Welcome all Husker Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the REAL Huskers. The BC era is over and we all look forward to great things to come.


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We watched a hell of an effort by the Defense. They are already at 1/2 of the sack total from last season, 3 games in. We lost another D-end, but with any luck he'll be back next week. There really wasn't much of a drop off anyway. The guys are moving well and actually tackled well this week. I think that the week off will help, Bo will be all over them on pass coverage. We are still getting way too many interference calls. I'd bet that that will be a key point in the next 2 weeks.The offense flexed it's muscles this time around. Putting the option in, letting Ganz keep the…
Not a resounding "Hell Yeah!", following this game, but we got the W.The game was a tale of 2 halves. The first half we got away with anything we wanted to do, with the exception of the running game. WMU stacked the box and limited our running ability completely, with only one notable exception of Lucky's TD run. That one run, plus a couple of Ganz scrambles were our running total for the first half. Not great.Ganz looked great in the first half. He looked poised and picked apart the defense like he never let off from last season. Stellar looks and finding different receivers…
I finally got my wife (a die hard Sooner Fan) to go to a home game at Memorial Field. I've been telling her that it is like nothing she will ever experience again. We went (She even wore crimson and cream Husker gear) and she had a BLAST! As soon as we got home, she was online trying to find tickets to the VT game and other home games. I think I may have converted her. Took 8 years, but I might have it done finally!The game scared me silly in the first half. We had a decent lead, but look at the offensive numbers and you will see that we were behind in almost all categories. We…
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Good job guys. It is nice to see you all putting work. Now lets see it to improve and win those close games
Tzarius 10/21/08
How bout that 1ST game another 300 yard day for Ganz will find the running game and soon it will be time for Misszusuck so then its on.
redcornhead 09/01/08
As I walked to work last night I looked up in the Iraq sky and saw the Grim Reaper. He was not wearing his robe, he wearing a black shirt and singing ring around the rosey. Death comes to those who do not fear Big Red, and along with the ashes the Big 12 will all fall down.
redcornhead 02/24/08
If you get this group more active I will join
DaGreatPoop 01/17/08
boo hoo
thehemogoblin 11/24/07
It is definitely a dark day in Nebraska right now. However, we need to get back on the recruiting bandwagon and start getting some good talent on the team. What I have seen of the Huskers lately have been a terrible defense. We need quickness and speed on the defense with the tenacity of the early 90's defense the Huskers had. I can still see Winstrom coming off that Defensive End position plastering people.
Huskerfanatic 11/20/07
I think that you give up, PERIOD.
I think that BC and KC have given up on the team and resigned to the fact that they are gone. Either that or the team has given up on them. We lost a bunch of starters the last couple of weeks, but the guys still know how to tackle, right??? Freaking Nuts to allow 76 points!!!
Familyman5746 11/05/07

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