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ACC Football 07/25/08
I have been a Fan since 84 through the Glory the down times and the return to Glory(I still hate any school that has defeated us in a National Title game)Our Day will come again I can feel it in the Air. Hold fast U fans our time will come soon when we can talk Trash and Walk the Walk. GO CANES!!!!
KontinentL 07/06/08
The canes will go back to #1 and they will win another national under coach Shannon
Z3US 06/15/07
Yes we are headed in the right direction thanks to coach shannon but I believe it will take another year or two before we climb back into the national title hunt. We have key areas on this team that need more work. Go CANES!!!!!!
"THE U" 05/30/07
'Canes are headed in the right Direction...we will Definately be in the title hunt this year!

Go Canes Baby !
Phinfan 05/22/07
an issue i havent heard much about is our kicker situation! being that our defense is gonna be 10x better than our offense,field goals might be our only offense in some games! anyone have any thoughts?
theU82 05/17/07
the canes will at least be back to a bcs bowl team! every team has its slumps some longer than others,but as long as so. fla. keeps producing players miami will always stay as one of the nations top teams. i belive in shannon! GO CANES
theU82 05/17/07

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