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No this isn't another political group, per say. This is for people who are tired of "political correctness" infecting every aspect of our lives. Here you can actually say what you feel without fear of repercussion from a professionally "offended" person having a fit.

Anything goes, so let 'er rip. I may not like what you have to say and I may lambaste, ridicule, or simply laugh at you for saying it, but I'll defend your right to say it.

Now, if you abuse it to the point where you are just being a jackass for the sake of being a jackass I DO reserve the right to remove you. SOME sense of order has to exist else we have chaos.

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So the site has been completely re-vamped based on input from FanNation users, eh? That's what they keep telling us, anyhow. Congratulations fellow members, not only is this new format a steaming pile of DOG SHlT, but it's YOUR fault. That's what they tell me. "Don't blame us, this is what you guys asked for". I mean, how brilliant is that? Roll out a down-graded crappy version of what was an excellent site then blame the USERS for it.I guess I didn't get the memo asking for reccomendations so I want the responsible parties to man up and admit they are the…
OK, we are in the middle of another election cycle. Is there another sport where the outcome is actually more important? And make no mistake about it. Politics IS a sport these days. And a superstar is born simply by being good at reading a teleprompter. Barry O has turned political correctness into political gold.Don't believe me?Forget all the rhetorical talking points. Let's just look at FACTS. # of days a kindergarten student spends in class to graduate to 1st grade: 180# of working days Barry has spent in Congress: 143# of times the sole committee Barry chairs has met: 0…
Have you all seen this? What the FU....Dude looks like a lady takes on a whole new meaning with this one. This dude apparently decided to have a baby (still not convinced it's not a hoax) If you haven't heard the story, the guy (girl?) supposedly is a transgenger who grew up as a girl but decided to became a guy when he grew up. Yep. He had the b00bs cut out and took some hormones to grow facial hair, or something. Got married, and everything. I guess he has a ding-a-ling too? It gets better. Reports out of the hospital is the baby was NOT delivered via C-section. Not sure I WANT…
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Plus thats not political at ALL. Its religious. DIFFERENT
Politically... then religiously.. Hissy fit? Whatever dude, if you made fun of all I believe in in real life Id have no problem fighting you. I dont take it lightly at all and Id gladly fight over it... being that this is the internet all I can do is argue.
Why is EFB in the Politically Incorrect group. He just threw a hissy fit because I said Donovan McNabb is greater than Jesus.

And he criticizes the Democratic party for being hypocritical.
This is great stuff guys. Take it inside. I'm giving everyone blogging privileges.

Seriously, bring these topics up in here. You don't have to write some eloquent blog, just get a subject rolling and see where it goes.
C-C-C 09/05/08
I disagree with your position on hate crime laws EFB. If someone kills someone solely because they are black, then they are a danger to all black people. If someone kills their spouse because they cheated on them, they are no longer a danger to anyone. The person that kills the black person should have a longer prison sentence because they are more likely to re-offend.
EFB... You'll soon learn that politicians from BOTH parties are extremely hypocritical.
Once you are a voter, you will also learn that single-issue voting is not in your best-interest. You need to look out for yourself and your family...and that sometimes means compromising on other issues. You will almost never find a politician who happens to see the world just like you do on every issue.
YODA 09/04/08
And then what if the parent and child are of different racial ethnicity? Then does that make it a hate crime? LOL... hate crimes are used far too often. Its like south park says "if you are going to hurt someone... you better be damn sure they are the same color as you. All hate crimes do are promote segregation.

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