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 Welcome Back at ya with another edition of "A couple of Average Joe's" where Djroxalot and myself talk about the NBA. Your comments are appreciated as well.  Here is the 2nd edition[url][/url]Lets get started with the 3rd Installement.  Topics: Iverson, Brandon Jennings... DJ: Heard a lot about this cat and will be first to admit I am surprised after…
December 16th 2009 - Thoughts on any blogs I should do let me know in the comments. I am glad to be back to blogging. Follow me on twitter for random facts and awesomeness, [url][/url]Who would of thought? Brandon Jennings is the man.  A backup to stay behind D Will in Utah! 1- Boston - 10 Game Winning Streak is something to talk about especially with how stacked teams are starting to get, the East has a big 4 instead of 3. Boston looks good, deep and most important healthy. 2-
L.A. Lakers- Kobe having a busted up finger is scary because he should be resting…
Joe Dew:Hello fannation and
djroxalot. Myself and DJ are going to start an NBA focused blog that will
appear, weekly, or that is the goal here on NBA Fanz. It will run similar to
Pardon the Interruption because Dj and myself are passionate about the NBA and
don't always see eye to eye on the topics at hand, which makes for an
interesting read. Rest assured it will be knowledgeable and wildly entraining.
So lets get this going.

Joe Dew: Topics at hand, I was
thinking what trades this offseason impressed you most and how so. I really like
the Cavaliers acquiring Shaq. Not only did…
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fantasy draft tournament 3
Joe Dew 09/10/09
welcome back everyone
Joe Dew 08/10/09
were going to get this started again soon in the next couple of weeks.
Joe Dew 07/12/09
well this died...
travis31 05/10/09
wanna start Nba Picks tommorow?
Ravii 03/20/09
has everyone been polled on the new poll
Joe Dew 03/04/09
What can be done to make the group more fun?

* More Blogs 7%
* More TD tourneys 42%
* Members 0%
* games 0%
* Bring back NBA Picks 50%
* Other, list in locker talk 0%
Joe Dew 02/28/09

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