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They will see us waving from such great heights, /
"Come down now", they'll say /
But everything looks perfect from far away, /
"Come down now", but we'll stay...

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Five-years ago, Metallica made an attempt to reclaim their thrown - a thrown they never realized they had fallen off of - over the metal world with technically their first album in six-years. (Garage Inc. was a cover album; not really a Metallica record) Since the beginning of the new millennium, turmoil had surrounded the band. In early 2000 and through 2001, Metallica found that their songs were being downloaded for free off Napster by millions everywhere. By that time, they had sold well over 90-million albums world-wide, grossing amounts of money unimaginable to those of us struggling in…
Lately, I've been on a new-rock binge. As strange as it may seem - and is - it's true. Between a few new albums and songs done by older artists to fresh, up and coming bands that have come to my attention, the truth remains the same: modern rock n' roll is getting a crash course into the ears of Mac. The five-songs beset in this post are diverse through their styles, providing I'd say most of the people who will view this with at least one song to click upon. 1. Disciple - SlayerFirst up, it's the one song that might be skipped over. It's Slayer, the ‘80's…
The Airborne Toxic EventThe Airborne Toxic Event5 August 2008  Picture yourself spending your Thursday evening with your friends in a damp, dark New York underground club, where an open poetry exhibition has seized a controlling grip on the night. One nervous, bumbling mess after another stumbles onto the stage and pours their heart out into the microphone. As expected, the improvisational lineup reeks of amateurish performances, and the slim audience settles into a vague disinterest, only watching in order to keep tabs on the possibility of a total onstage meltdown. Suddenly, with the…
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F yes you did.
Cardsox 09/07/08
F no you don't.
Cardsox 09/04/08
I got the next SOK.
I know, right?
Wow. That could easily have been said much more nicely.
Cardsox 08/27/08
But seeing how I spent $10.83 on it off iTunes, I will give it another try.
Well, I know Coletrain was relaying stuff I was saying and the same with you last night, but:

It's generic, boring pop-emo rock. The same stuff I've not listened to in years because, regardless of how imaginative the lyrics are, musically, I'd rather listen to Madonna.

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