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     I only learned this a few hours ago (via ESPNews), so allow me a moment to let this sink in.     After everything surrounding the whole "Smiley" Gonzalez/Carlos Daniel Lugo mess, it took until today for Jim Bowden to throw in the towel and quit as GM of the Nationals?? Shouldn't you have done this, oh, let's say 24 to 48 hours after this story broke??     I called it, didn't I?? Did I not say after Jose Rijo left, that the "death watch" on Bowden would start??     So what this…
     By now you've heard about or read the story on Esmaliyn Gonzalez (the MVP of the Gulf Coast League championship), whom I wrote about in a blog back in the fall.     Turns out that's not his real name, or his age. His real name is Carlos Lugo, and he's 23...not 19, as was stated by Nationals officials (and me). I only learned this just a moment ago, by reading the D.C. Pro Sports Report (DCPSR) blog here in FanNation and clicking on the story.     The question here has nothing to do with his talent.…
     With spring training for the Nationals about to commence tomorrow (Saturday), I guess it's time for me to start gearing myself up for yet another season of ridicule from the baseball blogosphere.     Or not.     OK, so Adam Dunn signing up for 2 years (and $20 mil) with the Nats doesn't make them instant contenders for the NL East title. What it does, however, is that it gives the Nats a sense of respectibility in the eyes of a few insiders.     (Yeah, I know. That last line looks s*h*i*t*t*y to me,…
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Yes, I've changed the group picture. About time, really.
You MAY want to look at the score right now...6-0, Nats, bottom of 5th.
(And ABOUT to grow...)
STILL think the Nats can't play?? LMMFAO
I hate to bash but who won the series O's or Nats....
NYFAN07 05/23/08
My God, I've been honored. I didn't think you CARED, Thug!!! LOL
Seriously, I'm honored.
Correction: Patty26*BS got his rights back. He's the ONLY one who left a comment on Locker Talk.
My apologies, Patty26...
Here's an alert: OTHER than our newest member (mrsloneasy), the rest of you have been removed from "supermember" status.
I can't be the ONLY one writing on here. So, our newest member gets HIS chance to write.
What I give, I take away. That's how it goes...
Welcome, paddy26...glad you joined. Now, if I can get MORE people to read this stuff...
Speaking of which, I should be doing just THAT right now...LOL

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