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Good game for our Raiders. We got to see our defense start out the year against a nice offense, we got to see our offense start out on a high note against a not so hot defense, and we got to see some of our rookies, and new additions shine, along with some Raiders veterans that didn't shine so much last year.I'll start out with rookies.Johnnie Lee Higgins, WRI like this guy alot. He is a young, fast, and very athletic WR out of UTEP, who wasn't regarded as much of a player before the draft. Picking him up made a nice addition to WR, a position we haven't had much luck…
It has been a few long, long months since the Raiders drafted JaMarcus Russel, and he and his agents are still playing the argument that the Raiders won't throw in an injury and skill clause.

For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that if Russel is injured, possibly for his career, or just a long time, the Raiders have to pay him ht esame salery as he would if he was palying to sucre his financial future.

Skill clauses are there for the player if he doesn't pan out, he can still get part of his salery, just as if he would have played great.

Russel and his agents…
Few can complain on the running back situation we have in Oakland. Very few. In fact, the only complaint that is a true concern is, "Do we have a back who can establish himself as a star?"

Here is LaMont Jordan. A back-up out of New York, Jets that is. He comes into Oakland in 2005. He preforms like a starter in training camp, and is soon named to be one. His team's defense is pathetic, his offense is strong, but gives up too many turnovers. He is considered a top-ten back at season's end.
The very next year, 2006, he gets hurt, his season is over. His team is the worst in the league, and…
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Hey folks. Any Todd Marinovich fans out there? Check out my new Todd Marinovich fan club!
EastCoastKeith 12/10/07
J-Rock got some LIVE reps in,SWEET!He has to hand that ball off better tho.Way to go McCown!
Rada4life 12/05/07
We have to start Russel soon or we're going to have another bad season next year because he won't be used to the speed of the game.
terminator* 11/09/07
Play the young gun!
Rada4life 11/07/07
Could it possibly be time 2 give our #1 pick his chance, or is it still 2 soon? what do the rest of you think?
raiderJ 11/06/07
go vote on my raiders vs chiefs throwdown. access it through my profile if it's not on the throwdown page.
bIGROCKHOGG 10/18/07
Mistakes,mistakes and more mistakes!If it weren't for so many,we could have had a chance.Missed throws(short and behind players),PENALTIES(UGH!)way to many of them on important drives,missed tackles,missed blocking assignments,and last turnovers.This was one ugly game and with the looks of it,the Raiders needs some major improvement.Did we have a defense on the field?At times,they did well,but it wasn't when we needed it most.This loss is a hard one to take with so many mistakes being made.
Rada4life 10/14/07

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