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Ok I have sat around thinking for weeks now how can the BCS improve to the point less complaining about it happens. Mind brain stormed from everything to eliminating automatic qualifiers all together to dropping automatic qualifier status for confernce champs from the Big 6 who don't finish in the Top 10. Meaning this year there would be no ACC or Big East Champion in a BCS Bowl. I think even that little step would help college football even though I know none of the commissioners would go for that.
 So here is what I came up with using the final BCS poll of the season. I gave games a…
     The end of the regular season is finally here for my Auburn Tigers. It was an up and down year on the plains. I'm going to attempt to break down the team the way I see it as an arm chair quarterback who loves this team, but still be objective. This is going to break down each position as well as the coaching staff.
Quarterback: Auburn's quarterback play this year can be described in one word. BAD. Barrett Trotter started the season fairly well managing the team, but from the Clemson game till the time he was benched in favor of Clint Mosely he wasn't getting results.…
    With it being National Signing Day, and to many college football fans out there, the first milestone on the wait for college football to begin I decided to do a little research on how much recruiting success translates onto the field.
   Now I will tell you from the start my method isn't really all that scientific or anything like that just observations from a fan. Opinions of course will be welcome by all, good or bad, but if you have something bad to say back it up with something of substance.
   Anyway what I am doing here is taking…
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Which recruiting class do you think will have the most immidiate impact to their respective teams?

Auburn 12%
Alabama 12%
Florida 25%
Tennessee 12%
LSU 12%
South Carolina 25%
wildbill21475 12/02/10
Carolina leading in the poll...gooo gamecocks!!!
If you were given a chance to vote for the Heisman who would have been your winner?

Mark Ingram 25%
Ndamakang Suh 50%
Toby Gerhart 25%
Colt McCoy 0%
Tim Tebow 0%
wildbill21475 02/05/10
All picks for the Annual Pick'em contest are due 1 hour before kickoff of the first bowl game on 19December or every game that has been started up until the point you submitted will not count.
wildbill21475 12/14/09
Who do you think is the favorite to win the Heisman at this point of the season?

Tim Tebow 22%
Mark Ingram 0%
C.J. Spiller 11%
Casey Keenum 0%
Colt McCoy 55%
Other 11%
wildbill21475 12/14/09

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