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Why is the Buckeye Nation trashing Coach Tressel after losing a duel to USC on Sept. 12? If OSU doesn't want Coach Tressel maybe Notre Dame does?
ogdocvato 09/22/09
Well Buckeye Nation, even though you guys are continuing to lose big games, the days of Ohio State getting blown out are over. The 2009 Buckeyes will be competitive with anyone, even Florida.
ogdocvato 09/14/09
I can't believe that my USC Trojans are about to go to Ohio Stadium with an 18 year old quarterback!
ogdocvato 09/08/09
Darn close Buckeye nation! Ohio State came as close to beating Texas as possible only to have a great victory snatched away at the last second. Keep the faith and stay patient Ohio State fans. I know that so many losses in big games are tough to take, but coach Tressell has his program on the right track. When my USC Trojans come into Ohio Stadium this September we will be in for one hell of a game!
ogdocvato 01/06/09
Yeah Yeah Yeah talk your S*** Kbrin.....I'm loving every minute of it. But sadly it all falls on deaf ears....When Ohio State beats an SEC team, or any team for that matter, in January then you can talk. And you talk about loving all teams from ohio. Ouch you must be a glutton for punishment. Ohio State is hyper-overrated, the bengals are winless and the browns have won two games and the Indians couldn't make the playoffs. Hey wait I hear columbus has a decent soccer team....oh wait thats right soccer is only for limeys and the rest of the world right? Not for big bad boys from the winning capital of the world OHIO.Serf.
Notorious O.T.T. 10/16/08
You guys out played us! I can't believe how stought ur D looked. I'm starting to wonder how our team will survive a tough looking schedule with such struggles on O. Of course threr will be the usual finger pointing from the side of the bal that can't get it done. Three turn overs in the red zone and one for a TD!!! Can't win if you lining up at your own 20 on D every down. Com on Bucks get it together on the O-Line!!!!
kbrin6 10/16/08

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