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If you are young and you think you are an FN all-star, send me an application and I will look you over.

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Well just about half of the people in this tournament were ignoring me and not doing their tds so here I am doing all the work! Anyway here are the four people that have advanced into the second round of the first tournament for this group. MetsFan vs Travis 31 FANMAN* vs DyhardI will FM MetsFan and FANMAN about the tourney and give them their topics. Good luck!
After we quickly watched the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics games come and go quite quickly within one eye blink we saw lots including Phelps winning a record 8 gold medals, China going 8 for 8 in gold in the diving, Nastia Liukin upsetting for the all-around gold in womens gymnastics, Usain Bolt with three golds and three world sprint records and many inspiring Olympics dreams and stories. From the Cube to the Birds nest to the gymnastics floor, the United States really dominated all the stages that were set out. It was a tight medal race throughout the Olynmpic games but it was the difference…
On a relatively good day for the United States and for China track remained the lone standout of the events going on. It was a busy day as all of the relays for the 100 meter and the 400 meter events took place that day and the United States did have a rough day on the relay handoffs. It started out with the United States dropping the womens baton in the 4x100 meter event and on the mens side going from the third spot to the anchor leg of the relay. In the womens the fault went to Alyson Felix who cupped her hand while trying to get the baton handed off as in the mens it was not Tyson…
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leaving as well, tell me if it becomes active
Joe Dew 10/27/08
I'm leaving. FanMail me if it gets active again.
PackersLP21 10/23/08
I voted for "Other". I am dead serious, I think the Packers will at least go to the NFC Championship game.
PackersLP21 09/21/08
well i actually dont know how to make a group public...
Making this group public, should spark something.
PackersLP21 09/07/08
for the sake of the group the entry rules will be less strict and this will now be an open group as well.
ok ill get some bloggers

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