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The Bears have had some players and coaches who stood above all the rest in the league. Some that were mean and scary and brutal. Some who were agile and quick. Some were touchdown scoreres. Some were touchdown stoppers. Some were contreversial and punky. However with these Bears stands one who is lovingly referred to as "Papa Bear" and is known as one of the greatest coaches the game has ever seen. He's a man who not only changed the Bears, but also changed the game of football and left an unreplaceable mark in the heart of all Bear's fans. He is…
When foreigners travel to the land known for its fierce defense, strong tacklers and intimidating linebackers, many will turn around and head for home. Some know they'll fail. Some fake injuries to escape. All are scared. This land is known as Chicago, and throughout the ages no defense has been as feared as the Bears. However, throughout it's many years of intimidation and flat out domination, one man stands out above the rest for his unique combination of power, intelligence, speed and ferocity that had the opposition begging for mercy for nearly a decade. This man is Dick…
Sorry for not blogging in a few days. I'm a lil behind...But I've got an idea for you. Similarly to the Glasgow Celtic group I blog on, I was thinking it would be interesting to showcase the greats in Chicago Bears history in the offseason while there's not much going on. Thought it might be pretty interesting. Here I'm putting a spin on it. I want YOU GUYS to give me a list of the great Bears you want me to blog. Give me as many great Bears as you like, though I may not get to them all. Also don't count on me doing a showcase on the life of Cade McNown.Here's a sample…
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1) Favre wearing a Bears uni does not look right (look at my profile pic to see). Let Tampa Bay have him, then when they cut Jeff Garcia - pick him up! Win-Win-Win

2) The person we really need to replace is Ron Turner. Awful, Awful play-calling in the past few years.

3) Give Hester more money - give him an incentive laden contract. Do it now so he can get his slow learning *** in camp and learn the playbook of a #1 WR.
smudgers 07/24/08
Man I hope the Bears go after Farve if he gets his release.
Does any one think that the bears are stalling on the QB position, Rex does not have it he freaks out and throws the ball to the defenders. When Orton had the 10 win season that was the D and Thomas Jones. Remember Orton could not move the ball. I think Angelo needs to go and lets put Holmgrem at the GM position.
bharrisqm 06/18/08
platinumpat 05/27/08
Littleshovel 04/18/08
Word is Lovie Smith treated Darren McFadden and Felix Jones to lunch the other day. Whats up with this? Possible trade up for McFadden in the process?
Stauff Nation 03/26/08
I don't bleive our Bears are as bad as people make them out to be. If we can get a line to protect our QB and open holes for our RBs, I believe we can go all the way.
Think Positive Fans.
dude44 03/25/08

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