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Okay, I have now sufficiently recovered from the last three games of the NLCS.   Time to get started on 2013
For starters, Mozeliak has nearly all of his 2012 roster returning, with a few notable exceptions.  
 -   Lance Berkman and his $12M salary from last year will not be returning.   His knee problems have him thinking retirement.  With Allen Craig's advancement in 2012 and with Carlos Beltran signed for next year, there wouldn't have been an obvious spot for Lance to play anyway.    Always hate to see…
I was very saddened today to hear the news of the passing of Bob Forsch.   He was a mainstay of the Cardinal teams of my of my first Cardinal heroes.
He was the only Cardinal to throw two no-hitters, and I remember vividly listening to the radio broadcast of each one.   I also remember well the 3-hit shutout gem he tossed at Atlanta in the first game of the 1982 NLCS, propelling the Cardinals on to Ring #9.   Just a true professional and a true Cardinal in every sense of the word.
I had occasion to meet Forsch briefly once in a corporate party…
For months we've been reading article after article about this potentially being Pujols' last year in St. Louis and what that means for the future of the franchise.   While Albert's situation has the widest-ranging impact, somewhat lost in the shuffle is the fact that we may also be witnessing Chris Carpenter's last year wearing the Birds on the Bat.   And it likely has little to do with Carp's so-so start to 2011.
The Cardinals have a $15M option on Carp for 2012, with a $1M buyout.   That $14M bogey might prove to be too much to spend on Carp at this stage…
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Lyons deserved better last night. Gives you six innings and a couple of runs allowed, but the offense puts up nothing.

Hopefully Adam can turn in another gem tonight.....they really need to turn things around right now after losing 3 of 4.
ElevenRingsSTL 04/22/14
Agree on Maness, have no faith in Nesheck either. Only Choate and Siegrist getting it done worry free right now.

Hope the defense we've seen so far isn't a season long trend cuz its attrocious!

Love how Big City is going the other way now when pitched away.
CardinalPride25 04/21/14
Yeah, Matheny has done a few things this year that I just completely don't understand.

I think it is time to realize that the league has caught up to Seth Maness. That nice run last year may have been a temporary thing until hitters adjusted to him. He's been simply terrible.
ElevenRingsSTL 04/21/14
Another headscratcher by Matheny giving Robinson an at bat ahead of Adams, down 2 with one out in the 9th.
CardinalPride25 04/18/14
Just heard that Tyler Lyons is the likely fill in Kelly.
CardinalPride25 04/17/14
Yeah, as soon as Maness came in, the game was pretty much over. He's not inspiring much confidence.

I'd love to see Carlos in the rotation, but then what do you do about the 8th? Maybe Motte can eventually take that role over, but not sure about the short term.
ElevenRingsSTL 04/17/14
Another chance to sweep gone by he wayside. With Kelly hobbled, is Martinez the next man up or do they bring up someone from Memphis?
CardinalPride25 04/16/14

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