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Okay you guys, if you look back at my latest three blogs after this weekend, you will see that I predicted a Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl once the final playoff seedings were announced.Eagles over CARDSJim Johnson's defense will handle Warner and Co. I watched JJ's D all year, including against my Steelers earlier this year, and they laid the wood to opposing QBs. They sacked Big Ben 9 times and held the Steelers to six points very early in the year.I think this game will be close because Arizona has an outstanding homefield advantage. They even have extra seats than normal because they…
    Okay guys, after going 15-1 in week 17 and predicting 3 of the 4 games played last weekend, I think by now I should have your full attention.TITANS over RavensYes, the one pick I missed last week was underestimating Joe Flacco and overestimating Chad Pennington. Who hasnt? Anywho, this week Flacco is going to a venue where even the Steelers got blown away in week 16. The Titans can move the ball thru the air or an the ground with equal effectiveness. Joe Flacco blew his playoff wad last week.PANTHERS over CardsThe top running game in the land will not be denied. Warner is…
Okay, my picks wont be the mantra drum that has been beat on FanNation all week: all the road teams will win. NOT!ARIZONA CARDS over FalconsSorry, but I dont trust a rookie QB to go into this incredibly difficult place to get a win and out duel Kurt Warner in his own backyard. As we saw just last week, the Falcons could barely hold of the Rams in Atlanta. DOLPHINS over RavensSame deal goes here with a rookie QB going on the road in the playoffs for the first time. I think Joey Porter and Co. will keep Flacco and Co. in check and we know Chad Pennington doesnt force passes in this game, so…
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Panthers vs. Giants was the unanimous winner of GOTW poll.
Steelers/Ravens won the poll unanimously. I had the Steelers winning by 4. What was the final?
Steelers/Ravens is going to be a defensive gem, best game of the week. Not low-scoring; the D's will score enough to keep the points total towards the over. My pick? Steelers by ten.
Week 14

Best matchup?

Bucs@Panthers 50%
Skins@Ravens 0%
Cowboys@Steelers 50%
Falcons@Saints 0%
Eagles@Giants 0%
Week 13
Best matchup?

Cards@Philly 0%
Saints@Tampa 0%
Giants@Skins 0%
Panthers@Packers 50%
Steelers@Pats 50%
Bears@Vikings 0%
Week 12

Best matchup?

Eagles@Ravens 0%
Titans@Jets 50%
Carolina@Atlanta 0%
Colts@Chargers 0%
Packers@Saints 50%
Week 11

What will be this week's best matchup?

Chargers@Steelers 20%
Jets@Patriots 0%
Broncos@Falcons 0%
Vikings@Bucs 20%
Ravens@Giants 20%
Bears@Packers 0%
Titans@Jags 20%
Dallas@ Washington 20%
Browns@Bills 0%

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