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Where The Hell Are The Texan FAns At? No Activityy for a Year?
m1ccal 12/15/08
So all of our problems were with David Carr being a cruddy QB, holding the ball too long, and taking sackes. The O line is not to blame...
Schaub was knocked out of another game and may not play this week. Change QBs, same result, must not be the QB's fault. Don't worry Texans faithful, Our 1st Rd pick in the draft this year will be....DE Chris Long from VA to help with the pass rush...
Wally92 10/31/07
7-9 is back in play...We need a complete game for 60 minutes. The O, the D, and Special Teams playing consistently...and it just hasn't happened much recently.
Wally92 10/22/07
So is it acceptable to taunt an unconscious opponent, even after said opponent was injured on a legal, but arguably dirty play? Honestly, I am a litle embarrassed right now after Travis' little display, and repeated defense of his actions.
Wally92 10/09/07
Were on the map, on not for being a pushover team now. The defense is scary good, possibly best in the (AFC South) and the offense is clickin big time. I thought if they would beat Carolina it would be a close win, boy was I wrong. But this time around, even when they were down 2 TDs, it didnt bother me. I knew thye had been playin hard and the D would step up. D Rob is a hell of a CB, and when he got on Smith that was it, game over.
DannyV 713 09/18/07
Can I have some milk to wash this down...? It looks like I am eating my words...and the Texans are on the NFL map...If they were only in the NFC, they would be the leading contenders for the Super Bowl...
Wally92 09/16/07
Where is everyone... ? What a GREAT game today. About everything that we could have wished for came true. How are the rest of you feeling. Sound off..
kr0nus 09/09/07

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