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Wilt: Hey Kareem, saw your movie- You try dragging after Bill Frikkin Russell and Bob Pettit for 13 years then come talk to me.

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Shaq's legacy in 50 years is an interesting question. Most greats in NBA history are measured by their competition.Wilt vs. RussellBird vs. MagicBeing two of the most popular that spring to mindBut you also get Robinson vs. Hakeem, Cowens vs. Unseld, Kemp vs. Malone, to a lesser extent, but the NBA more than any other sport is defined by a player imposing his will on not only his team but the entire game. Robinson wins the MVP. And get utterly destroyed by Hakeem in the playoffs, Isiah wins a ring almost single-handedly, the other nine players on the floor either not wanting to get in his…
i know yall think its early but i dont care.we gonna start this off with the Oklahoma City Thunder- i wish it was someone else but the Thunder will draft BlakeGriffin out of Oklahoma for a few reasons. they could have him line at center of pf  giving them needed depth.Los Angeles Clippers- Hasheem Thabeet out of UCONN because if they draft him he would have a few years to mature and just imagine him at the 5 Chris Kaman at the 4 and Al Thorton at the 3.Minnesota Timberwolves- i guess BJ Mullens OSUause who the heck knows whats going on in Kevin McHales mind. Sacremento Kings- Stephen…
Lebron is going to F* his world if he only takes the money.

Everyone awake now?

Everyone is thinking that its better to get paid 20 Mil and go 0-82 per year or go 60-22 win 4 titles and get paid 15 mil a year- seems like people are only worried about the cash.

Let me throw a name out to you.

Karl Malone.
EVERY time the Jazz got a DIME of Cap space- he wanted his contract redone to GET THAT DIME- since Stockton signed a LONG TERM MAX deal-

THose two players KILLED the cap- and since the Jazz wasn;t going to pay the tax- and had no other way to entice players (Hmm…
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come vote for the fannation NBA All stars
Joe Dew 09/19/08
My Year Anniversary blog if you missed it.
Joe Dew 09/09/08
I think every1 voted 4 themselves on the
Ravii 09/06/08
The Lakers will NOT repeat as NBA WC Champs. Agree? Disagree? Come put fingers to keys and let us know here:
SkyBill40 09/03/08
Come vote for the 1st ever FANNATION ALL STAR TEAM
Joe Dew 09/03/08
Check my blog on this Jason Kidd medal nonsense and tell me what side you fall on..
SkyBill40 08/27/08
Denver Nuggets
Who should they go after now?

Zach Randolph 9%
Lamar Odom 9%
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 0%
Wallace/Billups 18%
Shawn Marion 0%
Diaw/Barbosa 0%
Ron Artest 18%
Raymond Felton 27%
Tracy McGrady 18%
A Big Name Restricted Free Agent 0%
7#bag _ Com 08/18/08

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