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Many completely worthless and moronic throwdowns pop up every day.  This group is dedicated to accepting these throwdowns and forfeiting them to remove them from the Throwdown front page.  With our efforts we intend to discourage morons and those who enjoy wasting people's time from getting their jollies in this excellent sports debate forum.  The Throwdown Ninjas will attack, ridicule, then forfeit all Throwdowns that meet one or more of the following criteria: 1.  Throwdowns that are completely not debateable.  Examples:  Tom Brady is better than…

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Wake up Ninja's, Roids for Sale is out and he is hungry.
It has nothing to do with being righteous. We take the TDs away as quick as we can. Those accounts that you just named have been deleted now by the mods. But they make new accounts and come back onto the site.
Haru, TD Ninja 12/29/08
If you guys are as righteous as you believe you are, then why are the same fools posting the same nonsense over and over again et al bconngemini, Dwight Dumps on U, long john,etc.
budman59 12/24/08
Fellow ninjas:

As our group grows with more and more prospective ninjas please be sure to adhere by the code. If you are unaware of the code please refer to the message post by Jet Li to the left titled "Throwdown Ninja Code."

If any ninja fails to adhere by the code you will be banned by the group.

Our purpose is to get rid of stupid TDs and that is it. Once you have killed a pointless TD your job is done. Please do not harass any members of FN or send them fan mail about their stupid TDs. They know they are stupid and don't need us to tell them they are. Sending them fan mail is only feeding them, that is what they want. Attention. This will not only get you kicked out of the TD ninjas group but also banned from FN. If someone sends you "angry" fan mail because you didn't allow their "Skittles are better than M&Ms" TD just don't respond. They will be taken care of soon enough.

-Your fellow ninja
Ninja de la TD 12/16/08
Instead of forfeiting them which gives the idiot a win, why don't you simply jump on them and hold them for 24 hrs and if he re-posts it, hit it again. This way the comments will also guide you & the guy gets no credit for a win?
Fm me on this if you like.
Fellow ninjas - the mods are starting to crack down on Ninjas killing off borderline TDs. Only kill the obvious bad TDs or the mods may no longer require the services of Ninjas. I know its been slow for us Ninjas lately but that is a good thing.
Ninja KONG 01/14/08
As long as the TDs are nonsense and should never have been posted in the first place, we get rid of them. If you kill off a valid TD, we leave it.....and then we've got a problem. Some of the new TDers tend to create weak TDs. But that doesn't mean they're not valid. Use your best judgement...and NEVER vote on a TD.

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Krobe 09* 12/28/07

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