Alex The "8"...Simply Sensational!!!


When even Wayne Gretzky can be blown away by the sight of Alex Ovechkin, wouldn't you think the hockey world ought to be paying SOME attention to what we Capitals fans (in the DC and surrounding areas, as well) already know???

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     Once again, for the third straight game, I've seen absolutely no sense of urgency for the Capitals. None whatsoever.
     I mean, just because the Caps are sitting atop the Southeast Division doesn't mean that they should set everything on "cruise" control these next 5 weeks of the regular season. You want to sit here and make the excuse Alex Ovechkin wasn't there tonight, and that's the reason they lost?? Fine.
     I don't accept it.
     No, what Bruce Boudreau needs to do is crack the whip these next 5…
     Even though the Caps lost tonight to the L.A. Kings 5-4, it's still worth celebrating the fact Alex Ovechkin got goal #200 for his career late in the 3rd period.     To be honest, the Caps looked flat tonight. Tied @ 1 apiece after the first period--then in the span of 1:45 to start the 2nd, it was L.A. 3, Caps 2. From that point on it was a question of whether the Caps would mount a comeback, not if.     Not much else to say about the game, really. Outside of Alex's getting #200, that is.
Story from a rather odd Sabres blog that's worth a read. Meanwhile, Ovechkin needs 10 goals and 27 assists to reach 200 for his career in each category. Ovechkin has 363 career points in 283 regular-season games. Remarkably, despite missing 2 games, it's not out of the question that Ovechkin could reach 500 shots on goal this season. He has 240 through his 38 games played. If he keeps that pace, he'd be at 480 for 76 games, leaving just 20 needed in the last four games.500 shots is ...…
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You'll now note the group picture HAS changed, to one more in tune with REALITY.
Hopefully, they'll raise another one this time NEXT year...only it'll say "2008-09 Stanley Cup Champions"!!!
Can you guys vote for my ov 4 mvp?
Dude, I am waiting to hear the score. OMG, I'm gonna lose it.
im from california but this guys the best player in hockey by a lot.... and thats saying a lot since i got thornton out here.
Lincecum= Beast 04/21/08
It's OK, we'll win in 5
I keep saying this place becomes downright POPULAR once the playoffs start.
Now, if I could just get someone ELSE to write on here...
I don't know much about hockey,but I do know he's simply sensational.
(Cincy) 03/27/08

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