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The 2009 Spring SEC Football Preview                                 


        The SEC was on a rare down year last season, but be
prepared for the conference to bounce back to national prominence. Ok, on with
the 2009 Spring SEC Football Preview. This blog will place teams in ranking
form and they are in order from where I think they are placed at the beginning
of the season. EAST


   1. Florida- No surprise here. Urban Meyer and…
Well Dallas finally did it. Jerry Jones is finally
growing a set as it appears. Thursday May 4th the Dallas Cowboys
would finally part with wide receiver Terrell Owens. This move may not be
completely smart in a football sense seeing that Owens is still one of the most
productive players at the position. He is the only wide receiver to catch for
ten or more touchdowns in each of the past three seasons. No other receiver in
the league can say that. He is still a very good player in that regard, and he
can really help a team next season. That team will be the Buffalo Bills, who
signed Owens…

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