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On October 31, 2009 from 5:00p.m. -8:30 pm Pac 10 football fans, USC Trojan Fans, and University of Oregon football fans saw a game of historic importance in the Pac 10.
As one sign at Autzen stadium read, "The Fall of Troy is at Hand".  Duck fans may be surprised when USC recovers, but the basic fact remains, that The Oregon Ducks are head and shoulders above the Pac-10 in 2009.  Remeber in 2007 when the Oregon Ducks with Dennis Dixon decisively beat USC and Mark Sanchez?  The Ducks has risen to the top of the Pac 10 only 2 years ago only to be derailed by a tragic injury to…
After 3 weeks of the 2009 college football season the USC Trojans have the most anemic offense since Paul Hackett was the head coach, and it seems unlikely that the Trojans will finish in the top 4 (final BCS poll) for an 8th consecutive year.
The reasons behind USC's struggles on offense are obvious for all to see:
1.) Inexperience at the quarterback position.  Can you imagine what a different team the Trojans would be if Mark Sanchez came back for his senior year?  The main question is:  how fast will Matt Barkley improve?  The second question is:  can Aaron Corp…
Another college football season is almost at end, and, once again the USC Trojans are not in the championship game, and, once again USC does not get to face one of the SEC's elite teams in a bowl game. Congratulations to the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners; the two most excellent and deserving teams in the NCAA. USC fans are getting tired of watching the Trojans play Big 10 teams even though the Nittany Lions were outstanding this year.  Penn State was definitely a worthy opponent for USC in the 2009 Rose Bowl.  No disrespect to the Big 10, but when will…
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It will be a miracle if USC gets to the BCS title game Jan 8 in Pasadena. Too many tough road games. Barkley may be the next Johnny Unitas but he's still an 18 year old human.
ogdocvato 09/08/09
USC 4th in latest college football poll. No surprise since they will be starting a new QB and quite possibly a freshman? :O It will be an uphill battle to the championship game.
Roberta Stephens 08/07/09
I have a hard time believing USC would deny themselves another chance to beat down another SEC team, after home and home series with Auburn and Arkansas. Pete Carroll has been on record saying he will take on any team in the country.
smartestmanalive 02/14/09
The Pac 10 is pitiful this year with the exception of USC and Oregon, but the weakness of the Pac 10 has nothing do do with the dominance of USC. The Trojans will beat the rest of the teams on its schedule, and then USC will put the beat down on the SEC's best.
ogdocvato 09/16/08
Well, *LSU*100Blogs!!!, if the USC (that's the University of Southern California) athletic department has refused a home and away series with the mighty Bengal Tigers of LSU then shame on USC. I will pass this fact on to my fellow Trojan fans.
ogdocvato 09/10/08
Regarding the SEC teams being afraid of USC, I have a relative that works at Athletic Department of LSU, and they have denided LSU's offers for a home and away series several times
*LSU* 09/04/08
Todd Marinovich is probably smoking a "blunt" right now.
ogdocvato 02/07/08

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