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We are the home to the best team in baseball. We are home to best stadium in all of baseball. We are home to best fans in baseball. We are true fans. We have weathered the storm, that was the late 80's. we have triumphed over defeat. We have suckled our wounds. We have beat our chests in triumph. We are part of the team. We are the Cleveland Indians Fans.

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Can you imagine a plane taking off? Imagine that this plane is supposed to go really fast and smoothly. It starts off not quite as high and fast as its supposed to, but then gets a little rocky. Then it goes down a little bit, but still has a chance to straighten back out and fly well. And then when it looks like the plane could go fast again, it nosedives, at about 1,000,000 mph, into the ground, and the pilot sits back and goes down with the plane.Now, the point of that analogy was to symbolize the Indians' season. The Indians lost their 10th in a row tonight, 8-6, to the Detroit Tigers.…
Well, a season to remember has now become a season we all just want to forget. But there have been some bright spots in this season, like Grady Sizemore, and some painful sights, like Franklin Gutierrez. But this disaster can't be all of their faults. So I'm giving out a grade to each of the starters. I try not to be the tough teacher, but I am. So now, some grades.  Kelly Shoppach: B. Hey, not bad for a backup. He hasn't hit for that bad of an average, and he's exhibiting some good power. Good defensive player, too. Can't ask for much more from a backup. Victor…
So I have been out of the country for the past 9 days so I haven't been able to keep track of my precious Tribe. I came back to find out that they lost 7 of their last 10 and were in last place. How does a team that was within one game of the World Series last year become this bad? I have no answer.I have no answer for how to fix the team. I only have on suggestion-- Fire sale sort of just trade away Paul Byrd and C.C. Sabathia and start building for the future and next year. The biggest issues that we have are the infield corner and the outfield. Just one more good to great…
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damnit I don't even WANT Holliday.
About the poll, the only way the Indians will win this year is making some changes. Whether its firing the manager, bringing up a bunch of young guys, or making a trade, something must be done. This just isn't working. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
I don't have one of the Jacobs Field logo I took this picture this year and I didn't take one last year.
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You will be a blogger
Chengy: bye FN 06/16/08
I'm in, Chengy!
Change the picture to a Jacob's Field logo.
Amen to that, I will try to get a blog up every day when I am home. But most of them will probably be reposts from my actual website.
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