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As of May first (today) the Arizona Diamondbacks hold Major League baseballs best record. yes you heard me right, its not the mets, yanks, or Red sox.  Its the team that has a salary under 70mil. So let me just tell you what this team has really done in the first month of April:Well first they won 20 game have the 2nd lowest era in the majors 3.14top 5 in BA, HR's RBI's#2 in Runs scoredThey have the best pitcher in baseball in Brandon Webb,the best #2 in Dan Haren They have a phenom in Justin Upton batting around .330 They also have Conor Jackson batting around .345 has…
The underdog of the 2007 season just stuck it in the face of baseball.  Yes i'm talking about he Arizona Diamondbacks and them clinching the NL west.  A team that many thought was too young to win it just did.  With a loss by the padres the dbacks won the NL west, even tho we got routed to night, we won the season series with the padres, so  The Arizona Diamondbacks are this  years 2007 NL Western Division  Champions
This is the new Dbacks marketing campaign and it is 100% true.  On any given night, there will be a new hero.  We'll have E. Byrnes, or C.Y. or Tony "Mr. Clutch" Clark, the sheriff Mark Reynolds.  We don't have a face of a franchise and not many will make S.C. but when the Magic # says 0 and we've won the division, we'll be on SC as possibly the best team in the NL.   The dbacks have the lowest batting average in the league, bottom 4 in the league in Runs scored, Top 10 in errors, and now who is in first place by 4 games..... yes thats right…
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hey everyone, I am new to this entire site, but I live for the D'Backs so I figured that I really should join this fan group. Let's all cross our fingers for next year
J!E!T!S! 12/30/08
hey cody as you can see i made you super member and may make you co administrator
A* shizzle* BS 05/01/08
Howdy everybody.

I've noticed our fan group has been, for lack of a better word, dead. I'd like to change that. I'll be trying to get it back going in the next few days so please help by commenting and so on.

Elway4Prez 04/14/08
LETS GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah the Diamondbacks have a good team this year. The trade for Danny Haren will be really good and Webb is good too.

NL West Predictions
CJBOSOX 03/05/08
Okay we need more people and to be more active
Aaron1532 01/19/08

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