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I will do these in alphabetical order. This is the second of 30.Anaheim The Thrashers are a bad team with plenty of cap room. This is a good thing for a rebuilding team.They shouldn't make any deals to try to push them to the playoffs. They need a high draft pick, hopefully top 3. In the offseason, they should resign Jason Williams, Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Niclas Havelid and Jim Slater.They should let Marty Reasoner, Eric Perrin and Mathieu Schneider walk.They should also buy out Johan Hedberg. He is the worst backup goalie in the league and the buyout…
The Ducks are still a playoff contender, but they are getting old and their time is running out. They are over the salary cap and don't have much scoring talent. To get under the salary cap, they should trade or waive Todd Marchant. Marchant makes $2,517,500 this season and he doesn't produce nearly enough points to merit that salary. He had 16 points last season. The Ducks are strong at center, so the move won't hurt them. This move leaves their payroll at $54,417,500 for the season. Or $2,282,500 under the cap. This leaves them room to make a trade.The Ducks depth on the…
I like offseason blogs like this. Give me blogging rights and I will help out.
travis31 01/07/09
I tried my best. I'm not leaving, yet. hoping that this can become active.
I have to cut down on my groups. Since I don't do much in here, this group is cut. Invite me if you want me back.
PackersLP21 11/09/08
Who's our MLB guy? He should be starting up pretty soon.

To Roberts- I'll take over NBA until you find a replacement.

I'm going to try and put out a blog a day from now on.
To Joe Dew, yeah, because you helped keep it active sooo much. If you weren't going to write those NBA blogs, why did you tell me that you would?
inactive, im done
Joe Dew 10/27/08
We need to get this group more active.

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