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We are "The WalNutz l!! We are Mikey fans. Mikey is the Head Nutz! We are also fans of all MWR Drivers David "Beek" Reutimann, Marcos (Kangaroo Meat) Ambrose and Trevor Bayne who is currently doing an awesome job in the driver's seat for the Nationwide Series.

Our focus is to follow MWR drivers in the series that they are currently running in, in the hopes of seeing some good finishes to the remaining races of the 2010 season.

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Ive always knew that the points system in NASCAR was a little overrated and that I could rank the drivers just as good with the help of points,so here we gowith the top 5 drivers in NASCAR as of today1.Jeff Burton-The guys an animal,with 8 consective lead lap finishes,and an average finish of 8,hes the top driver in NASCAR.2.Denny Hamlin-He hasent won a race this season but is a consistant finisher and only had two finishes outside the top 20,a good guy at #2 3. Kyle Busch-He has a stong case for #1 with four straight top 10 finishes but he pushes his car a little to much early making him the…
Are you into road course races ? I'm definately not ! I mean what's the big deal about sitting in the grandstands, or for that matter in your recliner at home in front of the boob tube, watching race cars go by, at hopefully high speeds, every few minutes ? To me, that's a good excuse to catch a few winks on a Sunday afternoon ! Speaking of which, why are they running this race on Sunday? They don't have Saturdays in Mexico?As far as I'm concerned the "Corona Mexico 200" race, or any other road course race, is way over rated !!! Why do we have to have…
Heres the Lineup for the Busch race on Suday116Colin BraunFord3M102.75688.217Leader240Scott PruettDodgeFastenal102.65188.307-0.090360Carl EdwardsFordScotts Water Smart 102.50688.432-0.215459Marcos AmbroseFordKingsford Hickory Charcoal 102.31288.600-0.383525Boris SaidFordNo Fear / Team Smithfield / Advance Auto Parts 102.07588.805-0.588620Kyle BuschToyotaDoosan Infracore 101.92288.939-0.72279Patrick Carpentier*DodgeAuto Value 101.77589.067-0.85082Clint BowyerChevroletBB&T101.74989.090-0.8739111Jason KellerChevroletAmerica's Incredible Pizza Company 101.71689.119-0.90210186Antonio…
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Go MWR Go @ Chicagoland !!!
PLEASE, let anyone BUT Kyle Busch win this race tonight !!!

Come on Mikey, the 55 is your car number NOT the speed limit !!! Put the pedal to the metal !!!
NASCARQueen 07/12/08
I am so tired of all the negative talk about Mikey. Could we just give the guy a break and let him see what he can do to get it together. Rome wasn't built in a day and he DOES have a ton on his plate. Did ya ever think that a speck of encouragement might do some good. Look at Kasey Kahne when he got the fan vote - - - he's been on fire ever since. GO MWR GO ! ! ! At least I love ya, Mikey ! ! ! Hugz, NASCARQueen
NASCARQueen 06/10/08
Mikey did not even make the All Star race this year.....just another slap in the face for him...I feel so bad for him.....it has got to turn around......darnit
Hopefully,his shop was wickid expensive and he could go into bankrucy without a spnoser
NYFAN07 05/11/08
everything is falling apart for Mikey, personally and financially. The scariest thing is that NAPA's contract with him expires the end of this year.....nothing in the rumour mill so far, but that is nother hurdle for him. I hope Mikey can get his grip back and turn things around.
What's up with the #48 ??? He almost put his back up car in the inside wall, that ain't like the CHAMP !!!
NASCARQueen 05/09/08
I guess he was playing a little "push that car up the track" and got a "Time Out" in the corner of the Oval Office and lost 60 Driver Points. He said he felt like a 12 year old !!! He's human and gets frustrated just like the rest of us. How refreshing !!!
NASCARQueen 05/07/08

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