelief.I was sent a link to a few 'letters to the editor' in the ND Student Paper.  While I'm normally not one to peruse the homerism rampant in student papers (The Heights included) I could find no better way…
I know most of us have dabbled in poker in the past couple of years given it's popularity.  Regardless of which you prefer with all it's numerous incarnations, have you ever just had this starting hand, that at the moment wasn't worth anything, but you knew.  Just deep down you had this gut feeling that you were going to catch what you needed to make the nuts?  The next two cards falling were going to make your hand and you knew it.  Forget the odds, forget the percentages, and even forget just what the other people had in the hole.  You knew that if you…
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sportsfan4life 10/23/07
BC owns.
Jack Bicknell offensive line coach
is champ.
Cassiee 09/08/07
A look at the 2007 ACC: Boston College
ChadNole 07/25/07
Never underestimate the stupidity of an Indiana Catholic Community College fan.

BCMike 05/21/07
Eagles soar.... Across the floor.... **** on a ****..... Into to bathroom door.... BOO-YAHHHHH.....
IRISH-DOC 05/21/07
BC Lands Joe Trapani.

Think Tyler Roche, but faster, a better scorer, and more consistent from the outside. He'll be a great 6th man or better starting in '08.
Let's go EAGLES!!

Can't wait for the season to begin!
BCMike 05/10/07

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