Gibbs Racing...And Yes, It IS a Toyota


I don't care if it's a mouse-drawn chariot; if it says "Home Depot", "FedEx", or even "Chico's Bail Bonds" on the quarter-panel (and it's Joe Gibbs Racing), I'm there!!!
You got a problem with that? DEAL WITH IT, people...cause, I will fight you.

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     Finally, the end of the line. 3 champions to be crowned this weekend, and so many subplots to fill 20 mystery novels.     But more importantly, the end of an era happens Sunday. Tony Stewart's swan song with Gibbs Racing takes place then. I can't believe I'm writing this, some 5 months or so after the fact...but there it is. Swan song.     The day Tony signed on with JGR, was one of the happiest days of my life. Bigger, in fact, than any Redskins Super Bowl win. Then of course, winning 2 Cup titles made it that much…
     Just checking to see if any of you on this group are awake, seeing as how I haven't written here for awhile.     Now, for some (short) thoughts...     Next year, we start referring to the Camping World Truck Series. We'd known since last October that Craftsman was pulling out, so why did NASCAR wait until the last possible moment to line up CW?? (Besides economics, I mean.)     Yet, seems a shame that both Ford and Dodge are cutting ties with the Trucks (and Ford bailing on Nationwide, as well). Still…
     Let's clear this up, shall we?? The race today @ Talladega was won by Tony Stewart.     I don't want to hear any crap about how the #01 car was "forced" below the yellow line. Here's what happened: Regan Smith instigated the move by going below the line to start with. Then, rather than take Tony out (which would've DQ'ed him regardless), he stayed below the line.     Yet the fact remains the #01 advanced his position while under the yellow line. So, NASCAR got this right. Tony wins, and the #01 was…
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FOUND my pic of Joey. As I said, this one STAYS!!!
You will now notice, I've changed the group picture. I finally figured out how to get these pictures off the Net. LMMFAO
At any rate, this'll do till I can find one of Joey. THAT one stays permanently on here.
The Brickyard turned into race down the yellow brick road. Check out my latest post race blog on the race.
Red Zone 07/27/08
Breaking Nascar News:
I think you all will enjoy this one.
5/4/11 07/25/08
Here's a link to a preview of next week's race at Indy.
Red Zone 07/20/08
Any comment on how Toyota was allowed to run it's new motor this year that gives them a 15 horsepower advantage over Chevy Dodge and Ford? Kyle might be running better then everyone else this year but we'll see what happens when every other team is on an even playing field next year.
BUTTMAN 07/06/08
Do you have a thought on the latest Nascar rumors (no matter how crazy they may seem)? Check out this blog and leave your comments.
Red Zone 06/24/08

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