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     For those of you who thought I was b.s.ing about this...     I've taken the drastic step, to wean myself from this group. As of today, I am no longer listed as a creator of FN Magazine...nor am I an administator. However, I am staying on as a "supermember" so that I can continue to write here.     G.O.A.T. is now an administrator.     Now, as to why I am doing this...     The election (and all the vitriol that came with it) basically zapped whatever passion I once had for FN…
     No, this isn't the blog I wrote on Thursday. The mods took that one down shortly after I posted it.     This is sort of a "sanitized" version.     Much of what was in it, I explained in the previous blog of yesterday here in FN Magazine. If you weren't fortunate enough to read the "missing" blog or yesterday's blog, I'll just do the highlight reel for you.     Basically, let's review:     1) The "Stop Obama Express" group is a terrorist…
     Now the mods decide to grow cojones?? And just whose a*s*s are you protecting??     For the uninitiated: Yesterday, I wrote a blog which was intended to be the 3rd (and final) political-oriented blog for FN Magazine. In it, I called the "Stop Obama Express" group what they really are--a hate group in disguise.     I played by the rules in writing it. I used my new best friend, the asterisk, to separate the letters in more than a few words that normally wouldn't make it past the mods. I needed to get the truth…
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Tried to be part Stephen A. Smith, part Rick Reilly with the Agony of a Beatdown story but I lost steam towards the end...

My bad. Will do better.
718 09/09/08
No "TMS" for the duration of the Olympics. The FINAL one comes soon...and it's a 2-parter.
Watch for it.
Sorry for falling off. I am dealing with some things that have made me a little bit forgetful. I haven't forgotten. Need to get back on the grind.
718 08/06/08
Can I have blogging rights to this group? It seems that there is only one person doing most of the writing here and I am wondering if I can help
DC, I sent an email to GOAT informing him of your decision, and asking him to serve as the assistant Ombudsman.

I also humbly accept this position, and will be writing an introductory blog to introduce myself, hopefully GOAT as well, and explaining what my intentions are, my role and what I plan to do with it.

For simplicity and ease of handling this, I will be creating an outside email account. When I get that made, I will pass it along, and I ask that you forward any and all comments, questions or anything else there.

Thanks again! Let's get to work!
Neal Coolong 06/23/08
That is fair DC.
718 06/17/08
Our ombudsman gig has been filled. Steelercooz got it, but I need someone to find G.O.A.T. and tell him he'll be Cooz's assistant.
That's one decision I made unilaterally, just to be fair. (The assistant ombudsman, I mean.)

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