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Thenew look of the tigers could having defences scatching there heads . Just look all the places the ball can go from the time the ball is snaped , How do we defend it ? The rebirth of the big play will be a welcome sight in Auburn. We been missing that for a few years. yes Auburn has been a winning program,but it is time to step up to the next level. War eagle.... tiger fans........
Tim35089 08/11/08
Sad about A Savage injury. hope our secondary can man up. we need the young guns to really play big. who is pumped to see how many points we can run up in this new offense?
wdedad 08/06/08
I have a question......and this isn't meant to be smart****. Are you guys the Tigers, War Eagles , or Plainsmen?

CenLA Tiger
CenLA Tiger 04/15/08
We need a good game against MSU. I'm not feeling too good about our team right now, but I'll always be an Auburn fan and it's still great to be an Auburn Tiger!
jacktherabbit 09/12/07
The reason why AL had a sellout at the spring game is because that's the only game they are guaranteed to see their beloved Tide win a game! WAR EAGLE!!!!
TigerChick 07/26/07
WAR EAGLE every one, are ya'll as ready as I am for football. How crazy are these preseason polls, they have us at 14, that is insane. Once agian we don't get the credit for having a national powerhouse football program. We will see what all the ESPN analysts are saying come November!!
ChrisAU 06/16/07
I think it is so darn funny that 92,000 people for stupid A-Day.
Tubby23 06/12/07

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