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 I'm going to make this Blog quick and to the point. I fired out an e-mail to Dan Patrick about a week ago. The e-mail simply said "Dan, why are you impossible to avoid, you are on my TV, Newspaper, and Radio"His reply, "then don't watch"Well Mr. Patrick like most Americans I enjoy watching the Superbowl. I enjoyed the game's thrilling finish, and my attention was starting to wonder elsewhere when ((BAM)) who do I see during the trophy presentation, you guessed it Dan Patrick.I have nothing personally against DP except for the fact that, his SI articles are…
According to the associated press The Eastern Seaboard Programing Network "Leader" will be working with the city of NY to create something called B.O.S.S., or the "Business of Sports School", and it will be opening its doors this September. I have a few thoughts on this so called "school". First and foremost, who would actually consider attending a school like this? Secondly, who is going to "teach" these classes? I can see it now... Dicky V screaming at students about college basketball diaper dandies or Lou Holtz talking nonsense about the fire…
  40. Too much Women's sports coverage!39. ESPN Cars...just saw this gem today! First time on in over a year!38. ANY Fantasy sports segments does not belong on TV37. Charging for insider access, why don't you just turn us upside down and shake the money out of my pocket36.Mike Lupica. Dan Shaughnessy and the whole The Sports Reporters show; is this show in black in white? It sure feels like it35.Erik Va-silly-****, boy is this guy an idiot!34.The absence of Keith Olbermann!33.Quality programming like...ESPN Hollywood, Teammates, who's now? And "The Hot Seat" segment,…
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SportSinner posted some E! SPN sucks material on 9-22-09. E! SPN's
Dream Team of Pungent Pundits. All about their "experts". e.g. Matt Millen?????
So what did everyone think of the Gammons A-Fraud interview?
SouthSideHitMan 02/16/09
Only three loyal members of fannation who have seen the light?
SouthSideHitMan 01/26/09
Why do you guys hate the only network that actually gives you all sports.
What happened to the other ESPN sucks group?
SouthSideHitMan 06/23/08

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