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First day of the CHARGERS seasons and lookin' for a WIN...GO CHARGERS!
SOCALGAL 09/11/11
CHARGERS one of two teams that are a front runner to move to L.A. the other being the Jags...GO L.A. that is. :)
SOCALGAL 07/01/11
HEY-OH!!! Any Charger fans still around here?? 8 months since anyone's talked it up??? C'mon, CHARGER FOOTBALL IS COMING!!!!! Wakey Wakey, get out of that offseason hibernating cave!!!
ChargerPete 08/02/10
CHARGERS made a great charge in the latter half of the season, overcoming a 3 1/2 game lead by the broncos. RUMOURS: CHARGERS one of 5 possible teams that might end up in L.A. I would luv it as they were in L.A. their very first season. GO the super bowl and back to L.A.!
SOCALGAL 12/30/09
CHARGERS off to a mediocre start. LT needs to get back to his old form. Announcers say he is over the hill. Sproles is great sporadically, but cannot carry the ball for a whole game, much less for a whole season.
If they get to the SB, it would be a big surprise, but ima hopin'
SOCALGAL 10/27/09
playoffs, yea
tomlinson hurt again, boo
home game, yea
colts, boo
SOCALGAL 12/30/08
why are we 3-4? I know, Norv Turner
TebowsKryptonite 10/19/08

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