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I am a UK grad living in Tokyo. I am desperately looking for a video of the UK v UL game on the web. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks in advance.
Satcheluk 09/03/08
These CATS will be the death of me - they always make a game interesting. This should give them a lock for the ncaa tourney and hopefully a good run in the SEC tourney. GO CATS !!
WILD FAN 03/09/08
did any of you watch the game against USC? Crwford did awesome tonight.
Aaron#26 03/05/08
Is Ramel Bradley trying to break the record for the most turnovers in a season? Or is it just me?
UK Fans are getting what they wished for. The lose to UAB was clearing bad coaching. Everyone in the country saw this coming except for the selfish UK fans. GOOD LUCK BECAUSE YOU GUYS NEED IT. Your only hope for a season to brag about for the next several years is beating UofL...Big Deal they are horrible as well.

The Country is laughing at you, how do you like it?
USC Fan 4 Life 12/16/07

check this out guys......
Now that there is real leadership in the Big Blue Nation, I think Carter and others will step up. No more yoke. The guys will actually be allowed to display their talents. The tub should have been fired. But he tucked his sorry tail and skulked off before he could get what he deserved.
heretic 09/23/07

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