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*(Note) I am not condoning what Michael Vick did to those dogs
Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL conditionally. He has also recieved some support from PETA and the Human Society. But is still being judged by society as a Dog Killer and inhumane human being. But what many fail to realize is that when Michael Vick was a child, he was brought up into dogfighting, from his Uncle.
So how do all of a sudden growing up with dog-fighting your whole life, you all of a sudden change just because your in the NFL??? Thats not as easy as it sounds. It just like a acholic or drug attic going…
I recently joined this group and thought I should show one of my blogs. I just read another user's comparisons of Mc's and NBA stars so I decided to share mine.
The thought of this blog post was presented from the song "Kobe Bryant" by rapper Lil Wayne and Lebron's relationship with My favorite Rapper Jay-Z. The connection with Hip-Hop and the NBA is that they both give a doorway for underpivleged kids with amounts of talent , to showcase there skills.  The NFL doesnt have the same connection is because in the NFL, your career can be over in one play. MLB and NHL don't have the same…
Opinions are like excuses, everyone has one. When one talks about the best of something, everyone has as opinion on who should be where. And everyone has an excuse as to why their pick should be higher.
In the game of hip-hop, this is certainly not an exception. Plenty of rappers make the claim of being 'the best rapper alive'. If you listen to mainstream hip-hop, you have probably heard at least three or four artists claim to be 'the best', 'the top' or 'the king'. But just who is at the top of the list? And who is even good enough to be on the list?
After many sleepless nights, many…
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I think Wale named dropped all three on one song but yeah dude's a big sports fan. Speaking of Wale, Attention Deficit was pretty damn good.
718 11/05/09
Wale is a huge sports fan in what I've heard, too. One mixtape I heard him name drop Jeremy Shockey, Eric Mangini and Rey Mysterio.
Escobar Caesar 11/04/09
I really noticed that when he name-dropped Lane Kiffin. That kind of caught me off guard. I know he used to have a blog on ESPN, too.
Escobar Caesar 11/04/09
Agree Esco. No Ceilings was more hype than promise. The only thing I learned about Weezy is that he is one hell of a sports fan. Every freestyle had at least 1 sports referrence.
718 11/04/09
I downloaded No Ceilings, and I don't see what the big deal is. Swag Surfin was the only freestyle on there that was above average.
Escobar Caesar 11/02/09
I got So Far Gone awhile ago. Became a bit of a Drake stan so I ended up downloading a bunch of his tracks, but Uptown is pretty good. The chopped and screwed version of that is excellent.

Yeah, Drake does curse a lot. I guess he is trying to prove a point.
718 11/02/09
I copped So Far Gone finally, and it was pretty good. I'm thinking I liked Uptown best, but Fear was really good.

Also, does it seem like Drake cusses a whole lot, even by rap standards?
Escobar Caesar 10/31/09

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