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Vick should have had water thrown on him and then electricuted just like he did his dog after it lost a fight. We need to be more vigilant towards dog-fighters. There is so much that goes on that never gets noticed. In east Texas where I live, we have a problem with dogs being stolen and sold to the dog-fighters as "bait dogs". They wire the bait dogs mouthes shut then let the fighting dogs "practice" on them until tore to shreds. I proudly own 2 recued Pittbulls that i've had since they were each 4 and 8 weeks old named Sugar & Spice. Sugar is an all white deaf pitt who I got at 4 weeks old because her breeder would have killed her for having flaws and "weakness". She is almost 4 years old now and has had a wonderful, happy life. The deafness hasnt impacted her at all, in fact the loss of hearing has actually increased her sence of smell and vision to REDICULOUS high levels. Spice is a 3 1/2 year old red nose pitt who I got at 7 weeks old from a situation where her parents and siblings were kept tied up in a garage all day and only let out for fights. They are wonderful loving family dogs who would die to protect me, so I would gladly do the same for them. Sugar & Spice sleep at the foot of my bed every night, I keep an AR-15 by my bedside for anyone who would have an idea of coming into my home at night and taking my babies to use as "bait dogs". Anyone taking part in dog fighting should be executed. PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!! pittbulls are awesome, fun, loving dogs
djclassic420 08/20/09
No second chance. The dude needs thrown out with the garbage.
kelso! 03/26/09
Vick deserves the same torture and cruelty he administered to the animals who made him money - money whicj he already had @ 44mil signing contract. He deserves no sympathy or respect.
Melanie 08/22/07
NFL has gotten bad between Pacman Jones ,Vick and years ago O.J. Simpson
TyJoYo 08/22/07
There is no punishment hard enough for Vick and his idiotic Gorilla thugs. The only suitable punishment for such inhumane behavior would be to make Vick and his 3 cohorts live the same horrific life that they forced those innocent dogs to live out. Tie those punks to a wooden box with a heavy chain, starve them, beat them, and make them lay around in there own **** for about a year or two. Then, once they have basically lost their minds, put them in a ring and let them kill each other. The winners go back to the wooden box for another year and the losers get beaten to death.

For any of you out there that think the life of an innocent animal is far below that of a human... your lack of depth mirrors your inability to show empathy. Just like humans, dogs are born with the same inate sense to experience basic emotions. The fear & pain that a dog feels is just as vivid and real as what a human would experience. Dogs, just like humans, get lonely, scared, bored, and can easily be terrified. Just b/c humans are slightly more intelligent and therefore dominant, gives them no right to abuse and torture. Vick and his goons are just lucky I'm not super rich & powerful. I would have assigned a task force to take him away and make him live out the fate of his innocent victims. In Vick's case, his ignorance in no way excuses his actions.
sneaky 08/20/07
Hopefully the NFL or one of the animal groups can convince the players, rappers and hip hoppers to make public service announcements against this practice and also educate kids. Unfortunately, given the comments of Messers. Portis and Smith, it seems like more players are involved, and of course, the hip hop lyrics talk about it. It's really sick.
Suspira5710 07/25/07
If Vick even had an inkling of this barbaric practice he should be banned from ANY sport, fined five million dollars, and spend 25 years in prison. those who are responsible for this should be sentenced to life in prision and have all property confiscated. Any law enforcement people who turned a blind eye to this tragedy should forfiet all pensions and rank and spend 10 years in prison.
txcenbob 07/07/07

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