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Sports talk, that DOESN'T sound like it came from ANY sports team's propaganda machine. And while we're at it, we can have other team's fans come here and speak the truth about THEIR teams without drinking the Kool-Aid.

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     I thought somebody was pulling a fast one on me. But there it is, in plain view.     Now, I'm not crazy enough to think my blog on here (RFA) the other day led to Eddie Jordan being fired by the Wizards today. But I really did think he had another week to turn it around.     Gil, you're to blame for this. If you had just kept your mouth shut, the Wiz had a fighting chance to climb out of this craphole. OK, do I call you "coach killer" now??? Or is that "killers" (plural), if we include the…
     Makes one wonder if the real Gilbert Arenas is sitting in Madame Tussaud's in downtown D.C., instead of supposedly on the Wizards bench...     Nursing an "alleged" injury...     I don't know. It can't really be me, can it?? Wanting to hold out a slim hope that the Wizards can right this "S.S. Minnow"-esque disaster of a season and have Gil return??     I just now finished reading a blog about how loyalty in sports--whether we're talking about athletes or fans--seems to be a…
     Normally I would write on the HTTR blog about the Skins' win yesterday. But last night, I saw something that made me sit up and take notice.     OK, so the 49ers lost again. That's not the story, though. No, the real story was what happened during the game (and the subsequent post-game press conference). If there's still anyone who doubts why Mike Singletary is in the Hall of Fame, his actions yesterday should erase them.     First, after J.T. O'Sullivan throws an INT to end the 1st half, #50 decides to bench…
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And now I've changed it to something a little MORE pleasant on the eyes...LMMFAO
You'll note I've changed the group picture. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, football season is upon us!!!
Hey, now ME...I have to disqualify myself from picking my OWN blog in this poll. But I understand why you picked yours (and I DO get the drift on why it would be a LITTLE hard...pardon the concentrate on Thug's entry...oops, pun #2...LMFAO).
I didn't put restrictions on this vote, so why do it now??
Is it bad that I voted for myself? In all honesty I would rather see Thug's blog in a magazine, but I'm unsure how much of it I would read. If you catch my drift.
718 05/08/08
dyhard, I didn't think you CARED about this little group of
At any rate, glad you joined.
Reppin Loudoun County, VA!
And the member list KEEPS LIKE me, you REALLY LIKE me!!! LMAO

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