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   Well another year and another draft where the Raiders are picking high. Except this time they are picking first. Boy it seems like just yesterday the raiders were the dominant team in the AFC west. But the times have changed and the Raiders are ready for rebirth under new head coach Lane Kiffen. And no I do not care at all that Kiffen is only 31 years of age it is totally irrelevant to the offensive football knowledge that he brings to the table for the Oakland Raiders.  But to the point now of the NFL draft. It is no mystery that Jamarcus Russell is the sexy pick for the…
Four years removed from our last AFC west championship, and playoff birth for that matter the Raiders have shown their first signs of rebirth this season. Although they do not have a great record to show for this improvment it is still noticable. First round draft pick Nnamdi Asomugha from 2003 has finally begun to make an impact in the Raiders new very fast and physical secondary. This secondary lead by Asomugha is currently ranked 4th in the NFL in pass defense. The Raiders also have two young side line to side line running outside linebackers in Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison. Who are…
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I may be a Patriots fan, but Im betting next year regular season the Raiders will be in the Playoffs. Go Raiders!!
check out www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/210518
There is no way All-Time Bills is better than All-Time Raiders.
http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/134135 <<Blog about the Raiders and Davis's Iron Fist Rule
Rada4life 01/30/08
Hey folks. Any Todd Marinovich fans out there? Check out my new Todd Marinovich fan club!
EastCoastKeith 12/10/07
The Putrid Rankings...where does your sorry excuse for a team rank? Find out here:
This is the week the Raiders take control over the division, once and for all. 34-17 over the Bolts. The Chargers are not serious contenders in the AFC and this will be the week to expose them for what an overrated group they really are.
kiwihead 10/11/07
I haven't been impressed with Fargas till this last game.Hopefully he's running downhill from here on out and steps up the competition for the other three backs.I'm sure they all want those "big yardage games" and they see it is very possible for a back to get + 100 yard games because of the much improved O line.Rhodes(i'm sure)wished he could have been in this last game or any of the 1's before.Micheal Bush is waiting in the shadows to get his chance and can almost taste it,along with Rhodes who now will help carry the load of the running game.Lamont is still the man,just not now until he heals.
Rada4life 10/04/07

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