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hey guys check out my knicks blog, it's brand new.
jaymiller20 08/04/08
Like everyone else, i have been a Knicks fan all of my life to, and i think that our biggest problem is Isaiah, thank you to Doniie Walsh for firing, him, because he didnt know how to get the players to work together, which is the Knicks' second problem, they don't know how to work as a team. It seems to me that the only player on the Knicks that looks like they want to win is David Le. We need to get rid of Stephon Marbury, and Eddy Curry; We need to rebuild.
knicksfan4eve 04/30/08
Wasup fellas ive been a knicks fan all my life and honestly what they need to do is find a coach who is going to let the players know whos in charge. I think Isaiahs problem is that he wants so badly to be a players coach. He has to stop trying to be their equal and realize that they play under him. He has to lead by example and you cannot do that if your nailing broads in the back of your suv.
j_dogs_ny 04/10/08
Hey Guys. I have been a Knick fan my whole life and no matter how bad things get I will still be a fan. The 4 of us in this group need to ridicule those who have bashed our beloved team when in 2012-13 they will be champions again. All we need is a leader who will make sound rational decisions. That should be our poll question. Who should take over? My early vote would be for RC Buford the GM of the Spurs. No team has been as consistent a winner as they have and he would be an excellent choice to take over.
NYSportsFan03 03/20/08
please respond
Ravii 01/12/08
hi im new ugh ive got an idea of how to get our New York Knicks to be better first-fireIsaiah then trade Randolph and Robinson for Artest then trade Crawford Curry and Q rich For Kobe then ive got a triangle trade knicks get-Vince Carter Shane Battier and Rafer Alston Rockets get- Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson Nets get-Mcgrady Marbury and knicks 1st round pick get rid of Jeffries Jerome James and Rose and sign Jared Jordan this is what our Roster will look like Starters Center-Randolph Morris Forwards-David Lee and Ron Artest guards-Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant bench guards-Fred Jones Mardy Collins and Rafer Alston forwards- Shane Battier Renaldo Balkman and Wilson Chandler how will this work? well lbefore the trade deadline Artest will come then our draft pick will be so high that the Nets would be willing to give upKidd Carter and Jefferson for Marbury T-Mac and the draft pick then after the Lakers lose in the first round of the playoffs Kobe ill see Carter and Artest on the knicks and wanna come here the Lakers wont have a problem cuz Crawford would replace Kobes ball handling Q rich would replace his defense and they get Curry cuz they would want him too so we would gain 30 points the nets would gain .3 points the Rockets would gain6 The Kings would gain 6 and the LAkers would gain 8 there we are all winners
Ravii 01/12/08
Knicks beat the Cavs! what a team effort. David Lee baby!
JobaRules 12/20/07

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