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AL PredictionsAL WEST WINNER Oakland-The athletics have a nice mix of young hitting and pitching to win this division. They always seem to do more than expected with their pitching prospects.The addition of Holliday should make this a much tougher lineup, Eric Chavez health is always a concern. Billy Beane is a proven GM and has a good young core in place. This team might be a stretch but look at Tampa Bay last year.CONTENDER-I like the Angels to contend, but I think they are due for a let down after last years choke job. Their lack of a closer and another year from an older core of players…
Once again we can't hit at home, we got lucky in this doubleheader today 2 hits and stole game 1, and crap in game 2
azcardsfan 04/29/09
Sox can't win at home yet, if anyone is noticing they don't hit unless they are indoors or warm weather.
azcardsfan 04/25/09
Go Sox, I'm going to be posting some more stuff real soon, after they break camp
SouthSideHitMan 03/26/09
Word out of Glendale is Contereas is going to be ready way before the middle of the season, that is good news for the southsiders
SouthSideHitMan 02/17/09
I was watching a spring training report....Conteras has lost about 30/40 pounds, he barely looks like the same guy. & he says he ready to pitch right now! That would be a good thing for this team
SouthSideHitMan 02/16/09
Pitchers and Catchers getting ready to head to Glendale!
SouthSideHitMan 02/09/09
Hey guys whats up with this Abreau stuff, where the heck is he gonna play, unless we are unloading Dye, i would love to see us as much as i love him trade dye get Abreu, and also got sign Ben Sheets for say 2 years at like 8 mil a year, or even take a shot at Pedro for a year if they keep his pitch count to 85-90 pitches he is good.
azcardsfan 02/05/09

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