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What more could one ask for in an evening of television sanctioned violence than to be able to watch the New England Patriots play in New York against the Giants, trying to make history and set all sorts of records, in the same night that Georges St. Pierre tries to knock the smugness off the mug of Matt Hughes for the interim Welterweight UFC Title? I dunno, how about we finally get to see Chuck Liddell gets his butt kicked by Wanderlei Silva when two of the best fighters from UFC and PRIDE "Get It On!"Yep, I'll take all of it, please, and thank you.Now, I actually like Chick…
Predicting NFL Games: Who Does It Best?Over at, we have been crunching numbers for a while now, and watching as our users have done better at picking the winners of NFL games than the experts at any of the major sites we have been comparing them to. Because I have not been able to find anything comparable at, we have been watching the experts and users at ESPN, Yahoo and CBSSportsline. After 15 weeks of the 2007 NFL season, the results of the FanYard community continue to slowly pull away from the experts on these sites. Here are the results: As you can see,…
Why do I think Bill Belichick and the Patriots will not run up the score against the Jets this weekend? I’ll tell you, in a roundabout way…I know the prevailing view is that New England is going to run the score up and run the Jets out of town in retaliation for many things, not just camera-gate, or whatever buzz word is being used by the media these days. But I think that view is shallow, and shows why the rest of us are always one step behind the Patriots.To wit: It is anathema to Belichick that the media, or the public in general, would know what he is going to do before any…
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Sigh..I suppose not. This trying to be nice thing is really hard!
no tracy, not particularly...
thehemogoblin 12/09/07
Gotta admit Devo was entertaining for all of a second.
hey devo, maybe it's because he's arguing against the most popular guy on fannation... schwartz is a soldier in iraq... it was cool that SI let him take on peter king...
thehemogoblin 12/05/07
i am a piece of the yardstick
thehemogoblin 12/05/07

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